January 6

Mr. Spock Altered Antique Plate

Mr Spock Altered Art PlateI first spotted Angela Rossi’s “altered antique plates” in the pages of BUST magazine, when her “Dear Ol’ Chunk” plate made their 2010 must-have gift guide.

The Los Angeles-based artist takes flea market finds and thrift store treasures and transforms them into unique pieces of pop art. These plates infuse the classic charm of china with an edge of media-age irony, and range from the merely kitschy to the deeply creepy.

Plenty of geek icons have graced her plates, from Frankenstein’s Monster to E.T. Not to mention, plenty of zombies.

One of my favorites is this one of Star Trek‘s Mr. Spock, which has, alas, sold. But there are many other weird and wacky plates available on the Beat Up Creations Etsy shop, so check it out.

January 6

Four Sided Cufflinks

Anyone can wear a quirky tie, but a real geek needs more.  These 4 sided dice cufflinks are just what’s needed!  Findstotreasure has a wide selection of geeky cufflinks, including dominoes and coins that are perfect for gifts or weddings.  For those that just aren’t satisfied with the d4 effects, there do have d20 cufflinks to help you confirm that you are the master geek in any swanky party.

January 6


I don’t know why I don’t spend more time trolling Instructables for things that make my inner geek jump for joy. Instructables user, Frenzy, has designed and programmed this flipping amazing, worship worthy, friend to any technologically adept coffee addict, Tweet-A-Pot. Using an every day drip coffee maker, an alternate Twitter account, and computer know how, he has made it possible to tweet your coffee pot and tell it to brew, no matter where you are, and Frenzy is so kind as to give you a full, detailed lesson on how to do it for yourself. I find this almost as amusing, and much more useful than the other Twitter-related Instructable I found, on how to Give Your Cat Twitter Powers.

January 5

Did I mention it also travels in time?

The Doctor Who Round 4 swap is nearly finished over at Craftster, and there is some great stuff! My absolute favorite though is the stained glass TARDIS clock thefett made for his partner Ryn (he also made the Master’s laser screwdriver. Seriously, go look). The mirror totally works as the time vortex. I really want this clock! The mirror apparently broke in transit, but thefett is as awesome as he is talented, and he’s fixed it. Fantastic!