December 18

Felt Bacon Ornament

I realize that bacon isn’t exactly geeky. But it is delicious, and I imagine a lot of geeks love bacon, so I present to you Serena’s Felt Bacon Ornament.  It will make a  great last minute Christmas gift, if you didn’t get your bacon scented car air freshener in time. There is a full tutorial on her blog, including how to make it smell like real bacon!

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December 17

HELLO from England!

my picture


So! I’m Samantha and I’m one of the newest additions here at geekcrafts, I’m ABSOLUTELY over the MOON to be here and I can’t wait to share my geek craftings and those if other fabuously interesting internetty people with you!

I think superfluous text at this point is irrelevant, you guys want to see my credentials, what do I do?

From left to right: (1)“Cate has the Power” He-man dress ucycled from duvet cover (2) geodude had embroidered jeans patch (3) Superman dress upcycled from duvet cover (4) Hole Tank top mod (5)  supergirl costume (made with no pattern from scratch) (6) 3 3/4 inch Star Wars figure cloak (for the man in my life) (7) reversible K-9 and TARDIS bag (8) slouchy dragonballZ tank mod (9) chubby bow bag upcycled from shrunken jumper.

Want to know anything else? let rip in the comments section here, I’ll be sure to answer! And you’re always welcome to pop by my ‘Home’ blog or my facebook page, I’ll have the kettle on waiting.

See you on Tuesday!

Samantha x

December 12

Accio Brain Coffee Mug Cozy

Any hardcore Harry Potter fan is familiar with the summoning charm “accio.” I spotted this adorable handmade crocheted and embroidered coffee mug cozy, in Gryffindor scarlet and gold, on Etsy in Knotworkshop’s shop. There’s no guarantee that the cozy will help your morning caffeine jump start your brain, but it will certainly add to your geek cred.