May 4

Meet the Iron Brothers of Topeka


Have you heard of the Iron Brothers of Topeka? They’ve got some of the coolest cosplay I’ve ever seen, and it was especially cool to see them at Figments and Filaments in Kansas City.  The convention itself was pretty small, so we were able to get up close (and yes, that’s me) and get pictures.  By the way, that’s the Iron Brothers’ very own cosplay Stan Lee.


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May 3

Launch into Hyperspace with This Star Wars Shelf

Star Wars fighter shelf hyperspace wall by Her Tool Belt

In honor of Star Wars Day tomorrow (May the Fourth…be with you!), I wanted to share this cool child’s bedroom decorating idea. Who am I kidding? This would be cool for any Star Wars fan, from padawan up to Jedi!

Amy from Her Tool Belt has put together an awesome tutorial on how to build a Star Wars shelf, complete with supply list, step-by-step instructions, and detailed photos. As you can tell from the photo above, the results are simply…stellar.

I love the extra details she also added around the top border of the room, taking advantage of Star Wars dingbat fonts to use as stencils.

Do you have any plans for Star Wars Day tomorrow? Share with us in a comment below!

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May 2

I Feel Like I Need This In My Life

Ben Riddlebarger of The Art of Ben Riddlebarger on Etsy, recently posted a series of pictures on Imgur of a lamp he made. I feel like I need this kind of lamp in my life, and could probably do a halfway decent job of recreating it for my on she-nerd cave.


It’s exactly what it looks like: a gold Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber fighting a gold Great White Shark. Behind them, on the other side of the lamp is a gold mini Millennium Falcon. It looks like they were attached to a brass lamp. This is perfect, in all it’s randomness.

Ben Riddlebarger currently resides in Dayton Ohio where he spends his free time drawing like a mad man. He enjoys sushi, comic books, Judge Judy, colorful walls, and the company of eccentric people. His art comes from his dreams, experiences, joys, and random thoughts- all of which are weird.