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March 22

Stained Spock Glass Mirror


Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the most logical of them all? That’s an easy question to answer when you’re talking about Mr. Spock!

GlassKissinCreations, an Etsy store in Latrobe, PA, has created a one of a kind stained glass mirror of our favorite Vulcan.

It’s made from black stained glass, cream stained glass, mirror, copper foil, solder, and copper wire. His eyebrows are painted on, and the mirror measures 10 1/2″ x 7 1/2″.

July 13

Spock Bacon Art


Jesse Azarian of Plainfield, VT has painted two portraits of Spock from Star Trek: TOS that are pretty interesting: he’s contemplating a slice of bacon.


Each of the paintings are 12″ x 15″, acrylic on Masonite, and are available in Jesse’s Etsy shop for $250 each. And yes, Vulcans are vegetarians, so maybe that’s why Spock is so interested in the bacon. He’s never had it before.

March 26

Needlefelted Spock

Needlefelted Spock

Everyone’s favorite Vulcan celebrated his 82nd birthday today! Or rather, Leonard Nimoy, the man behind the Vulcan did. Happy birthday Mr. Nimoy, and of course, live long and prosper. And that’s from the very handsome “Li’l Spock” as well! And the person who created Li’l Spock? Kay Petal, of Felt Alive. She’s a needle felting artist who creates the most amazing sculptural dolls. Be prepared to be blown away.

July 15

Meet Spocktopus: A Highly Logical Octopus


Often when I can’t fall asleep at night, my thoughts turn to crafts. I solve all sorts of crafty conundrums in that drowsy half-dozing state – the perfect glue to adhere something, the right binding for a sewing project, where I last saw my size “P” crochet hook…

Plagued with menopause-induced insomnia, Karen at SewMuch2Luv lay awake one night and thought of crafts, too. That’s how she came up with the idea to combine an octopus with Star Trek for a friend. The result: Spocktopus.

I love that he has the gold rickrack on his tentacles – nice detail.

What kind of crafty meanderings keep you awake at night? Or what project would you work on if you had insomnia?

March 1

Spock Felt Gadget Case

Spock Felt CaseHelp your electronic gadgets live long and prosper with this highly logical wool felt case featuring Star Trek poster boy, Spock.

Made by a mother-and-daughter team, Sarah and Luiza, the talented pair offers numerous geeky gadget cases through their Etsy shop Nokomomo

Star Wars fans can rock a Stormtrooper design, while Nintendo loyalists can show their pride with colorful Super Mario Bros. motifs. If I had an iPhone, though, their awesome David Bowie case would be mine in a heartbeat.