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September 12

The Amazing Uncanny Spider-Clops!


Spidey Matt Cosplay attended DragonCon, and he used it to showcase a new costume he came up with: the Amazing Uncanny Spider-Clops!

Does he shoot spiders from his optic blasts? Ewwwwwwwwww, shudder! Was Peter Parker bitten by a radioactive Scott Summers? Spidey Matt’s thought was it was a spider bitten by a radioactive mutant. It wasn’t until Ben Gray (Uncle Ben / Jean Gray) died, that he became a hero.

If you check out his Facebook page, Spidey Matt has some really great tips on how to put together a good Spider-Man suit. It’s definitely worth a read.

March 11

Spiderman Blanket

Functional Geekiness

Geeks come in all varieties.  That’s my favorite part of geekdom — how very inclusive it can be, since you can geek out over just about anything.

When I’m looking for geek crafts that are ‘gotta have it’ status, my first qualifier is, “Well, is this geekily functional?”  Oh, and yes, I did just use the word ‘geek’ as an adverb.  Why not?

Take a look at this adorable baby blanket made by Maygin, shop owner of Gromidez on Etsy. Continue reading