July 26

Tutorial Tuesday: EPIC Rubik’s Cake

[Via Craft:]

DAMN that’s some CAKE!!!

I like baking cake, I find it therapeutic. To the point where if The Husb0t ever comes home to find me baking, the first thing he does (after he does his *yeyy for cake* dance) is ask me what’s wrong… I’d love to think I’d have the patience to bake this bad boy. The utter joy on the faces of the party-goers, cutting open the apparently featureless white exterior, to find the colourful, 80’s, childhood glee inside must be enough to make the painstaking construction worthwhile.

Want to know another brain-meltingly AMAZING fact about this cake, when Vicky from Statsy posted the recipe online, she actually got an e-mail from THE Erno Rubik – yuh-huh – the maker of the cube! – saying that he liked the cake! wow that must’ve been a  real goosebump moment opening THAT e-mail!!

July 26

Scurvy Pirate Ship Onesie

Pirate Onesie

Strike fear into the hearts of those landlubbers at the playground with this ship-shape pirate onesie.

Made by hand by poet/crafty lady/new mama Dana Koster, this little treasure is appliqued with up-cycled fabric and felted sweaters.

If swashbuckling isn’t on your wee one’s list of extracurricular activities, Dana’s Esty shop, Stinkopotumus, carries other cute onesies with designs ranging from toadstools to neckties.


July 26

Captain America Duct Tape Wallet

Captain America Duct Tape WalletYesterday, I went to see Captain America.  It inspired me to look for something awesome that was related to the first Avenger. I used to make duct tape wallets, and they will always have a special place in my heart, but this is a seriously cool wallet.

DucttapeDad on Etsy brings Duct Tape Wallets to the next level.  Inside there is room for several credit cards as well as an ID window.  That’s right.  A freaking ID window in a duct tape wallet.  How cool is that?

Go check out this awesome wallet!

Visit DucttapeDad on Etsy!

More Comic Book stuff on Geekcrafts!


July 25

Bitter Work

I will admit I didn’t watch the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender until after I saw the movie (I actually hadn’t heard of it). But I went home and rented it and it’s fantastic. So having the slightly obsessive personality that I do, I started looking for Avatar crafts. And I found this: an awesome Lego sculpture by Ochre Jelly based on the Season 2 (Earth) episode “Bitter Work”. Aang (the Avatar) is having difficulty learning Earthbending, but Toph refuses to be soft on him (get it…cause Earth is hard?…I’m sorry, it’s Monday). Anyway, the sculpture is awesome and there are more views on Ochre Jelly‘s flickr page (as well as other awesome Lego creations).

July 25

Reader Submission: BIG Creeper Plush

Geekcrafts reader MelloReflections sent us her foot tall creeper plush. She says:

“I made this Creeper plushie for my friend’s birthday- we’re both big fans of the game Minecraft.

The plushie stands about a foot tall; I used a 1 pixel: 0.5 inch scale. I had fun figuring out how to construct him so that the head is fully rotatable. The feet are weighted with beans so that he can stand quite sturdily on his own.

The plush currently resides on my friend’s computer tower at work.”

Want to make your own Minecraft crafts but don’t know where to start? Mello points us towards this useful resource for printable Minecraft Papercrafts (how many times the word ‘craft’!?) which you can easily modify into sewing patterns with a little… errr… braincraft? haha.