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April 26

The Hobbit Friday Treasury

the hobbit

In celebration of ‘The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey’ coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD, I decided to make an Etsy treasury filled with hobbit inspired crafts! Click on the picture to visit the treasury!

(Okay, I know the last item is *technically* a quote from the Lord of the Rings, not the Hobbit, but it is Bilbo, and is one of my favourite Tolkien quotes ever…)


May 2

Spruce Up with a Hobbit Door Wreath

Hobbit Door Wreath from Set to Stunning

Now that nicer weather is more predictably ensconced, you might be in spring cleaning mode. Or maybe you’re past that, into “this place needs some sprucing up” mode. How about a nice new door wreath…with a touch of geek? Scruffy over at Set to Stunning has just the project tutorial for you – a Hobbit door wreath!

I like that she “added oomf” to her acorns with glitter and Mod Podge, and that this wreath was originally intended as holiday decor, but now is a year-round essential.

I also love that by creating the wreath, you’ll “be the envy of those you don’t know half as well as you would like, and those you like half as well as they deserve.”

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December 28

Hobbit Craft: Sting Plush

Sting plush by Choly Knight

A group of 15 of us descended upon a local dine-and-watch movie theater last weekend for the latest (and last) installment of the Hobbit movie trilogy. Definitely epic eye candy – I mean, Legolas dashing up that crumbling tower?  Forget about it!

Bilbo’s trusty blade Sting made an appearance in the film, and served him well. If you would like a decidedly less pointy version with a high cute factor to brandish about, check out Choly Knight’s plushie pattern.

I agree with Choly about what makes this project unique: “the real kicker is the bit of satin stitching I did in glow-in-the-dark thread to simulate Sting’s ability to glow blue when orcs are near.” She says the glow-in-the-dark effect makes it great for pillow fights – which makes me want to make it even more, just to test out!

Have you seen the Battle of the Five Armies yet? What did you think? We did enjoy it, but my husband didn’t think the story merited three full movies.


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January 8

Hobbit Headwear

Hello All! I hope everyone had a great holiday, and that you’re fairly recovered from all the family and excitement by now. A large part of my holidays was seeing the Hobbit with other geeky friends, which inspires this post about headwear from the Hobbit movies!

Bofur, the optimistic toymaking dwarf, brother to Bombur and cousin to Bifur, can be recognized in Peter Jackson’s films by his distinctive hat and jovial personality. Luckily for all you Bofur fans,  Smree has posted a great crochet pattern that even has the same upturned brim and earflaps! Using a skein of brown yarn and gray yarn, along with an H and I hook, I think she captured its essence perfectly!

Bofur's Hat

Of course, one of the most memorable characters from the Hobbit films is the Elvenking of the Mirkwood elves (and Legolas’ father), Thranduil. Not only does he have impeccable cheekbones (curse you and your inhuman beauty, Lee Pace!), he carries off an incredible crown of branches and leaves that mark him as the elven ruler. Katy R. over at Deviantart has created a beautiful replica of this crown out of wire, DAS (an air-hardening clay), resin and a few coats of paint. You can see her photo tutorial here.

Thranduil's Crown

Hopefully, these projects have inspired you to go see the Hobbit movies (if you haven’t yet), and to made your own stylish hats for everyday wear!

September 6

Hello From Grace and Crocheted Hobbit Feet

Grace as EowynHello fellow geeky crafters! I’m new to the GeekCrafts family, and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Grace and I’ll be posting on Fridays. I currently reside in Colorado with my husband, Jim, and our cat, Pepper Potts. My first true geek love is Lord of the Rings and the works of Tolkien in general (Roverandom, anyone?), as you can see from my attempt at an Eowyn costume here. I also love dragons, Disney, and Doctor Who, and my husband is attempting to teach me about Star Trek and X-Files. I am currently working on a TARDIS blanket, trying to make a Galadriel costume for Halloween/the next Hobbit movie premiere, attempting a steampunk version of Commander Lt. Riker for my husband, and hopefully making a steampunk Tinkerbell costume for myself in time for the next Anomaly Con.

Today, I’ll be showing one of my own tutorials that I am very proud of. When the Hobbit premiere rolled around last December, I knew I had to go in costume. I found a nice pattern for a skirt and bodice, but couldn’t find any hobbit feet that I liked. Having learned how to crochet all of three days beforehand, I decided to try and crochet my own hobbit feet using a crocheted sock tutorial video I found online. And, lo and behold, it worked!


Crocheted Hobbit Feet

Ta da!

On my blog, HappilyGrim (the only portmanteau of Grace and Jim that worked), I try and give directions both in stitches, and in relation to what part of the slipper is being created (i.e., 10 stitches, or however many to cover the tips of your toes). Let me know if you have any questions, and have fun making hairy hobbity feet!