June 29


Dr. River SongI love Doctor Who, I love classic Who, new Who, I love Number Ten, and I LOVE Eleven. But the character that has been making the last few seasons spectacular, in my humblest of opinions, is Dr. River Song. She is just hot in all the right ways and cool in all the right ways–and now that we know who she is, I can’t wait to see how things play out.

Rain submitted this awesome River Song Plushie from her MoonyCouture Etsy Shop. They can make you a plushie of ANY human character on the show (and I even spotted a Weeping Angel in there)! They are really cool, and I don’t know how anyone could stand to pick just one!

June 21

Alice Omega Necklace

Alice Omega NecklaceIn honor of the release of Alice: Madness Returns, here is a beautiful replica of the necklace that Alice Liddell wears in the game.  The Omega symbol is made of a hypoallergenic metal, and has been beautifully crafted by Etsian CaarigzkopfWorks. American McGee’s Alice was one of my favorite games, despite how difficult it was, and I am really enjoying playing through Madness Returns.

June 18

Round Up: 5 Fun Yo Gabba Gabba Crafts

Is Yo Gabba Gabba geeky? I’m not sure, but it is on a lot in our house, and I am geeky, so I say yes. Plus there is a magic robot on the show, and who can complain about a show that takes a couple minutes here and there to teach kids how to beat box? Not me. So I scoured the web for five of the most fun Yo Gabba Gabba crafts (one for each character, excluding DJ Lance Rock).

1. Felt Muno

Muno! Muno (he’s tall and friendly!)  is perhaps the most recognized Yo Gabba Gabba character, which is why Catango, on Craftster, remembered him when left with two hours before a birthday party, and no gift! Yes, that’s right, in two hours, she went through her fabric, googled Muno, and stitched this awesome Felt Muno doll together for a friend’s child (who, of course, picked it up and danced around with joy)!

Big kudos to Catango for whipping this guy together under pressure! Procrastinators bow to you!






2. Foofa Tee Shirt

Foofa (she’s pink and happy!) is an odd little monster with a head shaped like a tear drop, and a bigFoofa! flower on her head, a big hit for little girl Gabba fans.

You can find this adorable Foofa Tee Shirt in the CarouselCraftsWI Etsy shop, along with all the other Yo Gabba Gabba monsters. The face is felt applique, with a machine zig zagged border–and the finished product is awesome (the model is pretty cute, too).










3. Brobee Fleece Soaker

Brobee Diaper Cover

Brobee (the little green one!) is a fuzzy, long armed monster that is best known for having a party in his tummy.

BugOnARug makes these awesome fleece soakers featuring Brobee and all your other favorite monsters and you can get them from the BugOnARug etsy shop! For those not “in the know” a fleece soaker is a type of cover for cloth diapers, and fleece shorties are a popular choice for parents using “fitted” cloth diapers.







4. Toodee Amigurumi

Toodee!Toodee (she likes to have fun!) is what seems to be a cross between a cat and a dinosaur. She seems to get into lots of trouble, but manages to get along well in Gabbaland and, of course, have lots of fun!

AlieCat30, a poster on Craftster, crocheted this super cute Toodee Amigurumi as the fourth in her series of Yo Gabba Gabba amigurumis. I personally love the attention to detail on Toodee‘s eyes and whiskers.









5. Plex Cookies

Plex!Plex (a magic robot!) is the robot responsible for getting special guest stars, DJ Lance Rock, and even snacks in and out of Gabbaland.

Edeliu826 bakes and decorates these Plex Cookies that you can purchase by the 2 dozen on Etsy. You don’t have to read Geek Crafts very often to know if there are two things we love, they are robots and things we can eat. Plex Cookies fit both of these requirements!


May 31

Legend of Zelda Cucco Bracelet

Legend of Zelda Cucco Bracelet“Next up on the Hyrule Evening News: our special report, When Cuccos Attack!”

Anyone who’s played a Legend of Zelda game knows the perils of picking on these seemingly benign creatures. If Link smacks ’em around one time too many, they’ll swarm him in a flurry of vengeful, feathered fury.

Liyo –a research scientist by day, crafter by night– has captured this dramatic scene in a cute plastic bracelet.

She also offers various kawaii rings and bracelets featuring other Nintendo favorites such as Zelda and Super Mario Bros. over at her Etsy store LiyoLabs.

May 29

Holy Matrimony, Batman!

Superhero Wedding party

“Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses, to join Super-Mega Woman and Mighty Cool Man in matrimony, which is commended to be honorable and most righteous among all men…”

After finding numerous examples of superhero weddings online, I’m wishing I had thought to incorporate some of these fun DIY ideas into my own wedding, but I’ll have to settle for the geeky elements of having a marching band playing for our recessional and a Starfleet insignia on our groom’s cake. In case you are in the market for superhero wedding ideas, however, here are some (ahem) super ideas for you to refer to.

The photo to the right is from Neil and Sharon Vaughn’s super wedding, where they dressed as Batman and Wonder Woman, and apparently a number of their guests joined in with the cosplay, too!  (For extra geek points, try to name all the heroes & villains in the picture!)

Comic Book hero wedding cake Take a look at the vintage superhero wedding hosted by newlyweds Megan and Tom, complete with red bridal boots and caped bridesmaids. [The photos are copyrighted, so I couldn't share them here, but definitely click through to check them out!] It looks like a very classy affair, with just the right touch of “super”. It apparently helps to have a marketing background to pump out a super slick invitation like theirs. Megan wrote about their wedding on the Etsy blog, including links to some of the crafty designers.

For Tony & Sarah’s superhero wedding, Tony turned to a local comic book store to help research weddings in specific comic book issues – kudos to him to conferring with experts!  I can imagine the store staff really getting into the task. I like the superhero centerpieces they created – it would be fun to troll thrift shops to find the vintage pieces. They also made an impressive Fortress of Solitude altar.

What would a superhero wedding be without a super wedding cake? Though it mixes comic book universes, this cake posted at the Wedinator…well, takes the cake!