May 16

Reader Submission! Dr Who Pixel Art Magnets!


Today’s reader submisssion comes from Etsy seller Donna Aka Arcade Artist:

“Hi there,
I love your site and thought you might like to see my new Doctor Who 8-bit characters, these are custom sprites entirely made by me as if they were in an 80′s video game.

Firstly The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and the Tardis and then each Monday after the previous weekend’s Doctor Who has aired I will be making the new Monster/Alien.

Hope you like ‘em :) “

Wow Donna! What a challenge! and so far so good, she’s made The Silence and The Siren from the current series. Go to her shop regularly to check back on new creations!

I think whole concept is really unique and interesting, I love pixel art, I love Dr Who, I love cute things! This ticks a lot of boxes! Speaking of cute, check out her pikmin magnets! (anyone else hoping for a exciting, inventive new pikmin title on the upcoming next gen Nintendo console?)


May 8

DIY Angry Birds magnet game

Because it is the #1 paid app in both the U.S. and the U.K., perhaps I should feel some geek-shame in admitting that I’ve never played Angry Birds, and in fact don’t even have it installed on my iPhone. I have only a few computer game addictions (my family calls me the Great White Chuzzle Hunter), and Angry Birds hasn’t made the list — yet.

But I know both my son and husband really love it, along with scores of others, including Punk Projects blogger Katie. She created a set of Angry Birds magnets, and kindly put together a super easy tutorial so you too can have your own set.

DIY Angry Birds magnets

You could of course adapt this idea to pretty much any platform game, such as Mario Brothers or Donkey Kong.

Links of Interest:

April 27

Doctor Who Bingo

Craftster always has the coolest swaps going, and the stuff that comes out of them is amazing. ivoryh1632 made these Bingo Cards for her partner during the Doctor Who round 6 swap, and they’re so cool! There are 12 different cards to choose from, and they have squares like “The Doctor mentions he’s a genius” and “Someone gets slapped”. ivoryh1632 says “I did it up all proper and used a bingo card making website so every card has a random assortment chosen from 80 different phrases, so choose your card wisely.” You could always use jelly babies as space markers. Or if you print them out big enough,  jammy-dodgers.

April 26

Tutorial Tuesday: Jesse/Team Rocket Cosplay!

I need this woman to be my wife, and I’m a heterosexual, pregnant, married woman. You boys have got no chance!

Ryoko-demon is a prolific cosplay artist. Here she is, utterly transformed into Jessie from Team Rocket. Her photos are amazing. And to top it all off she’s shared a tutorial on how she constructed that MINDBLOWING wig… She EVEN made HER OWN Meowth!! … I’m just… lost…. for words… need to find more synonyms for awesome…

Via Geekologie

April 24

Portal Treasury

In honour of Portal 2 being released this week, my Etsy Treasury of the Week is, you guessed it, Portal themed! Remember to click on thepicture to be taken to the actual treasury where you can check out all of the awesome geekiness!