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August 31

Make Your Own Felt Sugar Skull Sachets


I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the colorful and ornate look of sugar skulls. So when I saw this fun tutorial and pattern by Rachel on the blog Adventures in Making, I knew I needed to share it.  The tutorial has a downloadable template and step-by-step instructions, complete with plenty of pictures, so you can make your own lovely sugar skull sachet. There are even instructions on making your own sachet mix to go inside the felt sugar skull.  Wouldn’t this make a fun gift?

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August 24

Sugar Skull Cameos

Docnessie over at Craftster recently posted these Sugar Skull Cameos.


“They seemed to be missing a little something, so I painted them to somewhat resemble sugar skulls, and even added a hint of glitter to the hair of one Smiley I have to practice painting on something so tiny, but I am happy with the first try. Any Advice on what kind of paint to use is appreciated, all I had lying around were citadel paints I use for miniatures!”

They are very pretty and I’d love to have one myself. I’m thinking I may need to try making something like this myself!