August 22

Reader Submission: Etched Portal Glass

This etched Portal glass (or Handheld Portal Vessel) was made and submitted by Flickr user Rappe.

Would you drink out of a glass with the Aperture Science logo on it? if so you’re braver than me.

I was transfixed by the blue and orange drink… luckily Rappe clears up the mystery of the ingredients over at the Spritestitch boards:
“The drink we ended up coming up with was mango smoothie on the bottom and Blueberry Lemonade Jones soda on the top. It was surprisingly tasty, but less than a minute after the pictures were taken the smoothie floated up to the top and got all gross looking. Still tasted great though.”


August 17

Game Review: Kirby’s Epic Yarn

So I recently got a Wii again and the first game I bought was Kirby’s Epic Yarn. It’s like the game was marketed directly at me. I love little pink Kirby, use the word “epic” more than I should, and have an epic yarn stash.

This game is beyond adorable. The visuals are fantastic and the dialog actually makes you laugh out loud. The story is ridiculous as well.

The evil sorceror, Yin-Yarn, unraveled Patch Land led by Price Fluff, and it’s your job to patch them back together. Did I mention that Yin-Yarn sucks people up into his magic sock and turns them into yarn? No? Well, he does.

Because Kirby is now made of yarn, he’s no longer able to suck up bad guys and steal their abilities. How do you make do? You can lasso them with your yarn and roll them in a ball and throw them at other bad guys. Awesome! You can also turn into a variety of things at certain points in the levels. Like a dolphin, because why not?



When you play Multiplayer the second player plays as Prince Fluff. That’s right, Prince Fluff. The cuteness is at least doubled. If you’re able to play with someone else, I highly recommend it. You can jump off each other’s head or throw one of you to a high up, hard to reach spot.

The things I didn’t like were far out weighed by the things I loved. The main story line is far too short. I beat the game in less than 48 hours. I would have liked it to be longer but since it’s probably for a child and not a late-20something, it makes sense. Some of the badges still seem impossible to unlock. I don’t want to have to turn to a walkthrough but at the present time, it’s looking like that might be the case.


I simply cannot recommend this game enough. It’s funny, it’s adorable, it’s made of yarn and it is in fact epic. We got rid of our original Wii because there just weren’t any games really worth having for it. Now there is and it feels like pants.

August 16

Tutorial Tuesday: God of War PSP Cosy

JuliaStitches, 50% of the creative powerhouse behind blog Creative Momnesia, shares this cute knitting tutorial for how to make your own omega symbol, god of war themed PSP cosy.

You’ll need a little knowledge of knitting to follow the pattern, but it’s a great little project and would make a cute gift for any Gods or Goddesses of War.

Plus your PSP will never be cold again… :-)

August 15

Reader Submission: Ramona Flowers Sackgirl Amigurumi

It’s a geek-culture mashup, don’t you love it? Scott Pilgrim + LittleBigPlanet = The Ramona Flowers Sackgirl Doll (omgwtfbbq so CUUUUUTE!)

In the words of the crafter Mike, owner of the Etsy shop MiCrochets:

“This little sackgirl was inspired by the SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD movie. She has a working zipper and her arms and legs move. She stands about 9” tall. Crochet goggles and purse are removable.”

That’s some heavy duty crafting boys and girls! certainly worth a reader submission shout out.

August 8

Reader Submission: Megaman Quilt

We love Megaman… and when I say ‘We’ I mean ‘I’

Quilter Cindy Jo shares just how easy it is to make highly effective quilt pixel art:

“I just had to share the quilt I made for my son for Christmas. He really likes the Megaman games so I went online and found a simple drawing of his and then used Paint Shop Pro to make him looked pixelated. I then just made a square of different colored cloth for each pixel.”

Thanks Cindy Jo!

August 1

Reader Submission: Replica of Gehn’s Crest from Riven

I was never hardcore enough to finish Riven, I remember hours of sitting behind my older brother watching him play Myst, and then when Riven came out I was embarrassed to find that my computer gaming skills still sucked… I’ve always been more of a spectator when it comes to first person games…

This is what genius metalcrafter Riv says about her work:
“I’m so excited to have finally combined my absolute love of the Myst series and my obsession with making stuff out of metal. The games have shaped my aesthetic immensely, and I’m driven always by the desire to make an object that feels as real as Riven felt to me. Here, I think I’ve succeeded.”