November 8

Ralph Wiggum as a Cake

ralph cake

Mistermonkus recently posted this cake of Ralph Wiggum from, “The Simpsons,” on both Imgur and Reddit. To be clear, this above image is not an artist’s rendering of what the cake will look like. This is not a drawing. THIS IS THE ACTUAL CAKE!

The baker made three cakes to start with: 2 x 6″, 2 x 7″ and a loaf pan red velvet cakes and layered with vanilla bean swiss meringue buttercream. His head, arm, and foot out of Rice Krispies treats, with the red coloring to make it look like brains. She then carved his body and leg out of cake and covered all his parts in buttercream. There are a few wooden support dowels throughout him to hold him steady, and he took about five days to complete.

August 30

Not All Geek Crafts Have To Be Permanent

Sometimes, some of the most stunning of crafts can be edible and insanely easy. This is one of them.


The poster of this craft wrote that his/her friend created this portrait of Sir Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard out of ketchup, mustard, hoisin sauce, and bleu cheese. There’s no other information available about it, but it’s popped up all over the Internet. Personally, the only thing I can think to say about it is, “Mr. Data, let’s stop for a snack. Warp Factor Trisket!”