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October 26

Optimus Prime + The TARDIS = Awesome.


I love Transformers. I love Doctor Who.  So, what’s not to love about a 3-D printed, actual working/transforming Tardimus Prime??!! Seriously.  What’s not to love? Inspired by Jason Casteel’s TARDIS Prime artwork, user Ellindsey designed and created this 3-D printed realization, and it actually transforms.  What’s even cooler is you can find Ellindsey’s CAD files and instructions for building your own. Oh, for a 3-D printer.  Even you don’t have one, you should definitely check out the link for the additional pictures.  Transform and roll out!

February 28

3D Transforming Optimus Prime Cross-Stitch

optimusprimeThis three dimensional Optimus Prime is impressive to say the least. Plastic canvas has never looked so extreme. Based on the original toy series, superstar Lord Libidan, I would say this is his pièce de résistance. What? Not uber enough for you? IT TRANSFORMS!

That’s right. Not only did he make a poseable transformer, Optimus Prime transforms into a truck!!! No seriously, look at this!optimusprime2

Just when you thought this couldn’t be any cooler! He also has plans for other Transformers including Starscream. Head on over to his Etsy shop and be prepared to have your head explode!

Lord Libidan on Etsy

More Transformers on Geek Crafts

April 8

Optimus Prime Made of Cans

Optimus Prime
More than meets the eye? Robyn Lee of Required Eating posted this picture of Optimus Prime made out of cans, taken by Matt Boulton. Apparently, there’s an annual contest in Vancouver where artists make all sorts of amazing sculptures from canned food. After the event, it’s all donated to food banks. They’ve got pictures of entries from the past four years – definitely worth a look.

November 3

Scrap Metal Art


Recycling gives you a good feeling that you’ve done your part in reducing the waste and somehow helped your community and the environment. But there’s a new trend going on now around this: scrap metal art. Life size statues of Autobots, Predator and even Darth Vader have appeared out of nowhere around the world, all made out of scrap metal.

A few years ago, an Optimus Prime scrap metal art statue statue popped out of nowhere in Dream Green Park in Beijing and it instantly attracted the gazes of many passers-by. The leader of the Autobots is made entirely made out of waste materials. And that’s probably the best way to show that just because something is made from junk, doesn’t mean it’s junk.

Here and here are just a few scrap metal art statues found on the internet, including Predator, Darth Vader, Iron Man and Ghost Rider! My personalfavorite is the alien statue at the beginning of this post. For some reason, I look at it and I can’t help but think H.R. Giger would approve.

March 20

Accessories Sold Separately

As promised, I come bearing geekiness as gleaned from Mr X Stitch at the Stitch and Craft show…

I am, frankly amazed (and a little appalled) at myself for never having come across Lord Libidan before. His work is amazing – generally centered around video games, and packed full of original, interesting ideas.

The Transformers, sewn onto plastic canvas, actually transform. Oh yes. There’s Jetfire &  Optimus Prime (as seen here) who of course become a plane and a truck respectively – and also a couple of tapes; Ratbat & Laserbeak, which will fit into the soon-to-come Soundwave/tapedesk. I love that they are based on the original toys, not the new versions – tres retro chic. And (this is the best bit) all of the patterns are all available from his Etsy Shop. Huzzah!

This Pokemon image is stitched stereoscopically – so if you put on red & blue 3D glasses (great fashion choice, btw) it pops out at you. Excuse me while I cry at the awesomeness.

This manbroiderer may not really be a lord, but I agree with him; he should be.