September 6

Tutorial Tuesday: Ms. Pac-man Amigurumi

Today’s tutorial comes from Allison Hoffman of

Allison is a crocheting superhero who has designed Amigurumi likenesses of Pee Wee Herman, Wonder Woman, Conan O’Brien and Coraline, which are all available on her Ravelry Store.

Isn’t this just the cutest ball of hungry little yellow you’ve ever seen? Find the pattern here.


September 4

Superheroes are for girls, too!

Superheroes are for girls too

Image from

Can I get a “Heck, yeah!”? I found this awesome inspiring Tumblr site that I just had to share: Superheroes are for girls, too.

Its sole purpose is to highlight “pictures of girls dressed as superheroes, playing with superheroes toys, or reading superhero comics”.

I love the idea of encouraging young girls with positive role models of strong female superheroes, and the idea of providing an online forum for giving these girls an “Atta Girl!” for strutting their stuff. I also love how happy the girls are in the pictures, as well as how “tough” they are.

Let’s hear it for girl power! Who are your favorite strong female role models in superhero-land?

Links of Interest:

August 15

Steampunk Cereal Box Hat

This is absolutely brilliant! It looks like real wood, doesn’t it? Can you believe mieljolie made this out of cereal boxes? She made this for the “Day of Wrong” at her Renaissance Fair, since she decided to go with a Steampunk theme. She covered the cereal box (the brim is one piece-family sized Frosted Flakes) in paper mache and tissue paper, the painted it. The long scarf was inspired by the TV show Deadwood. mieljolie said if she makes another one, she’ll try to make it open at the hinges. I can’t wait to try something like this myself!

August 11

READER SUBMISSION: Love Brick by Brick

Lego ShipIf you love Legos, than there is only one place on the web you need to be. Or…rather, two places, as Love Brick by Brick is both an awesome blog full of tutorials on Lego jewelry and impossibly cool projects like the one pictured, but also a kickin’ Etsy shop where you can stock up on artfully made Lego jewelry.

And I promise I am not using “artfully made” generically, browsing Julia Morley‘s work was a surreal feeling, joining up the geeky child inside and the woman who loves cool, even beautiful jewelry, and reminding me they are both the same person.

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