February 12

Futurama Amigurumi Zoidberg

Futurama Amigurumi ZoidbergNew Craftster user Loefferst (I love finding new users!) came up with this design herself for an amigurumi Zoidberg from Futurama. She was also nice enough to share the pattern, so click through to see her post if  you want to make your own. I’m in love with the teeny tiny felt clothes and accessories. And for those who aren’t Futurama experts, Loefferst says:

For those of you who are confused as to why there is a blue Zoidberg there is a parallel universe episode.

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February 11

Knit Power Cord Scarf

Power Cord ScarfPlug in to style with this sweet power cord scarf!

Made by Brooklyn-based designer Nguyen Le, these scarves are not only cute, they’re “green” as well. According to her Etsy profile, the yarn comes from a family-run yarn mill that uses 90% less water in their yarn production. How awesome is that?

You can find this scarf in various colors and widths, or if you want to take a crack at making your own, a pattern is also available on her Etsy store, KnitKnit.

February 11

Love it or not, Valentines Roundup

Some of you may be living in a binary system of love (like me, yay) but I appreciate that others are undergoing somewhat of an eclipse at the moment, never fear! Geekcrafts is here! with 5 of the best geeky and/or crafty valentines AND 5 of the best anti-valentines around:

Anti Valentines

5.  Pashiko’s hand-painted “still kissing Frogs” tote available on Etsy

4. MetalTaboo‘s hand-stamped and oxidised silver “pervert” necklace, also available on etsy:

3. “BitterSweets” delicious heartache from thinkgeek:

2. “Daleks Exterminate Love” by KrazyKitty on Craftster

1. (it has to be!) Subversive Cross Stitch and Beefrank’s Subversive love note embroidery patterns

And the other side of the coin, for you love-bunnies!!

5. TheWallaroo‘s printed “I love you in Binary” – on Etsy

4. AprilDraven’s valentines hat (AND PATTERN!!) on Craftster

3. upup’s font-geek cards, on Etsy

2. Miso Funky’s Robot Love embroidery Sampler

(and finally… if you’ve got my sense of humour you’ll love this)

1.screenprinted greetings card, by Victoria McDonald Art, available on Folksy

Well, I hope you enjoyed my picks of the best valentines from around the interwebs

x Samantha

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February 10

Pearler Peashooter

I have spent many hours playing Plants vs. Zombies so I have to suppress the urge to obtain lots of these little pearler peashooters to set up rows of them in my living room. Etsy user 8bitclassics (also littlemissysg on DeviantArt) made this little guy from their own fan art design pattern based on the Pop Cap game, and they have the Sunflower you are sure to need as well. Check out their shop for all sorts of pearler goodness, etched glasses, and some especially cute felted figures.

I think I can hold off only until spring. Then the snow will be gone and my garden gnome will be ready for his new army to defend against any zombie invasion!

February 9

Enterprise Fingerless Mittens

Star Trek and fingerless gloves. It doesn’t get much better than that, especially when the high today is going to be 23 degrees. These were made by Audrey Paquin and published on her Ravelry page (there’s a free pattern). Audrey created the pattern for her sister’s friend (who is also a Star Trek fan).

I love that you can tell what it’s the Enterprise, even if you just see a tiny picture. Sometimes you see knitted items that are supposed to have a picture, but you can’t really tell what it’s a picture of without being told. But this is the Enterprise, no question. I love this color for gloves, because they go with everything. And they look so warm!

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