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April 25

“Ahsoka Quinn” as a Star Wars/Batman Cosplay Mashup


Knightsgarrison recently posted her Ahsoka Tano/Harley Quinn mashup on Imgur, because a friend (pictured above) wanted to cosplay as Ahsoka at Star Wars Celebration, but knowing that Ahsoka is to Star Wars as Harley Quinn is to literally every other con in the world, we figured…they’d just do both. It was her first time building something so involved and she learned (and screwed up) a lot along the way. She’s pretty proud of the results.

The seams drove her crazy. Luckily, it’s canon that Ahsoka sometimes wears head/lekku jewelry, so she bought some studded ribbon and glued it on. It doesn’t hide everything, but it helps a lot.

Total build time was 24 hours, spread it out over a month, and the total cost was about $100.


And as a total score, Knightsgarrison’s friend got a picture with the voice of Ahsoka herself: Ashley liked it so much she asked her assistant to take a picture with her own phone.

December 11

Space Invaders Star Wars Mashup Skateboard

I recently featured a Blackberry case made by a follower of geek crafts on twitter, Dawn Crawford. Being the good wife that she is, she made her husband, Brian Crawford send us a couple submissions as well, and so we thank her, because this Space Invaders Star Wars Mashup Skateboard  he made for the Bordo Bello fundraiser for the arts this year is just awesome. Not only did he take inspiration from the awesome Space Invaders 8-bit look, but he incorporated into a Star Wars theme, and if that wasn’t enough for you, this baby lights up!

Pictures don’t really do this beauty justice, so be sure to check out their husband & wife craft blog Crap I Make to see the video Dawn shot of her hubby’s most excellent creation!

December 7

My Little Mad Max: Pony Road


They say friendship is magic, but it is shiny and chrome too? Artist savethewailes obviously thinks so. Take a look at the amazingly detailed Mad Max My Little Ponies this artist has created. This has to be my favorite pony mashup ever.

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April 8

Dr. Who Meets Jayne Cobb

Unfortunately, the tragically short-lived TV series “Firefly” wasn’t on the air long enough to do a crossover episode, but clever crafter came up with the idea to do a Firefly/Dr. Who mashup project: a knit Jayne Cobb hat done in Dr. Who scarf colors. She (HolyNarf?) calls it her “Doctor Jayne” hat.

Doctor Who-Jayne Cobb hat

Doctor Who-Jayne Cobb hat, pic 2

The effect is so subtle that most would probably not recognize that it’s Doctor Who colors, even if they might recognize the Jayne Cobb hat style. And the colors are definitely male-friendly, which I love – it can be hard to find manly hat patterns. At least for my men. Do you ever have the same problem? Would this hat make the “acceptable crafting” list for a man in your life? Or maybe yourself?

August 15

Reader Submission: Ramona Flowers Sackgirl Amigurumi

It’s a geek-culture mashup, don’t you love it? Scott Pilgrim + LittleBigPlanet = The Ramona Flowers Sackgirl Doll (omgwtfbbq so CUUUUUTE!)

In the words of the crafter Mike, owner of the Etsy shop MiCrochets:

“This little sackgirl was inspired by the SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD movie. She has a working zipper and her arms and legs move. She stands about 9” tall. Crochet goggles and purse are removable.”

That’s some heavy duty crafting boys and girls! certainly worth a reader submission shout out.

November 20

R2 Board2

I don’t like to play favorites, but I always get excited when I see a submission from our self proclaimed number one fan, Dawn Crawford. She and her equally geektastic husband, Brian, participate in the annual Bordo Bello Skateboard Art Fundraiser, last year, we featured her husband’s amazing Space Invaders Star Wars Mashup Skateboard (it lit up!) and this year, I couldn’t help myself when I saw this R2 Board2 on her blog.

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