July 23

Nerd + skirt = Sknert?

Guys, can we talk about what Ashley Mertz is doing over at Go Chase Rabbits? Because, it’s like…whoa.  Whoa, slow down Ashley because I can’t even keep up with all these cute skirts and I have so many questions:  Where is the fabric coming from?  How do you have the time to make all these? What shoes would I wear with the Yoshi skirt?

If Yoshi isn’t your speed, 1) What is the matter with you and 2) Ms. Mertz likely has your geek beat covered from Tardis skirts, Pokemon pettis, Star Wars, LoTR…even a periodic table mini-skirt.  It’s all there, it’s all cute.

July 22

Superman Saves the Wedding (cake)

Superman saves Lois from a falling wedding cake

Leave it to Pinterest to offer up a link to some luscious geekery – a unique take on a Superman wedding cake.

Not content to just offer a groom’s cake with a giant “S” emblazoned upon it, this geeky couple asked their baker to create a cake that looked like it was falling apart, with Superman swooping in to save Lois from the falling tier. Apparently the broken cake tier looked so real the DJ at the wedding had to keep announcing the cake was *supposed* to look like that. Well played, cake decorator!

Links of Interest:

June 26

Tutorial Tuesday: Crochet Mermaid Accessories

This week Twinkie, purveyor of fine crocheted non-edible edibles, brings us  yet another adora-bubble crochet tutorial.

You could be dancing round your apartment, dinner fork in hand, singing “Under da Sea” with these gorgeous crochet mermaid accessories in no time!


June 2

Necklaces aren’t just for pendants anymore…

snapes memories charm necklace slytherin

While perusing the Net this morning, I came across this fantastic etsy shop.  1luckysoul has an wonderful collection of necklaces that can tempt the many obsessions of geeks and fandom!

Look at this piece called Snape’s Memoir. I think it’s my favorite. There are horcruxes, sorting hats, the Deathly Hallows trio, stacks of Hogwarts books, and then, there’s the Hunger Games collection. I’d have a hard time making a decision as to which ones to buy because I wouldn’t be able to stop at just one!

May 26

Faerie Fashion

After being heavily involved with historical reenactment for 19 years, I can appreciate great costuming, both in the time spent in its creation and the money invested. Costuming done right is a labor of love. One of my favorite “fun” types of costuming has to be faeries. There are no set rules, just let your mind run free!

sairosaurus on Craftster has shared her faerie creations. What is even better is that as you read through this thread, not only do you get to see some fantastic photos but she goes into her creative process for several bits and pieces of her costumes. She discusses how she made her goblin shoes, a goblin latex mask as well as her faerie wings. Her work is amazing!