August 9

Star Trek Dresser

Demostheness posted a photo of a custom paint job, Star Trek-style, a friend of her’s did on a dresser.


The font is from “The Next Generation” series, but the colors and the insignia are from the original series. It’s a seamless joining of the generations! I mean, now her friend has a place to keep all of her uniforms, but hopefully, she keeps the red shirts somewhere else!

August 9

Update on the “Adventure Time Chair”

Last week, we had an entry about the chair Reallylovely, from over at Imgur, made of Finn from “Adventure Time.” Since then, Reallylovely has posted an update on Imgur about the chair.

Reallylovely found the chair frame, without a seat, at an antiques shop, saying she first started painting Dia De Los Muertos skulls and designs on chairs last year, and re-designing old furniture has quickly become a life’s passion.

chair drawing

And for a nice little addition, Reallylovely said the chair includes three coats of glow in the dark paint on his hood and socks, directly over the white paint. The back of the chair is entirely white.

And yes, it’s still for sale, if anyone wants to contact Reallylovely.

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August 8

DIY: Guardians of the Galaxy Dress


Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet? You should do that. Or maybe go see it again and this time do it in your own homemade galaxy dress.  Over at Seditious Joy MaggietheCrafter has put together a tutorial on how to change a black dress into a galaxy you can defend.  I’d say she did an awesome job.  Don’t you think?


Look at that dress, now back to your dress. Don’t you want one of your very own? I mean I have plain black dresses to spare. All you need is some bleach, dye, and patience.

Full instructions can be found at Seditious Joy with an amusing photo tutorial. I’m an easy mark for puns so I greatly enjoy “Stark Contrast.”


August 3

Female cosplay worthy of the name of Thor

Female Thor cosplay by Anna Lee Mueller

With Marvel’s recent announcement that the Thor comics will soon have a female lead, I thought it might be fun to see if there was any female Thor cosplay out there. The internets did not disappoint.

Not only did Anna Lee of Glitzy Geek Girl put together a great Thor cosplay costume, she also provided a tutorial for creating the winged Thor helmet and beveled armor plating out of craft foam! I would not have thought of using gesso for a primer before spray painting – great tip!

What do you think of Marvel’s choice to make Thor female? What do you think of females cosplaying as male characters? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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August 2

High Fashion, Yet Practical and Durable

Over at Reddit and Imgur, kogenesis86 posted a gift he made for a female friend: a big old barrel of Chanel nightstand, complete with storage space, two USB ports and a wall outlet for a lamp!

chanel bedroom barrel

The logo is a vinyl sticker with some paint. The latches at the top were added to the barrel by kogenesis86. One of the Imgur commentors had an excellent point to make: don’t go out and get a used barrel, because you don’t know if there was anything flammable in it. Go buy a new one. And someone else did the math for us: 55 gallons of Chanel No. 5 Parfum would cost $2,255,474.54.