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March 1

Weeping Angels Cross Stitch

The Weeping Angels are by far the scariest Doctor Who monster. Worse than the Daleks, worse than the Cybermen. And bunnystuffs managed to capture the creepyness. She posted this over at Crafty_Tardis, and sent it to a show in the UK. Her Weeping Angel is amazingly detailed, and the words glow in the dark. I’ve done cross stitch before, and I just don’t have the patience for something like this. The red highlights are perfect (because the angels just aren’t scary enough).I’m not sure I’d want this in the house though…one night you look up and the angel isn’t covering her face anymore…

July 29

Weeping Angel DIY – Pin of the Week

weeping angel

Check out this amazing weeping angel made out of a barbie! Isn’t it awesomely creepy? I definitely have to make one, if I can get my hands on a barbie…

Wich-Crafting has a great tutorial for how to make one here. It’s one of the best weeping angels I’ve ever seen! You could make one in attack mode as well!

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February 24

The Stuffed Weeping Angel


Just in time for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, the Weeping Angels have been crocheted, have been turned into Christmas tree toppers and even turned into costumes.  But now, Lanikins has taken the Weeping Angel from creator Steven Moffat to the next level….and it’s strangely cuddly.

Lanikins is a dollmaker by trade and owns the Etsy shop of the same name, as well as being a regular poster to Craftster. Typically, her posts on Craftster show off the pop culture poppets she’s made. Of her Weeping Angel, Lanikins said,

“”Blink’ is my favorite episode [of Doctor Who], so I decided that I needed to make a Weeping Angel poppet.  I thought, “Hey Lani, this should be a piece of cake!!!…I mean, it is just one color, right?!?!”  Oh, I was SO WRONG!!!!  I sat there, staring at the basic body pieces, and my mind started racing…how was I going to get those hands to stay on her face?  How was I going to pull of the wings?  And what about the hair?  I looked at her, and my thought was that when you look at a statue, their hair isn’t made from a different material, so for me, it had to be fabric.  I made several little worms, and after attaching them, I needle-sculpted it to make it look like hair…and stone.  After a lot of zoning out, some SERIOUSLY sore hands, and countless hours into this, here she is!!!”

For anyone interested in making their own Doctor Who character poppet, Good Cookie Creations has a free pattern available to use as your poppet base.

October 1

Make your own: Weeping Angel Tree Topper

Happy October everyone!  As we head into autumn and all the fun holidays, here’s a craft idea with a potent mix of creepy and holiday cheer:  A weeping angel tree-topper. Cynthia at Creative Crossings has a step-by-step tutorial, taking a unsuspecting Barbie doll and transforming her into a terror-inducing tree-topper.  If you check out the original blog post, you’ll see some commenters linking to their own angels.











April 12

Tutorial Tuesday – Weeping Angel Cosplay!!

I know, I know, poor readers, I keep bombarding you with scary, scary angels.

The truth is I’m SO excited about the new series of DW coming soon… I seem to have developed a bit of an obsession…

This cosplay has been on the Internet for a while but I completely missed it the first time round and recently re-discovered it after reading the blog post about  10littlebullets‘ awesome interpretation of this weeping angel cosplay.

The original version (pictured, right) was created and conceived by penwiper337 who has created an amazingly detailed tutorial which you can see on the crafty tardis livejournal group here

Look carefully at that photo, yup, that’s a weeping angel strangling Jewel Staite!! (there’s a whole lotta AWESOME in that picture!)-  (c) Ray Radlein