June 2

Giskin Anomaly Detector

Giskin Anomaly ContestIf you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting San Diego’s Balboa Park, you’ll know what a beautiful place it is. With its Spanish-Renaissance architecture and landscaped gardens, you feel like you’ve truly stepped back into another time.

It seems like I’m not the only one who feels that way. The Balboa Park Online Collaborative (BPOC) recently launched an interactive cell phone game called Giskin Anomaly, to encourage visitors to fully explore the park’s historic treasures.

Guests can dial in to hear the adventures of two people who use a memory-sensing device (called the Giskin Anomaly Detector) to retrieve WWII-era recollections throughout the park.  

As part of the game’s launch, BPOC hosted a contest inviting artists to create a Steampunk-inspired model of what this fanciful device would look like.

San Diego-area artist John Hosford walked away with the grand prize. His intricate model, dubbed “Sir Tellabeem’s Tempress Mark II” took him over 80 hours to construct, involving cutting and dying the leather of the glove by hand.

Though there was only one grand-prize winner, the competition was fierce indeed. Check out the Flickr pool showcasing the winners, and the afternoon their costumed creators spent playing with the contraptions in the park.

A moment of full disclosure: I used to take karate classes with John and his siblings, back in the day. I knew he was a creative kid, so it’s great to see how his talent has blossomed over the years. Congrats on the win, John, and keep up the awesome work!

May 31

Tutorial Tuesday/Reader Submission! Playable NES Controller Coffee Table!!

I saw this on Sprite Stitch a while back, but eagle eyed reader Brian used the “Submit a GeekCraft” link to point us towards the original source. Thanks Brian!

I’m counting it as a tutorial because Ultra Awesome Blogger Kyle has kept Ultra Awesome detailed records of every step of the process… seriously … THIS is the pinnacle of geek craftyness… I NEED one of these for my living room…(I don’t think my Husb0t would trust me with power tools.. I don’t think I would trust me with power tools…)

May 31

Legend of Zelda Cucco Bracelet

Legend of Zelda Cucco Bracelet“Next up on the Hyrule Evening News: our special report, When Cuccos Attack!”

Anyone who’s played a Legend of Zelda game knows the perils of picking on these seemingly benign creatures. If Link smacks ’em around one time too many, they’ll swarm him in a flurry of vengeful, feathered fury.

Liyo –a research scientist by day, crafter by night– has captured this dramatic scene in a cute plastic bracelet.

She also offers various kawaii rings and bracelets featuring other Nintendo favorites such as Zelda and Super Mario Bros. over at her Etsy store LiyoLabs.