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January 31

Totoro Crochet Backpack Pattern

So when this pattern by user hellohappylisa over on Tumblr caught my eye it was clear I would have to share it with you all. Who wouldn’t want to crochet this happy pattern? She has made it available in her Etsy shop. And I should warn you before you head over there you may need to gird yourself against the cute. There is a lot of it in the shop.




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June 12

Giant Totoro

Giant Totoro

LadyKatka from Ravelry made this incredibly huge Totoro. Seriously, he weighs 14.8 lbs. For those people without Ravelry accounts, do not despair, all the photos are on Flickr too. It’s worth clicking through for the rest of the photos – my favourite is the one where he takes up her entire backseat.

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January 13

Have a Sleepover with My Neighbor Totoro

Totoro bed

When I was growing up, my brother and I had Charlie Brown sheets. We had nothing like this cozy Totoro bed set – perhaps because the movie didn’t come out until 1988, and I had moved on from cartoon sheet sets by then. But don’t let that stop you now – use this tutorial at Cut Out + Keep to make your own Totoro bedding, complete with head pillow to watch over you while you sleep.

What other bed sets might this inspire you to make? Perhaps a giant Snorlax?

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February 14

Totoro Felt Plushie

Totoro Felt PlushieI realize I already did a Totoro week, but that was so last year. This plushie is just too amazing not to mention. It may very well be the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. I just want to hug it.

This plushie by yael360 on Etsy is absolutely amazing, just crazy amazing. Did I mention it is amazing? Seeing this made me look through the rest of their shop, but there are so many cute and geeky things there that my head exploded and I am writing this with my last breath. Happy Valentines Day.

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August 20

Totoro Mushroom Earrings

Totoro Mushroom EarringsHow better to wrap up Totoro week here on Geekcrafts than with these adorable Totoro Mushroom Earrings.  Now you can wear your Totoro pride everywhere you go, and every week can be Totoro week.

Mulanjade from Etsy hand crafts these cute little earrings from polymer clay, and you have to admit that they are fantastic.

Check out the earrings!

Visit mulanjade on Etsy!

Totoro week is over, but it isn’t over in our hearts.  Check out more awesome Totoro stuff on Geekcrafts!

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