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January 8

One, One Birthday Cake! Ahh ahh ahh!


This Craftster post caught my eye because from the thumbnail, I thought this was going to be a felt hoop. But rather, it was about cake, and that’s pretty good too.

Pottermouth of Savannah, GA, was asked by a friend to use a vintage Wilton cake pan of “The Count” from Sesame Street to make a birthday cake for her daughter.


The one special request, make him look, “less high” than he did on the package. You be the judge with the pictures here, but I think Pottermouth did a fantastic job! Just a tweak to The Count’s eyes and he’s good to go.

December 1

Geek out for the Holidays with Ornaments

Zombie Gingerbread Man Ornament by My Zombie Friends on Etsy, credit Adrienne Jones.

To combat holiday stress, I like to decorate with as much geek-tastic awesomeness as I can create and find.  Things like zombie gingerbread men, Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtle ornaments, and 8-bit fireplaces always make me smile.  Why not have a geeky holiday this year and let Geek Crafts give you a head start with some fun, easy tutorials and even a gift idea or two.


TMNTOrnamentsDIYFor the turtle lover, you’ve got to take a look at The Whoot’s DIY Ninja Turtles. My nephews love the Turtles, and this is the sort of craft you could do with little boys (and plenty of supervision!).


My nephews are also in love with the Minions. This awesome DIY features other great fandom character ideas, like Sesame Street and Monsters Inc too.



MuppetOrnamentsDIYThese Muppet ornaments are super easy to make too, thanks to the great tutorial from Meg on Happy Looks Good on You. These little cuties were inspired by her original tutorial on making superhero ornaments.


Sarah Dees from has some fun Lego ornament ideas (good for girls too!).

Geeky Decor Fun


Kat and Cam from Our Nerd Home has a some great ideas for decorating the home for the holidays, including this Wreath DIY made from foam core! I bet craft foam would work great too.  Plus, you could totally customize this to all of your own favorite fandom images.

I have to share their 8-bit fireplace DIY too.  This is too awesome for words, and incredibly easy to do.  It’s warm and cozy, don’t you think?


This last decor DIY is not for the faint of heart, but this Embroidery tutorial from Jessica (from Miniature Rhino) on Design Sponge takes you step-by-step through making this beautiful embroidered constellation table runner.  Perhaps not strictly a holiday theme, I think it lends itself well to any winter themed decor you’ve got going on in your home.


April 4

Make your own Yip Yip!

Make your own Yip Yip

If you were a child in the 80s, like me, odds are you caught an episode or two of Sesame Street, and have fond memories of the Martians. Especially the time they tried to talk to the telephone – that was my favourite. In fact, I answered my own children’s questions with “yup, yup, yup, yup” or “nope, nope, nope, nope” so many times that I had to look up old clips on YouTube, so the poor things knew what on earth I was going on about.


Dvortygirl on wikiHow has shared the totally free pattern to make these little guys. It’s fairly simple work, and if you are an expert crocheter, you can whip this up fast enough to have your own little army of them. But even if you are just beginning, don’t despair, because they only require single crochet stitches. They’d make great cat toys, kid toys, or even just a neat little decoration for your telephone table :D

March 14

Nom nom – International Pi Day!

Nom nom - International Pi Day

Today is the 14th of March and that can only mean one thing. No, I don’t mean the birthday of Albert Einstein and Johann Strauss, I mean International Pi day! According to the Pi Day website:

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (a Greek letter) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159.

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February 9

Teeny Little Super Guy

Remember him? “You can’t judge a hero by his size. He’s just a teeny little super guy.” 

I was thinking about him the other day, (we were watching some old school Sesame Street) I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome to have one of those cups? Then I thought, I’m sure I could find one on Etsy.

Guess what? NO! No teeny super guy on Etsy! I couldn’t believe it! Everything is on there. So I had to make one myself. I’m not a great painter, but he’s not too bad for a first try.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Get paint for glass. I thought I did, but I ended up getting just plain acrylic. It’s not durable, or washable, but if you just want to keep it on a shelf it’s fine. You need Yellow, Red, Tan, and Black.
  2. Print out the little super guy, or draw him freehand (what I did) on a piece of paper.
  3. Put the paper inside the glass. Now just paint in the lines.

That’s all. It only took a few minutes. I made him on a mason jar, and I use him as a piggie bank on the top of my fridge. I sing the song every time I put a coin in. Now you can have your own little super guy.


October 31

Renee’s Top 3 Costumes

When we decided to each pick our top three Halloween costumes from the last two months, I knew I had a tough job ahead of me. We found so much pure gold this year, and it was really hard to choose just three, but I did my best. So without further adieu, my top three:

The Yip Yips by Tracy Lawson, they are sparkly, cute, and nostalgic! What more could you want? And if you’re going to be an adult in a Sesame Street costume, please, please, do not dress up as Elmo!

Two: Baby Elvis Costume! Seriously, at what other time has a kid so small rocked so much (I’m excluding toddlers with mohawks for this one)? CuriousFae did an awesome job on this one! (via craftster).

And last but not least: THE GORE! Halloween is historically about death and ghosts, and GORE, why else did I rent three horror movies to watch tonight? The Dissection Costume wins on the gore factor! To make it even cooler, jessicution didn’t go to the Halloween super store to pick this number up, it is all made from scratch, even the fake blood! Totally awesome! (via craftster).