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March 12

Cursed Mr Drippy Amigurumi

Cursed Mr Drippy

After my post a few weeks ago featuring the Mr Drippy Amigurumi on Kitten’s Crafts, I decided I wanted to make myself one, and then make a cursed version of Mr Drippy (before he comes to life!) So, with permission, I adapted the pattern to make my very own cursed Mr Drippy amigurumi pattern!

Please DO NOT sell anything made from this pattern. I do not own the rights to the character Mr. Drippy and so it would be illegal to make profit from it. Also, part of this pattern is by Jastra Alethea on Kitten’s Crafts, and she has asked that nothing made from her pattern, which is freely available, is sold. Make them for yourself or as a gift, but please, do not sell them! Thank you!

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March 2

Mr Drippy/Shizuku Amigurumi


Check out this awesome Mr Drippy/Shizuku amigurumi plushie from Ni no Kuni made by Jastra Alethea on Kitten’s Crafts.

I must admit, I thought Mr Drippy (Lord High Lord of the Fairies), or Shizuku if you’re playing the Japanese version of the game, was an ugly little thing when I first saw him, but he’s grown on me since playing the game, and now I think he’s a very tidy little fairy, welsh accent and all! And this crochet amigurumi of him is awesome! The pattern is free so you can even make one of your own (which I intend to start any day now!) I would definitely put a little bell in the lantern, as well, so it would jangle around just like in the game!


November 14

Crochet shawl pattern: Our Mrs. Reynolds (aka Yo-Saff-Bridge)

Mrs Reynolds Firefly shawl In my Internet wanderings seeking a new project to crochet, I found this lovely shawl pattern at Ravelry. Lovely, in that it is actually pretty, and lovely, in that it’s an homage to probably my favorite episode of Joss Whedon‘s “Firefly” – “Our Mrs. Reynolds“, in which Captain Mal finds himself married to a young “innocent”. Classic Joss dialogue in this one (“Special Hell”, anyone?)

But I digress. The shawl pattern is what I’m here to share with you, so share I shall. Megan Nieves (aka Maggie_the_Spy) created the pattern, and shared the pictures in the Ravelry entry, but the actual pattern is shared on her LiveJournal. Be sure to check out either source for her backstory of meeting Christina Hendricks, who played the young “bride” Saffron on “Firefly”, at a Comic-Con. Pretty cool!

Mrs Reynolds Firefly shawl - closeup

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January 6

Mr. Spock Altered Antique Plate

Mr Spock Altered Art PlateI first spotted Angela Rossi’s “altered antique plates” in the pages of BUST magazine, when her “Dear Ol’ Chunk” plate made their 2010 must-have gift guide.

The Los Angeles-based artist takes flea market finds and thrift store treasures and transforms them into unique pieces of pop art. These plates infuse the classic charm of china with an edge of media-age irony, and range from the merely kitschy to the deeply creepy.

Plenty of geek icons have graced her plates, from Frankenstein’s Monster to E.T. Not to mention, plenty of zombies.

One of my favorites is this one of Star Trek‘s Mr. Spock, which has, alas, sold. But there are many other weird and wacky plates available on the Beat Up Creations Etsy shop, so check it out.