November 29

Geek Covers – They got you covered

The crazy black weekend is upon us. You shop online, opting  to avoid the rush all together. Don’t know what to get your friends for the holiday season? All your friends have cell  phones? Let me point you in the right direction; GeekCovers.

 GeekCovers, as you can see, make awesome phone covers


I always liked how sassy he was. The Merc with the Mouth

And the best part? They are having a black Friday sale, 50%! Just enter  turkeyday13  to get  in on the deal!

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September 17

Fibre Optic Star Map

I seem to keep posting rather high-tech geek crafts lately, but there are just so many good ideas out there that need to be shared. So today I bring you a hand-made Fibre Optic Star Map, created by Imgur user, krid7.

Fibre Optic Star Map

Bringing this wonderful Milky Way panorama to life is a beautiful idea, and I’m really impressed at how well krid7 was able to pull this off. All those fibres would have driven me bonkers! Krid7 has documented the process on Imgur to be sure to click here to see how the Fibre Optic Star Map was created. And the best part is, real star maps were used, meaning that thing is not only beautiful, but it’s also scientific, yo.

Have an Astro-geek craft of your own? I would love to see it – post in the comments!


September 3

DIY Ambilight: Because your TV isn’t big enough already

You’d think that a 55-inch, full-HD LCD television with surround sound system connected to an enormous media pc, XBox 360 and a PS3 would be enough for a man who actually mostly plays PC games in a different room and watches TV on his phone on the train trip to work. But you’d be wrong.

Dave of is the latest of major nerdy tinkerers to take on the DIY challenge of Ambilight – a TV enhancement where the colours from your TV are projected onto the wall behind it. There are some sane reasons for doing this – improved immersion and less eye-strain when watching in the dark being the main ones. But mostly, Dave did it because it looks “cool as hell”. Click here to see it in action.

Enhance your TV with LEDs!

Want your own Ambilight system? There are a few different ways of setting this up apparently, but essentially you will need a strip of colour-changing LEDs, a micro controller, a PC to play media from, a 5 volt power supply, a TV, and a way better understanding of electronics than me. Click here to read the really quite detailed How-To on

August 17

Tony Stark Would Approve

“This was a real launch of a life-sized duct-tape iron man at Leonardo’s Basement.” I just wish I could find more information about this online, so I can give credit where credit is due.

iron man rocket

Leonardo’s Basement is a one-of-a-kind creative learning environment for kids of all ages to design and build from their imagination. Since 1998, Leonardo’s Basement has worked to inspire over 9,000 people to learn critical thinking & technical skills and to become enthusiastic, creative problem solvers.

July 30

PixelBrite: Programmable Pixel Light Panels

PixelBrite by LeoneLabs

I’m getting used to being in total awe of some of the creativity, innovation, and pure genius displayed by people all over the Internet. The Geek collective especially seems to be amply blessed in all three departments, and this Instructable inspired by the wonderful Close Encounters of the Third Kind, posted by LeoneLabs, is no exception.

Admittedly, this isn’t your easy-to-recreate kind of geekcraft. You’ll need to get your head around electronics, microcontrollers, a bit of code, and it looks like you’d need a fair bit of patience to do all of the optimising and stuff that LeoneLabs goes into in the later steps. The components and materials also cost in the region of $550, but when you look at the results (and there are more awesome images to drool over if you follow the link), it looks like $550 well spent!

Personally, I have nothing further than GCSE (10th grade) electronics knowledge, and probably even less experience wth microcontrollers. So I will just sit back and marvel at the greatness that is PixelBrite, and wish I had one. Or four.