January 4

Epic Mario Quilt!!

There is no other no other word for this mario quilt than EPIC!… and as someone who works with teenage children I use that word sparingly!

cheerupem0kidx0x started the Mario theme room thread on craftster back in July 2010! and since then has been keeping us updated, as she created the bob-omb lamp, pipe waste paper bin, NES cartridge clock, papier mache fire flower, papier mache boo… just seriously… there’s no way I can list everything this amazing geek crafter has made just go look at the thread.

Since there was lots of work in progress included on this thread, it’s a treasure trove of how-to’s, tutorials and fabulous crafting ideas (you will NOT BELIEVE how easy it is to make .a bob-omb lamp!)

I think we can all agree, her son is a very lucky guy!

The stuff she made is great, but the quilt is just AMAZING (and I’m not one for quilting…. at all… if I’m going to sit at a sewing machine for hours there’d better be a dress at the end of it!) It’s a result of 5 months work and it’s paid off big style!

January 4

Pixel Bead Aang

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to go back and fully watch some of my favourite TV series (instead of mindlessly watching whatever TiVo suggests).  This weekend Hubby and I started Avatar:  The Last Airbender (anyone else remember when you could say Avatar and people wouldn’t think you meant the James Cameron movie?).  This Aang pixel art by Geek Mythology was found on DeviantArt, and if you like this you should check out what else they have on DeviantArt and in their shops.  It makes me want to create a whole mural of game and anime characters in my house… if I had the time or bead supply for it.  Meanwhile, I’m going to go finish Book 1!

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January 4

Tom Servo polymer clay necklace

Tom Servo polymer clay necklaceRobot roll call!”

Oh, how I miss Mystery Science Theater 3000: the bad movies, the spaceship shenanigans, the cute robots mouthing off.

Looks like I’m not the only one. Craftster member motoredxheart sculpted a wee polymer clay Tom Servo. I love how she used a clear bead to get just the right gumball machine-head look to him.

You can snag your own at her Etsy shop, Sweet Geek, and set him up in front of your iPod to heckle mini-sized movies.

January 3

‘Inception’ Paper Sculpture

inception_paper_cuttingCheck out this paper sculpture of THE coolest fight scene ever!

ld posted this over at Craftster, with bigger pictures on LiveJournal. Inspired by the hallway scene of Inception, it’s made out of a single piece of card stock, with no adhesives. I absolutely love this, because it’s 1) an amazing piece of art and 2) because this is my favorite scene in the whole movie. When I saw the thumbnail on Craftster, I immediately knew what it was.  ld has even more amazing Inception paper sculptures at LiveJournal, and they are just as cool.

January 3

Robots in 2011

Hi all! My name is Jamie, and I’m excited to be joining the Geek Craft crew in the new year.

For my inaugural post, I thought I’d share some pics of a new planner I made for myself a few weeks ago.

My craft weapon of choice is often paper, whether that’s through  journaling, stationery, or zines, so I sometimes I can be a little picky when it’s time to commit to a planner for a whole year. This year (or I should really say last year), I wasn’t finding anything I loved, so I decided to make my own.

I drew the days of the week and surrounded them with some cut-and-paste action from a crappy old kids’ joke book I found. I like the old-skool zine feel of it.

For the cover, I splurged on some fancy-pants robot fabric at my local shop. I’m really pleased with/surprised at how straight I was able to keep everything!

I learned how to do this online a few years ago, and unfortunately I can’t find the exact same website, but mothteeth.com has a similar tutorial. It’s not too difficult, it just takes a lil patience, and acceptance of the inevitable imperfections.

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