February 18

Knit Video Game Scarves

metroid scarfFor gamers living in colder corners of the world, DeviantART member Jenifer Chetwin (AKA Mad Mouse Media) offers some beautiful – and toasty-looking – video game scarves.

From classic Nintendo games like Metroid  to smash XBox titles like Assassin’s Creed, Jenifer has skillfully knit up a gamut of gaming icons.

She takes commissions, so get your scarf before the thaw!

February 16

Floppy Disk Laptop Bag

Floppy Disk Laptop BagWho just got a new MacBook?!  That’s right…. this girl!!!   Naturally, that means it is time to outfit my new toy with decals, and cases, and accessories (oh my!)  So strolling the internets for new things to buy, I found this laptop bag made out of floppy disks.  A-mazing!  Although I don’t know how heavy or bulky it is to carry about, it sure looks really awesome…  Great work Stanislav

Just for the record, the disks in this case total 60.48MB  :)

Floppy Disk Laptop Bag

Laptop on GeekCrafts

[via TechEBlog ]

February 16

Shut up, Wesley!

Wil Wheaton was my first crush. I guess that’s not really accurate: Wesley Crusher was my first crush; I had no idea who played him. I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation with my dad from the very beginning. Then suddenly there was this kid who was brilliant and pretty cute, and I got to see him every week. *Sigh* I was young and didn’t know how much everyone hated him. Fast forward 20 years and just about everyone knows who Wil Wheaton is, thanks to The Big Bang Theory, but only the TNG fans know “Shut up, Wesley!”

Cassey made this awesome cross stitch for her husband and posted it on her flickr. It’s her third time doing cross stitch and it looks way better than my third cross stitch did. Captain Picard really looks angry!

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