September 16

Geeky shoe-shindig

Clone Wars shoes

Now this is my kind of party! After seeing a plethora of cool decoupaged shoes online, Amy Ratcliffe decided to host a “Nerd Shoe Craftacular” so she and her friends could try their hand at some of the projects. And pardon me for saying so, but I’d say the results are a SHOE-IN for geektastic delight.

A variety of geekdoms were represented, including Star Wars, Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, and comic book heroes, but I think my favorite project is this pair of Clone Wars pumps. Sublime.

Geeky Shoes in progress

August 22

Mini Papercraft, Maxi Cool

Have you ever wanted to make an adorable mini papercraft version of…anything cool? Ever? Well, Gus Santome probably has you covered. She-Ra? Check! Batman? Yep! R2-D2? Indubitably!

Seriously, these are crazy cute. I haven’t tried to make any yet (partially because I already have too many knickknacks and gewgaws), but I could use a bit more flair on my desk at work…. Project!

August 8

A Preview of Lady Vadore

Once again, Epbot‘s Jen Yates is up to her customary crafty tricks. In anticipation of Star Wars Celebration, Jen (with an assist from husband John, as usual) has been steadily laboring on a steampunk female Darth Vader costume christened Lady Vadore. The first step involved hacking a Vader mask in spectacular ways. Note I didn’t post a pic of the final step—you’ll just have to read the tutorial and scroll down for the stunning reveal. Jen has since posted another sneak peek of the costume, which I can’t wait to see in its entirety. So thorough! Such attention to detail! Such crafty steampunk Star Wars goodness! Such excitement!

August 1

Comically Cool Shoes

Now I know what I should have done with that container of Mod Podge that I had kicking around my craft box for…well, years. I should have made awesome shoes like these rad Batgirl babies, courtesy of Giant Dorkgasm proprietress The Dorktress. I could have She-Ra shoes! Of course, I’d have to dig up all the old mini-comics that came with the dolls, and they’re probably kicking around my grandparents’ attic. Hm. Maybe this isn’t practical. Though that hasn’t stopped me before….

Thanks to fellow Dorkgasm blogger Zack H. for sending me the link!

July 23

Nerd + skirt = Sknert?

Guys, can we talk about what Ashley Mertz is doing over at Go Chase Rabbits? Because, it’s like…whoa.  Whoa, slow down Ashley because I can’t even keep up with all these cute skirts and I have so many questions:  Where is the fabric coming from?  How do you have the time to make all these? What shoes would I wear with the Yoshi skirt?

If Yoshi isn’t your speed, 1) What is the matter with you and 2) Ms. Mertz likely has your geek beat covered from Tardis skirts, Pokemon pettis, Star Wars, LoTR…even a periodic table mini-skirt.  It’s all there, it’s all cute.