March 9

1 Up Mushroom Quilt

Craftster user shan-E-bear made this “Mario 1up mushroom quilt of doom!” and it looks so cool! She said: “I was flipping through all the wonderful quilty and non quilty creations and I stumbled upon a mario pixel quilt, the husband who was playing video games behind me, went “awesome!” hence the birth of our first quilt together! And I did make him help!” I love how pixelated games translate so well into crafts like quilting, because then we get awesome stuff like this!

March 9

So long and thanks for all the fish!

So long and thanks for all the fish! Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is probably one of the greatest movies of all time.  The opening credits are one of my favorite parts of the movie, and Craftster user  Tracey_K made this needlework bundle-of-awesome as a housewarming gift!   I’ve never worked with metallic thread before, and she says it is no fun to work with… however, it looks amazing!!  The colors work perfectly, and font selection is spot on – this so tops my current favorite crafts!  (and inspires me to finally finish my own cross stitch)  Kudos, Tracey_K, I love it!

March 8

“Geek” Text Necklace

Geek text necklaceBecause your limited edition Star Wars t-shirt, Legend of Zelda backpack, and Dr. Who socks don’t announce it loudly enough. You want people to know without a doubt that you’re a GEEK, and damn proud of it.

If you’re ready to literally label yourself, check out these comic-book-esque “Geek” text necklaces made by Israeli artist, Ran.

Offered through his Etsy store, Milkool, Ran also has plenty of other font-tastic (sorry, I couldn’t help it), laser-cut necklaces for those who prefer other labels, such as “Nerd,” or “Dork.”

March 7

DNA Scarf

Craftster is such a great place to find nerdy crafts. Back in 2008 they had a Science IS Art swap that had amazing gallery–which included the greatest scarf of all time: the DNA Scarf. Superhooker made it for her partner (along with other great stuff) and it quickly became a popular topic. Last year I was the lucky recipient of one, and I love it! The pattern is here, so you can have your own!

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March 7

Piranha Plant Stamp

Last week my brother showed me a speed run of Lost Levels (8 minutes, 13 seconds, if you can believe it!) and I flinched a lot while watching, mostly because of close calls with piranha plants. Even though they could be really frustrating, I can respect piranha plants…

Which brings me to Etsy seller nerdnook! She sells a variety of rubber stamps for old school gamers, but my favorite is the piranha plant. It’s so simple, yet so recognizable. nerdnook also sells geeky apparel through another shop called Ten Shades of Awesome. Check it out!

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March 7

Perler Wicket Bag Tag

If you’re like me, one of the greatest parts of the Star Wars trilogy is when you get introduced to the Ewoks. They are cute, they are stylish and they are totally awesome!

Show off your Ewok Pride with this perler bag tag of Wicket the Ewok.

For all kinds of awesome perler geekery, be sure to visit Yume Leona’s Craft Den on Etsy! She has all kinds of 8-bit fun!

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