April 22

Crochet Portal Blanket

Portal BlanketRaise your hand if you’re thrilled about the release of Portal 2 this past week!

What are you doing, raising your hand? If you were really that excited, you’d have both hands firmly glued to your controller right now. You totally don’t love Portal enough. You’ve made GLaDOS very sad.

At least, you don’t love Portal the way Doctor Moo does.  She showed her devotion by stitching up an amazing crochet blanket featuring the morbidly hilarious warning signs from the original Portal.  What have you done for GLaDOS lately, hmm? (Okay, I stop with the guilt-tripping now. I haven’t even finished the first game!)

It took her over 74 hours to crochet and measures a whopping nine feet by six feet (more than big enough to snuggle under with a Companion Cube). She’s offered it for sale on her Etsy shop, which also features some other wonderfully geeky crochet creations.

April 21

Remembering Sarah Jane Smith

K9 searches the heavens for his Mistress Sarah Jane SmithEven greater than the excitement over the imminent start of Series Six of Doctor Who this Saturday, is the collective sadness spreading across the Whoverse: Elisabeth Sladen, who brilliantly portrayed the much loved Doctor’s companion Sarah Jane Smith, passed away on the 19th of April, far too young at only 63 years.

The universe has to move forward. Pain and loss, they define us as much as happiness or love. Whether it’s a world, or a relationship…everything has its time.  And everything ends.

— Sarah Jane Smith, “School Reunion”, Doctor Who

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April 20

“Sudden, but inevitable betrayal” pillow

Over at Craftster, the Whedonverse (as in Joss Whedon’s worlds: Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible, and Firefly) Round 6 Swap is in full swing, and there are some amazing things over there! But my favorite so far is the embroidered Wash pillow. FiberAlchemist made it for her partner ifallthraindrops. The detail is so amazing, and the shading is gorgeous (shading is one of the many, many things I need to learn). I love cartoon Wash!

April 19

Tutorial Tuesday! Azumarill Amigurumi – With Pattern!

I am a girl with a one track mind, and the tracks have shifted this week. I’m still hella-excited about the new series of Dr Who coming up, but that kind of obsession takes energy, which I do not have!… anyhow this week, my mind is on Pokemon!!

I’ve recently started (re-started) Pokemon Pearl. I’m a DS-aholic and I cannot afford either Pokemon black/white OR a new 3DS (and I’m quite suspicious that a 3DS might melt my brain… ) So I’m hoping Pearl will keep me occupied until those two ships have sailed… anyhow… enough about me… lets talk about crafts!

Craftster user and blogging superstar WolfDreamer . stitched up this adorable Azumarill Amigurumi. As she says in her craftster post:

“I figured this one is perfect for Easter.  Part Easter egg,  part bunny”

I figure you’re right WolfDreamer! … But wait!! there’s more!! WolfDreamer has also made the crochet pattern availiable for free on her blog!!… I love it when bloggers do that… now all I need to do is learn to crochet