August 8

Reader Submission: Megaman Quilt

We love Megaman… and when I say ‘We’ I mean ‘I’

Quilter Cindy Jo shares just how easy it is to make highly effective quilt pixel art:

“I just had to share the quilt I made for my son for Christmas. He really likes the Megaman games so I went online and found a simple drawing of his and then used Paint Shop Pro to make him looked pixelated. I then just made a square of different colored cloth for each pixel.”

Thanks Cindy Jo!

August 1

Reader Submission: Replica of Gehn’s Crest from Riven

I was never hardcore enough to finish Riven, I remember hours of sitting behind my older brother watching him play Myst, and then when Riven came out I was embarrassed to find that my computer gaming skills still sucked… I’ve always been more of a spectator when it comes to first person games…

This is what genius metalcrafter Riv says about her work:
“I’m so excited to have finally combined my absolute love of the Myst series and my obsession with making stuff out of metal. The games have shaped my aesthetic immensely, and I’m driven always by the desire to make an object that feels as real as Riven felt to me. Here, I think I’ve succeeded.”


July 29

Lego Creations from Folded Fancy

Lego Folded FancyNeed a Star Wars Lego wedding cake topper for your geeky wedding? Or, want to show your sweetie how special they are with a Lego flower bouquet that’ll never wilt?

Well, look no further than Folded Fancy Creations! Each Lego model is made by the talented Mariann Asanuma, the world’s first female freelance Lego artist.

Mariann is one of my crafty heroes, and (full disclosure) one of my high school friends. She worked her way up to Master Model Builder at LEGOLAND California (the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign in Miniland is her handiwork), before striking out on her own. Now, she builds custom models, writes how-to Lego books, and manages Folded Fancy.

If you just want a little touch of Lego in your life, she also makes adorable wee magnets (like these Pac-Man magnets), and geek chic jewelry out of rare Lego tiles.


With that, my friends, my time at Geek Crafts has come to an end. I love writing for this wonderful blog, but, with the upcoming release of my first comic book project, it’s time for me to devote myself completely to my fiction and filmmaking. Yeep! I’m making the big leap. So, I’ll still be in the geek loop, just on the other side of it.

Thank you for reading my posts, and for all the lovely comments. Keep creating, and I’ll catch you on the flip side!

Geekily Yours,

July 28

Scrabble Tile Jewelry by Laura Mac


Though there are numerous crafters out there upcycling old Scrabble tiles into jewelry, my favorite is Baltimore-based artist Laura MacDougall. She takes Scrabble tile jewelry to the next level, from fun and kitchy to, well, elegant.

Each Scrabble tile pendant showcases one of Laura’s beautiful nature photographs. It’s then strung up with semi-precious stones, making a piece that you’d be proud to wear out to a special event. My favorite is this striking peacock feather necklace.

She’s also been thinking outside the box (if you’ll pardon the pun) and experimenting with round pendants, which lend themselves well to her photography.

If you’re not into jewelry, Laura also makes simple yet lovely book thongs, which are perfect for that beach-blanket read this summer.


June 29

Portal Hoops

This is such a cool idea! I wish I had thought of this. TroubleT made these for her husband as part of his Father’s Day present (apparently she spoiled him big time–she also stitched him a Binary Man). This is so simple yet SO brilliant…I’m still kicking myself about not thinking to paint hoops as portals!