May 19

Just a little Link

Who isn’t addicted to the Legend of Zelda? It has worked its way into the ranks of Best Video Game Ever list. Link has slashed his way through countless enemies and into the hearts of many of us. While doing a bit of geeky research earlier today, I found an etsy shop that is sure to please any Zelda lover.

Grandma Thunderpants! has an amazing collection of poly clay creations including this Link necklace. Give her etsy shop a look for some incredible creations!

May 19

Keeping Geeks Warm!

Keeping Geeks Warm! It’s not hard to realize that no matter what kind of geek you are, whatever you do involves using your hands and fingers at some point.  Whether it’s typing away on a keyboard, working a game controller, or creating something in craft or art, use of the hands and fingers ends up being involved.  That’s why it’s important to take good care of your hands and keep them warm.

Gayla Oglesby has come up with the perfect pair of mittens for your geek of the binary nature.  While designed to appeal to the programmer and Linux lover, these Geek Mittens are geeky enough for anyone to want to wear.  She even provides the chart for them here.


May 12

Minecraft Magnets

Minecraft Magnet SetIn honor of the recent release of Minecraft: XBox 360 Edition, I thought I would share these awesome 1″ magnets by DesignNoy on Etsy.

A friend of mine is already in possession of these wicked magnets, and I can attest to their quality and general awesomeness.  It won’t be long before I have a set of my own to adorn my refrigerator.  They come at a great price, so getting a few sets would make your kitchen the hot spot of your house during all those wicked parties you throw for your billions of friends.

April 21


In the world of Geekery, there’s embroidery, a variety of foods, poly clay, unbelievable yarn creations of every sort and the list keeps going. However, I’ve never in all of my days seen the combination of  Woodwork + Music + GEEK!

May I present the Paculele! It’s a ukelele with the body as Pac Man and the tuner is Blinky the ghost! I think I might have found the perfect Holiday gift for my ukelele playing Geek Husband!

You have got to check out celentanowoodworks’ other creations on Etsy. I think my all time favorite is the Roc Em Soc Em robot version.

Pac Man ukulele paculele by celentanowoodworks on Etsy.