December 26

Ramona Flowers Bag

I don’t know about you but I for one, loved Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. It was all kinds of nerd love.

I also had a soft spot for Ramona, possibly because her hair changed colour every other scene.

What I loved best about her though was her totally awesome bag.

Well, you and I can have this bag now! That’s right!

Farfallagialla also offers them in
different colours, so you can have one
to match your hair, whether it’s blue,
pink or green.

Buy this bag.
farfallagialla’s shop on Etsy.
Scott Pilgrim on Amazon.

December 23

Star Wars Painted Quilt

We’ve had a bit of a Star Wars theme here, lately, and that’s okay, because we’ve been running across some truly awesome Star Wars crafts! McBeth posted this beautifully done Star Wars Painted Quilt, made for her niece, on Craftster. If you have to get your hands on a Death Star, and can’t get Beth to make you one, you can check out this awesome Death Star Planetarium. You can find more of Beth‘s crafts on her website, Subversive Crafting.

December 23

Motherboard Christmas Tree

This past weekend we had a get together with my geeky friends, where I saw the most adorable Christmas Tree made from a circuit board. The lights on it blinked in time to music in colors of red and green and white.  My geeky friend said he made it years ago, and despite my pleading he has no intentions of making more.  Lucky for me, there is the internet!  PurpleJacaranda has the cutest Christmas Tree circuit board crafts on their Etsy page.  I can’t decide if I like the pin more or the ornament, but either way they are awesome!

If blinking lights is what you are looking for though, check out Think Geek.  They not only have a Motherboard Christmas Tree, but also a Motherboard Menorah!  You may have to go this year without Motherboard holiday decor, but next year you will be ready!

December 22

An introduction, and Star Wars

Hello all! I’m Erin, one of the newbies here! I’ve only been seriously crafting for a year and a half, but I’ve been a geek all my life (I don’t remember a time when I hadn’t seen Star Wars). I’m a huge History fan (it was my major in college) and huge TV watcher and bibliophile. I mostly do embroidery, but I love seeing every kind of craft. I can’t wait to share all the geeky goodness I find with you!

Speaking of which…
An introduction, and Star Wars
It’s almost Christmas, but I’m still decorating. Do you know what my place needs? Snowflakes. Star Wars snowflakes!

Inspired by the snowflake her son was making, a Boba Fett/Storm Trooper snowflake was born. She also made a Vader-flake (and was kind enough to include patterns). After getting passed around the web, ThinkGeek found them and made more patterns, including a TIE fighter, Chewie, and a Dalek.

December 21

Girl Geek Craft Crush, Lanikins

If you’ve been on craftster, then you’ve probably seen Lani Spear around.

Her recent She-ra  poppet , which she designed for a private swap with Padfoot, is an excellent illustration of how she embodies the soul of Geek Craftiness.

A little search through her previous projects shows the extent of her geeky inspiration, she also created the uncanny Coraline, Coraline is so film-realistic she could be on a shelf in a store and wouldn’t look out of place.

I have my fingers and toes crossed that next time I’m in a crafster swap, I wind up with Lani as my partner, she’s an awesome geek crafter!

Check out her projects on Craftster for goodies like; her gorgeous son dressed as Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, Gir amigurumi (with tutorial), super cute Rocky Horror Eddie poppet, and an ADORABLE Sweeny Todd Poppet.

Go, look, enjoy, Kudos Lanikins.