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May 30

Civil War Themed Lego Mural – What More Is There To Say?


A few weeks ago I got to meet one of the artists behind the incredible Lego work I kept seeing at area conventions. His name is Allen T. Hickman. For Planet Comicon, he created this amazing Captain America: Civil War mural. That Captain America Shield? He created that too.  And people, he doesn’t use a computer program to do it. Want to see more of his awesome stuff (not just murals, but fully realized Lego models too!), then check out Allen’s Facebook Page and take a look at some of his incredible creations.  Be sure to hop on over to The Just Brick League Facebook Page too and check out more of his Lego masterpieces.  You can also find video of the Lego awesomeness that Allen and Ty Forshee brought to Planet Comicon 2015 on YouTube, posted by Gabe Counts.

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February 14

Lego Marvel Galactus Figure


This Lego Marvel Galactus minifig actually started out in life as the Lego Monster Fighters Mummy Clock, and it stood just over 9″ tall. The poster did some serious deconstruction to the clock to get it ready for sanding and painting. The horns on Galactus’ helmet were created from clear Plexiglas. Most of the detail pieces are 2mm craft foam; the others are dowel rod.

The poster was able to order decals online for the body details, but within the Imgur post, he/she posted the decals they designed, to scale, in case anyone wants to use them.

July 23

Lego wallets

Lego wallets

These sturdy lego wallets were made by Ryan Chapman and posted on his blog and the website of his design studio, Color By Numbers. They used to be sold at local boutiques. However, the supply ran out quite a while ago. Also, they were featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Isn’t that awesome? I’d love to get my crafts displayed in a museum.

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July 4

Amputee Prosthetic Leg Made with Legos

Today, I’ve got a totally different kind of craft project to share. It’s fun, it’s different but it’s not very functional, as you can see in the video.

Christina Stephens, who posts weekly YouTube videos as AmputeeOT, build a prosthetic leg out of them. Stephens, a St. Louis occupational therapist who had her leg amputated several months ago after her foot got crushed while she was working on her car, painstakingly pieced together her faux limb out of colorful plastic bricks and documented the process after someone in her research lab jokingly suggested the idea. “The joke’s on you — I went home and did it,” she writes. It looks a bit precarious, to be honest, but hey, as Stephens points out, “Sometimes, you just need to be silly.”

If you look through her videos, you’ll see that Christina had her surgery to remove her leg in February 2013.