June 15

Wonder Woman Cake

There is nothing about this Wonder Woman cake I don’t love! The fondant crown is amazing, and the lasso between the layers is perfect. Even the flavors are right up my alley: “the bottom is lemon with raspberry cream cheese frosting and the top is marble vanilla chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting”. RCKFELLA made this gorgeous cake for her friend’s mother’s birthday. And it’s completely from scratch! I think I know what I want for my birthday!

June 15

READER SUBMISSION: Amigurumi Bacteriophage

e-coli killer Never heard of a bacteriophage? That makes two of us. Rachael Penzo wants to change all of that! Calling them “the coolest thing in the entire universe”, she explained that bacteriophage is, in fact, a virus that attacks bacteria, e-coli in particular. She made this adorable “Teeto” (T2 is a type of bacteriophage) to pay homage to these little e-coli killers, and sent me several pictures of her Amigurumi Bacteriophage from her photobucket account.

Sadly, Rachael doesn’t have them on a blog, so this picture will have to suffice. He’s a cute little “bug” isn’t he?

EDIT: Ask and ye shall receive! Rachael decided to feature TeeToo here on Craftster, so you can read more about him and see more photos! She also mentions that this little guy will be featured in the Science Museum‘s Stitched Science display in Central London.

June 14

Tutorial Tuesday! Rocket Knuckle Duster Ring!

I dunno, there’s something about this Rocket Knuckle Duster Ring that makes me feel all warm and childish. Maybe it’s the cartoon-outlines, the playful shade of red, or just the fact that it’s a goddam ROCKET!! … I just can’t put my finger on it, but I know I LOVE it!

Creator, blogger, and Craftster user made this sculpey creation for a co-worker, and kindly posted a step-by-step-tutorial over on his blog! Thanks Purkey, you rock!

I only ever work in fabric, but this tutorial is so clear and well explained I really think I might try this for myself… who wouldn’t want MASSIVE rocket jewellery?

June 14

Achievement Unlocked! Coffee Cup Cozy

Achievement Unlocked!  Coffee Cup CozyIf you are like me, you just can’t live without coffee and video games.  Luckily for us, Etsy seller sewtara has combined both into an awesome coffee cup cozy!  Now your late night gaming sessions won’t be interrupted by annoying things like sleep.  If gaming isn’t your thing, that’s not a problem either because she has lots of other geeky options to prevent embarrassing coffee cup burns on your hands.

June 14

Geek-Friendly Air Plants

Air plant in beakerWhen it comes to plants, I have a total black thumb. Okay, maybe it’s more greyish than pitch black, but still. Any plant that isn’t a succulent or a spider plant has a very short life expectancy in my household.

That’s why I’m excited about these adorable little air plants. They’re super easy to take care of, and can be kept in almost any type of container.

You can see what I mean by looking at the selection available at Tortoise Loves Donkey. Housed in simple glass containers ranging from itty bitty terrariums to geek-chic beakers, these air plants are perfect for livening up spaces of any size.

Perhaps they’ll help me change my thumb to more of a greyish-green color…yeah, no. Gross.

June 13

Reader Submission: Bioshock Educational Posters

Geekcrafts reader Lauren, owner of Etsy shop theinkblot writes:

“I love anything and everything geek. I am completely obsessed with Bioshock (1 and 2) and I just love the concept and ideas of Rapture. In my free time I draw some of the “educational” posters found throughout the game. I have also drawn some of the Plasmid video stills (one can be found in the sold section of my etsy). I love your website and check it frequently, purchasing items from the artists you mention. It also gives me great ideas for my own geekcrafts! I love the website, please keep it up!”

I’m sure many of our readers are with you in the Bioshock love. I, however, am an absolute WIMP… and although I the love retro art peppered throughout the game, I become a snivelling nervous wreck when playing scary/atmospheric first person shooters.

I’m a Cookin’ Mama kind of girl.

Have you made something awesome based on a computer game I’m too chicken to play? Hit us up on the Submit a Geekcraft contact form!