January 15

I (heart) Lightsabers Postcards

I (heart) Lightsabers PostcardsLast night I was doing some very important garden gnome research (seriously!) and came across The Nerd Nook on Etsy run by a husband and wife team. I bought this hand-carved gnome stamp for my own collection and then browsed through the entire shop to find all sorts of geeky carved stamps and paper goods, including these I (heart) lightsabers postcards, perfect for any Star Wars fan. You should also check out their clothing shop, Ten Shades of Awesome, full of geeky t-shirts.

January 15

Space Invaders Clutch

Space Invaders ClutchRecently I’ve been doing lots of traveling, and tiny bags or clutches are instrumental in organization and packing.  This Space Invaders clutch bag is perfect!!  I especially love the pink zipper and handle… ooh and the pleats!  The only thing I’m left to wonder is, where did you find that great fabric stellarcheri?!

The purple heart clutch in her newest post is also fabulous, and I’ve fallen madly in love with it as well.  Safe to say I’ll be following her updates from now on!  stellarcheri is on Craftster, Etsy AND  Facebook :)

• Space Invaders Clutch

stellarcheri on Etsy

January 14

Kirby’s Epic Yarn Portrait

A Snuggly Kirby Plushie

I was recently asked to make a Kirby plushie by a friend, but not just any stuffed Kirby would do.  She specifically asked for one based off of the video game Kirby’s Epic Yarn.  In my search for pictures of Kirby plushies I came across this adorable Kirby craft made by Shift! on Instructables.com.  Though it’s not a plushie it’s absolutely adorable and easy to make.

January 14

Fleece Dragon Age Plushies

Dragon Age dolls by eitanyaI’ve been eyeing Jo Roberts’s (AKA Etianya) amazingly detailed fleece plushies, hats, and scarves on DeviantART for a while now. Not just for their warm snuggliness, but because they are beautifully hand-crafted pieces of geek art.

She’s captured characters from video games such as Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros., and World of Warcraft. The ones that stole this Bioware geek’s heart, though, were her Dragon Age: Origins plushies.

Not only has she made some adorable stand-alone dolls of party faves Alistair, Morrigan, and Zevran, she’s also indulged the romantic side of her clients by custom-making dolls of their Gray Warden with their tru wuv. Even sweeter, she’s designed them with magnets so they can kiss.

Say it with me: “D’aaaaw!”