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January 26

Geeky Free Printable Valentines


It’s never too early to get started on those Valentines, and I’ve found some great ones for Star Wars and Doctor Who fans.

The first series of valentines are designs from Alecia at AleciaDawn Photography.  She’s got seven separate designs, all of them epic, and all of them perfect for kids and adults (and anyone in between).  All you have to do is download and print them out on some card stock.


The second series I found while exploring the wilds of the intarwebz are valentines from Heidi Schulz and her blog Frantically Simple.  These exploit my ultimate weakness, Doctor Who.  These are definitely worth traveling through space and time, but you’ll only have to download them and print them out on some card stock to enjoy.


The last series of valentines I found are from Hanasaurusrex!  Nothing says “I love you” like zombies, so look no further for Valentine’s Day cards than here!

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February 14

Cryptid Valentines!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

SpookyPooky at Craftster has given us all a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift: printable Cryptid Valentines! She’s letting everyone use the designs for free too: “It is hard to find unique Valentine cards that nobody else is giving out already!” These are the greatest Valentine’s card ever! You have four choices: the Yeti, Bigfoot, Nessie (my fav), or Cthulhu.

These are SpookyPooky‘s designs, which she has shown off before. She has a yeti contest going on at her blog, which also has a bigger, easier to print version of the valentines.

February 11

Love it or not, Valentines Roundup

Some of you may be living in a binary system of love (like me, yay) but I appreciate that others are undergoing somewhat of an eclipse at the moment, never fear! Geekcrafts is here! with 5 of the best geeky and/or crafty valentines AND 5 of the best anti-valentines around:

Anti Valentines

5.  Pashiko’s hand-painted “still kissing Frogs” tote available on Etsy

4. MetalTaboo‘s hand-stamped and oxidised silver “pervert” necklace, also available on etsy:

3. “BitterSweets” delicious heartache from thinkgeek:

2. “Daleks Exterminate Love” by KrazyKitty on Craftster

1. (it has to be!) Subversive Cross Stitch and Beefrank’s Subversive love note embroidery patterns

And the other side of the coin, for you love-bunnies!!

5. TheWallaroo‘s printed “I love you in Binary” – on Etsy

4. AprilDraven’s valentines hat (AND PATTERN!!) on Craftster

3. upup’s font-geek cards, on Etsy

2. Miso Funky’s Robot Love embroidery Sampler

(and finally… if you’ve got my sense of humour you’ll love this)

1.screenprinted greetings card, by Victoria McDonald Art, available on Folksy

Well, I hope you enjoyed my picks of the best valentines from around the interwebs

x Samantha

February 1

Share the Love with this DIY Gift Idea


Looking for something to make for your significant other this Valentine’s Day? Jessica from the Nifty Nerd has got you covered with this fun Geeky Love Quote Collage Tutorial.  You’ll find step-by-step instructions with pictures in Jessica’s tutorial. Plus, she’s included quote ideas for you, as well as the template she used to make her Geeky Love Quote Collage.  This is a great gift idea, plus it’d be super easy to customize for your special someone.  You could use Shakespearean quotes for a literature buff, or quotes from Neil Degrasse Tyson for a science fan.  How would you customize your collage?

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