March 30

Exploding TARDIS Shoes

Man I wish I could draw. Then I could try to make these for myself! cakewalkqueen made a pair of Exploding TARDIS sneakers using sharpies! She based them on a pair she saw on Etsy that feature Van Gogh’s drawing of the TARDIS exploding from the Doctor Who episode “The Pandorica Opens”. One shoe says “The pandorica will open” on the outside and the other says “Silence will fall”.

March 29

Knit Your Own Binary Scarf!

“Knitting may be a centuries-old craft, but the results can be quite high-tech. For example, it’s now possible to store data on a scarf. And the good news is, the construction is completely open source.”

This lady here is Christine Dumoulin, and she not only created this fabulous scarf (and wrote that witty introduction) but also shared the pattern on the magical interwebs!

I can’t knit, but it’s things like this that make me really wish I could. Once you get started the possibilities are endless, binary cardigans, binary baby clothes?

You can even go all out and hide secret messages in your binary wear like Craftster user Jaberwocky, who hid lines from the Tao Te Ching in their binary scarf!

March 29

“I Heart Brains” Best Friends Necklace

I heart brains BFF necklaceThis “I heart brains” best friends necklace set is the perfect thing for horror-loving BFFs.

Hand-made out of polymer clay by Sarah, these and other creepy-cool organ-influenced accessories are available at her Etsy store Beat Black.

Give one to the friend you trust not to eat your brains when the zombie apocalypse hits!

March 28

‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Four Elements Blanket

Kimby posted this gorgeous Last Airbender blanket on her DeviantArt page. It always amazes me the designs people can make with crochet. The four symbols are perfect! And it’s huge…I want one! She has the pattern and tutorial on her blog, with tips. The most important one: “And this one last, very crucial tip: Make sure to watch your Avatar DVDs while working on this blanket. On repeat. For several hours at a time…”

March 28

NES Cartridge External Hard Drive

Nostalgic. Stylish. Practical. These are just some of the words that I would use to describe 8BitMemory‘s portable hard drive made from an NES Legend of Zelda cartridge. 8BitMemory can put an entire terrabyte of extra space (or 500GB or 750GB if you prefer) into pretty much any old cartridge!

Alternatively, if you’re feeling that DIY itch and want to give this a shot on your own, cr0ybot on instructables has a breakdown of how to put together something similar.


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