May 13

Tetris Friday Roundup

This week I present to you the finest Tetris crafts I could find on Etsy!

First up is this totally awesome cameo style necklace from lsybb.


Next we have rustic feeling wooden Tetris magnets from Nomad Imps:


Get nerdy clean with Tetris soap by servas gschaeft:



Get your dad a super nerdy Tetris tie clip for Father’s Day from Geekopolis:


Maybe Dad is more of a tie tack kind of person. Pixel Party has you covered:


An awesome twist on the traditional charm bracelet by Nerdy Little Secret:


Is your fridge lacking colour? These magnets from Homespun Crafting will help:


Who doesn’t love stamping stuff? Tetris stamps from Something a Week:


Check out this grown up Tetris keychain from Twiki Concept:



Have gauged ears? BMA Modified makes Tetris plugs!



Hope you enjoyed this week’s roundup! Be sure to check back next Friday for even more geeky fun!

May 12

READER SUBMISSION: Invincibility Star Earrings

Nintendo-earringsRossana from Roka Cola sent me a link to their shop, and it was like being a kid in a candy store! I mean, it really was, because in addition to these super cool Invincibility Star Earrings, and other great Nintendo, WoW, Portal, Star Trek and zombie stuff made from polymer clay, they also have a lot of fun jewelry made to look like candy, cupcakes, and all manner of delicious things. The Roka Cola Shop it definitely worth checking it out, it is a gold mine of geeky, sweet, and all around awesome polymer clay jewelry and figurines.

May 11

Magritte Craft X 2

I saw my friend LeBrie Rich of PenFelt at Crafty Wonderland this weekend and marveled at her intricate needle-felted Magritte tribute! Awesome. She also has a PenFelted Andy Warhol (a Campbell’s Soup can), a Picasso, a Matisse, and many other masterpieces of wool felt amazingness in her collection (behind a velvet rope, which was an especially awesome touch).

Meanwhile, John Lohman‘s Mario Magritte (a stellar contribution to World of Geekcraft) is one of my favorite cross-stitches ever. Just love it! See a whole lot more of his work at Sprite Stitch.

Today the World of Geekcraft tour heads to IndieFixx! Huge thanks to everyone who’s been supporting the book – I really appreciate it!


May 10

Tutorial Tuesday! Reverse Stencilled Tote Bag

Here’s a neat idea! lets think ‘outside the stencil’.

That’s exactly what jennieingram did when she had to quickly step into the Dr Who Swap on Craftster. Round 5 of the Dr Who swap that is… these swaps are hugely popular, they’re going to go on forever! Round 6 is crafting away as I type!

Jennie has shared a tutorial on how to achieve this effective technique on her blog, and also on Craftster.

But wait, there’s more! Turns out Jennie is quite an avid Geek-Crafter and tutorial writer. Check out her Doctor’s Companion Charm Bracelet and her tutorial on how to make Laminated Paper Bookmarks including a sonic screwdriver and a golden snitch.

May 10

Through the Looking Glass Necklace

Through the Looking Glass NecklaceLewis Carroll’s Alice has always been one of my favorite literary heroines. She’s bold, bright, and bewildering all at once.

This necklace portrays Alice and the titular looking glass in beautiful brushed steel.

Both elegant and whimsical, it’s a “grown-up” way to show your continued love of the girl who made her way through Wonderland and beyond.

Made by the talented mother-and-daughter team of Penny and Nikki, this (and other Alice-themed creations) is available in their Etsy shop, Untamed Menagerie.