February 14

Cryptid Valentines!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

SpookyPooky at Craftster has given us all a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift: printable Cryptid Valentines! She’s letting everyone use the designs for free too: “It is hard to find unique Valentine cards that nobody else is giving out already!” These are the greatest Valentine’s card ever! You have four choices: the Yeti, Bigfoot, Nessie (my fav), or Cthulhu.

These are SpookyPooky‘s designs, which she has shown off before. She has a yeti contest going on at her blog, which also has a bigger, easier to print version of the valentines.

February 14

Binary Scarf

The Lady Cartoonist (Meredeth Scheff) decided to make a new scarf each day of January. They’re all really unique and different, but I felt that the one she made for January 1 was the geekiest. She says it best:

“With this first one I wanted to have a binary themed scarf that incorporated the date (01/01/11) as well as the scarf number (01). Since that really wasn’t enough to fill a scarf, I decided to make it spell out ’scarf’ in binary, and highlight out of those numbers the date and scarf number. I had the colors be the scheme of an old computer screen, tan outside (the monitor frame) and green/lighter green for the monitor itself.”

Check out some of her other scarves as well! (My favorite one is the Lucha Libre.)

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February 12

Futurama Amigurumi Zoidberg

Futurama Amigurumi ZoidbergNew Craftster user Loefferst (I love finding new users!) came up with this design herself for an amigurumi Zoidberg from Futurama. She was also nice enough to share the pattern, so click through to see her post if  you want to make your own. I’m in love with the teeny tiny felt clothes and accessories. And for those who aren’t Futurama experts, Loefferst says:

For those of you who are confused as to why there is a blue Zoidberg there is a parallel universe episode.

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February 11

Knit Power Cord Scarf

Power Cord ScarfPlug in to style with this sweet power cord scarf!

Made by Brooklyn-based designer Nguyen Le, these scarves are not only cute, they’re “green” as well. According to her Etsy profile, the yarn comes from a family-run yarn mill that uses 90% less water in their yarn production. How awesome is that?

You can find this scarf in various colors and widths, or if you want to take a crack at making your own, a pattern is also available on her Etsy store, KnitKnit.