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June 12

Mr. T in Perler Beads

Mr. T in Perler Beads

Not only do I blog about crafts, sometimes I even make crafts. I’m not quite sure how I came up with the idea to make a portrait of Mr. T with Perler beads, but after many trips to the craft store, sorting beads and ordering more beads online, he was complete. It took over 10,000 beads to make Mr. T and he is more than two feet high!

Check back tomorrow for more Mr. T crafts!

December 28

Make Your Own BB-8 Perler Bead Cord Keeper


It can be so easy to lose those tiny earbuds, so why not make a cute BB-8 cord keeper to keep track of them in style? I found this quick tutorial by Allison Waken on her blog All For The Boys.  It’s a simple project, and for the more adventurous, it would be easy to to adapt for other designs, just in case this isn’t the droid you were looking for.

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May 7

Pokemon Badge Shadow Box Perler Display

Check out this Perler Bead Pokemon Badge display that a friend of mine made a couple of weeks ago for his girlfriend’s birthday. Awwwwww.

Shadow Box Pokemon Perler Bead Badges

He’s displayed the badges in a shadow box frame, set out from the backing on a few extra beads for that 3D look, and finished it with a Pokemon blue and yellow surround. The lady in question is apparently a huge Pokemon nut, so hopefully really appreciated his efforts! Who said romance was dead..?

Good job, Chubbs :P