June 11

Geek Baby Roundup!

You more observant readers will know that I’m growin’ a geek! I’ve also discovered pinterest… these two events are unrelated… but it does mean that I’ve got a growing geek baby pintrest board which I’d love to share with you :-)

So without further adieu, I give you, a roudup of the top 10 most awesome things I’ve pinned to my Geek Baby Pinterest board (so far)

At 10! Etsy Shop thebuttercupboutique are selling this robot taggie blanket for $18.00


#9!! (first in my trio of onesies) hehe, Storm Pooper Onesie from WolfBuddy ($10)


#8 Geek logic onesie Transfer – $5 – designvine


in at #7 … how about this Mario Onesie from SugarBabyLove – $17.00


#6 -Star wars Daddy Diaper bag from thatmoxiegirl $30


#5 – crochet space invaders blanket (awww!!!) from geekerybyemily £30 (GBP)


#4 (last onesies I promise) – perfect for twins or close siblings, copypaste onesies from klzart ($32.00)


#3 – can’t buy this one – I’m sure we’ve featured it before and I NEEEEEED it for my geekling – Cardboard scale model replica from Mateo and Me


#2 – Moustache booties! £32.00 from pleasantlyplumpknits



SUPER awesome Yoda hat from thegreenhedgehog – $17.95


WHOOP WHOOP!!! 6 weeks til my geek arrives!! if you see anything else I’d like let me know in the comments, via my pinterest board, or if it’s something you’ve made, hit us up on the Submit a geekcraft form :-)

June 10

DeLorean Time Machine Plush Sculpture

DeLorean Time Machine PlushGreat Scott! Check out this DeLorean time machine plushie, built by the talented Lynne Dhenson.

What a great homage to the classic Back to the Future films. I love how Lynne took something so hard-angled and mechanical and made it into a soft, squeezable felt sculpture.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and click through to her LJ post to see the amazing amount of detail that went into this piece. She says that the engine alone took 16 separate pieces!

Though the DeLorean and its pattern do not seem to be for sale, Lynne does have a few other cool patterns available on her Etsy shop, including one for the Metallicar from Supernatural.

June 9

Jinkies! Velma Canvas Tote Bag!

Jinkies!  Eco Friendly Canvas Velma Tote Bag!Velma was the original geek.  While Shaggy was busy eating sandwiches and Daphne was busy complaining about dirt under her fingernails, Velma already had it all figured out.  It was Old Man Hinkle who ran the abandoned amusement park all along!  Now you can carry crime scene evidence around in style with a crazy awesome, eco-friendly, Velma Tote Bag from Etsian WhoDoesntWantThat!

The designs are applied with professional heat transfers, and custom orders are welcome, so what are you waiting for?

Get yourself an awesome Tote!

More awesome stuff from WhoDoesntWantThat!

Click here to see who won the Name the Geek contest!

June 8

Anime Girl Cross Stitch

I’m always amazed at the patience of cross stitchers. I did a small, simple robot photo booth cross stitch and it drove me crazy. So when I see something as big and gorgeous as this my mind boggles! The whole thing is 140 x 180 stitches, on 14 count cream Aida. HistoricalNeedle sewed this over a couple of months. She based it on an Anime style picture she found on the web (if you know who the original artist is, feel free to post it in the comments). HistoricalNeedle plans on getting a Gothic style frame made for it, so I can’t wait to see that!