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June 14

For Captain Picard Day, a Star Trek mug cozy. Hot.

Star Trek mug cozy by Katie Smith

Did you know that June 16th is recognized by Star Trek fans as Captain Picard Day? According to Memory Alpha:

Captain Picard Day was an annual event held aboard the USS Enterprise-D for the ship’s schoolchildren. Activities included a contest, judged by Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself, in which the children created paintings and models of the captain. Picard was himself not very fond of the event, as he generally did not respond well to children.

To honor Captain Picard’s favorite beverage, here is an easy mug cozy for you to whip together to enjoy a cup of tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Katie over at Punk Projects has all the how-to details waiting for you in the Ready Room. You still have time to make one before Tuesday.

How do you plan to celebrate Captain Picard Day?

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December 12

Accio Brain Coffee Mug Cozy

Any hardcore Harry Potter fan is familiar with the summoning charm “accio.” I spotted this adorable handmade crocheted and embroidered coffee mug cozy, in Gryffindor scarlet and gold, on Etsy in Knotworkshop’s shop. There’s no guarantee that the cozy will help your morning caffeine jump start your brain, but it will certainly add to your geek cred.

November 18

Friday Roundup: Minecraft!

Today is the day.  I can hardly believe that Minecraft is not a full game yet, but it’s true.  Today Mojang AB, the creators of Minecraft, will be releasing the official Minecraft 1.0 version live at MineCon in Las Vegas.  I wish I could be there.  However, since I can’t be there, lets look at some truly awesome Minecraft inspired crafts.

To start things off, take a look at this Creeper Purse by Blindmoon on Etsy.  Now you can look stylish and still send everyone around you into PTSD induced seizures.

Creeper Purse


Or how about this absolutely adorable Minecraft Chicken made out of Fimo Clay.  StarPhoenixx from Etsy makes tons of cute clay figurines but this chicken made me squeak.

Clay Minecraft Chicken Mob


The cake doesn’t have to be a lie with this Plush Minecraft Cake by EeeBeeDee on Etsy.

Minecraft Cake Plush


We all know how much I love coffee cozies.  I can’t get enough of the things, yet strangely I don’t use them on my actual coffee.  Either way, you have to love this Creeper Coffee Cozy by LilacsLovables on Etsy.  She calls it a “Mug Cozy” but I don’t think you can even USE mugs for anything other than coffee…right?

Creeper Coffee Cozy


How are you supposed to dig around in your mines without the proper tools?  Well, diamonds are expensive, so how about these Perler Bead Diamond Magnets by GumballNinja on Etsy?

Perler Bead Diamond Toolset


Have you ever looked at your tissue paper dispenser and thought to yourself, “What am I doing with my life?”.  Me too.  You can solve that problem by pimping out your dispenser with a cool Minecraft Grass Cube Tissue Box Cover!  But where could you get one?  How about from sockmonkeyfun on Etsy?

Grass Cube Tissue Cover


I bet that, like me, you don’t have any friends.  What?  You do have friends…can you share?  No….right then.  Well, since you have SO MANY FRIENDS, I suppose you must collect them.  Why not add one more to the list, you friend hog.  This Minecraft Pet Wolf Statue, by DandelionBlow on Etsy, won’t ever pick you last for dodge ball…again.

Minecraft Pet Wolf Statue


Since you  have so many friends, why don’t you marry one?  All you need is a diamond ring like this Minecraft Inspired “Diamond” Ring by tinybackpack on Etsy.

Minecraft "Diamond" Ring


Alright.  As usual, I have saved the best for last.  This Minecraft Plush Pig is Adorable.  I love it.  I want to own it.  ClosetMonsterstoys on Etsy make all kinds of awesome pop culture plushies, but this pig is just too awesome for words.

Minecraft Plush Pig


That’s it for this week.  I’m off to patiently refresh the Minecraft page until the full version is released.