March 28

Plants vs. Zombies vs. Santa

I wish I had a tutorial to offer you, but I don’t. Here’s the (awesome) scoop anyway: This dude, Sean, has an apparently crafty and fabulous mother. He told her that he and his girlfriend were into Plants vs. Zombies shortly before Christmas. She made them these delightful stockings. He shared the story on Reddit, and it was subsequently tweeted by PopCap’s Director of Editorial and Social Media, Jeff Green. Who thought they were socks, before being corrected by much of the twitterverse. And now I share it with you. Enjoy.

March 20

Accessories Sold Separately

As promised, I come bearing geekiness as gleaned from Mr X Stitch at the Stitch and Craft show…

I am, frankly amazed (and a little appalled) at myself for never having come across Lord Libidan before. His work is amazing – generally centered around video games, and packed full of original, interesting ideas.

The Transformers, sewn onto plastic canvas, actually transform. Oh yes. There’s Jetfire &  Optimus Prime (as seen here) who of course become a plane and a truck respectively – and also a couple of tapes; Ratbat & Laserbeak, which will fit into the soon-to-come Soundwave/tapedesk. I love that they are based on the original toys, not the new versions – tres retro chic. And (this is the best bit) all of the patterns are all available from his Etsy Shop. Huzzah!

This Pokemon image is stitched stereoscopically – so if you put on red & blue 3D glasses (great fashion choice, btw) it pops out at you. Excuse me while I cry at the awesomeness.

This manbroiderer may not really be a lord, but I agree with him; he should be.

February 24

Friday Roundup – This 99 Cent App Has Taken Over

Friday Roundup


Just one more… Hmm? What? … Yes, yes, I know it’s almost time for the Friday Roundup. Just wanted to finish this lev… I am not! No way I’m addicted to… What? Just pause it and do the round up? Okay, but I’m not addicted to it!

Sorry, guess I had lost tract of time but never fear, for the Friday Roundup is loaded with some amazing patterns to create some fabulous Angry Birds creations (and I am not addicted).

Emjay Bailey, otherwise known as Nerdigurumi has crochet patterns available for free for both the Angry Red Cardinal and the Green Pig.

Friday Roundup - This 99 Cent App Has Taken Over

Knitter can find patterns for the pair as well as the Angry Yellow Bird at Knitterbee‘s blog.

Friday Roundup - This 99 Cent App has Taken Over

Crocheters do not dispair because Laura Chua offers us a free download for the Angry Yellow Bird.

Friday Roundup - This 99 Cent App has Taken Over

Michele Villa offers a pattern for a crocheted Angry Birds Cozy which can be adapted to size.

Friday Roundup - This 99 Cent App Has Taken Over

Crafts by Starlight has a pattern for a crocheted Angry Bird Black Bird Hat.  There are also links there for several other Angry Bird hats as well.

Friday Roundup - This 99 Cent App has Taken Over

Lii Yan seems to have some sympathy for those frustrating Green Pigs and gives us a pattern for a hat.

Friday Roundup - This 99 Cent App has Taken Over

Not into hats? Then how about an Angry Birds Tissue Box Cover by Donesia Margolis?

Friday Roundup - This 99 Cent App has Taken Over

Suzy Vitale has created charts for knitting of the Red and Black Angry Birds.

Friday Roundup - This 99 Cent App has Taken OverFriday Roundup - This 99 Cent App has Taken Over

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some pigs to destroy… Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



February 18

Gardening Mario Style

With the coming of March, my mind turns to starting my container garden. I love working in the dirt, planting seedlings and then cooking with the lovely veggies and herbs that I watched grow. It’s a labor of love for me.

Last year,  the concept of garden art fascinated me and I’ve spent several months thinking about how to decorate my planters. While surfing the Net for ideas, I came upon this and was blown away!

Mario inspired garden art made with Sculpey and chicken wire!

Kalapusa made a Piranha plant, a teething baby Piranha plant, a suspicious carrot and my absolute favorites, some green thumbs! She has also created a video on the making of the Momma Piranha so that you can see the basic steps in her process.

Making Friends by ~Kalapusa.

February 12

My Geeky Valentine: A Photoshop How-to

With Valentine’s Day mere days away, you may be wracking your brain for ideas for that perfect way to share how you feel with that special person(s) in your life. Well, who can say it better than you? Why not make your own Valentine? And since we’re of the geeky sort, why don’t we dial up some digital goodness in Photoshop, hmmm?

Star Trek Valentine from  Firefly Valentine from offers a full step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own customized geek valentine in Photoshop. They also have very thoughtfully put together 11 geeky valentine images, all zipped together and ready for you to download.  Pictured above are my two favorites from the set, but other images include references to the video game Portal, Star Wars, multi-sided dice, and Futurama.

Which one do you like best? Or what custom Valentine would you like to make?