May 29

Holy Matrimony, Batman!

Superhero Wedding party

“Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses, to join Super-Mega Woman and Mighty Cool Man in matrimony, which is commended to be honorable and most righteous among all men…”

After finding numerous examples of superhero weddings online, I’m wishing I had thought to incorporate some of these fun DIY ideas into my own wedding, but I’ll have to settle for the geeky elements of having a marching band playing for our recessional and a Starfleet insignia on our groom’s cake. In case you are in the market for superhero wedding ideas, however, here are some (ahem) super ideas for you to refer to.

The photo to the right is from Neil and Sharon Vaughn’s super wedding, where they dressed as Batman and Wonder Woman, and apparently a number of their guests joined in with the cosplay, too!  (For extra geek points, try to name all the heroes & villains in the picture!)

Comic Book hero wedding cake Take a look at the vintage superhero wedding hosted by newlyweds Megan and Tom, complete with red bridal boots and caped bridesmaids. [The photos are copyrighted, so I couldn’t share them here, but definitely click through to check them out!] It looks like a very classy affair, with just the right touch of “super”. It apparently helps to have a marketing background to pump out a super slick invitation like theirs. Megan wrote about their wedding on the Etsy blog, including links to some of the crafty designers.

For Tony & Sarah’s superhero wedding, Tony turned to a local comic book store to help research weddings in specific comic book issues – kudos to him to conferring with experts!  I can imagine the store staff really getting into the task. I like the superhero centerpieces they created – it would be fun to troll thrift shops to find the vintage pieces. They also made an impressive Fortress of Solitude altar.

What would a superhero wedding be without a super wedding cake? Though it mixes comic book universes, this cake posted at the Wedinator…well, takes the cake!

May 27

Crafts of WonderCon 2011

WonderCon Intro 2If the San Diego Comic-Con is the arena rock star of the convention world, then San Francisco’s WonderCon is the concert-hall favorite. It’s not nearly as big, but much more manageable, and (in my humble opinion) just as much fun.

I attended two days of this year’s Con, where I met numerous writers, artists, and geek icons. My favorite folks to talk to, though, were the hard-working crafters tabling throughout the Con.

Some had made items to promote books and webcomics, others were devoted to selling thier handmade crafts. No matter the reason, though, they were always happy to stop and share a little about their creations.

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May 26

“A New Hope” Cross-Stitch

Luke Skywalker Cross-Stitch“That boy is our last hope.”

If Luke Skywalker had run for New Republic president, he undoubtedly would have asked Shepard Fairey to design his poster, too.

“Manbroiderer” whateverjames made this detailed cross-stitch of Luke in all his starry-eyed earnestness, riffing on Fairey’s iconic “Obama Hope” poster. It’s roughly the size of a hardcover novel, just to give you an idea of how much work went into this.

Whateverjames is such a fan of Star Wars stitching that he created his own Flickr group for us needlepoint Jedi: Han Stitched First. Looks like he also has plans to expand it into a blog, so keep your eyes peeled for more Star Wars stitchery from this guy!

[Via Mr. X Stitch]

May 25

Fascinating Quilt

I love quilting, but I tend to stick to more traditional patterns. But maybe it’s time to change that! Funthreads made this Spock quilt for the Spring 2011 online Blogger’s Quilt Festival?. It was intentionally made so the image is difficult to see up close. But step back and there’s Mr. Spock! Funthreads said she usually gives away or donates her quilts, but this one she made with her husband in mind. Nothing says “I love you” quite like Star Trek. She started with a pumpkin carving template, and designed the whole thing from there. It’s 58 x 82 inches, so I can only imagine how long this took. But it was obviously worth all the effort. She details the whole process on her blog and it’s…fascinating (Sorry! I couldn’t help myself!) Good luck with the festival!

May 25

Video Game Controller Prints from 3 Fish Studios

While I was at Maker Faire last weekend, I got to make a quick dash through Bazaar Bizarre and check out some of the amazing handmade things for sale! I loved these Video Game Controller prints from Annie and Eric, the husband and wife team behind 3 Fish Studios in San Francisco. They’re $20 each or $200 for a huge set of all 12 prints.

They also have some very cool robot stuff, and I really fell for their California-themed Scenic Drive prints and paintings