July 8

Padme and Leia Barbie Costumes.


A whole cartload of AWESOME was just unloaded over at Burdastyle. I have seen some AWFUL barbie costumes in my time, and to be fair, most of them are made my small children so I shouldn’t be so judgemental. But I am.

These are the things that Star Wars Barbie dreams are made of.

Burdastyle community member Morgan (lanternwaste33) has uploaded her stash of Padme Amidala and Princess Leia Barbie costumes.

The accuracy, detail and craftsmanship are certainly worth a look!

(Not to mention the pretty pretty dresses *fangirl squee*)

If you’ve got a chance you should also check out Morgan’s studio on Burdastyle She and her sister Allison have made some awesome people sized Star Wars Costumes too.


July 7

Pokemon Polar Fleece Hoodie

Pokemon Polar Fleece HoodieI have Pokemon on the brain lately.  I recently picked my Nintendo DS up and dusted it off, then apologized for neglecting it in favor of the evil iPad.  My Pokemon: White Version cartridge was still in there and I have been playing obsessively since rediscovering it.  I am fairly close to “catching ‘em all”.

With Pokemon on the brain, it was inevitable that I would turn to Etsy to see what awesome Poke-crafts people have come up with.  When I happened upon this Pikachu Fleece Hoodie by Etsian ErosDIY I let out a little squeak of joy.  (It was a very manly squeak, I assure you.)  She makes her own patterns for custom Hoodies, and tailors them to the buyer.  While the listing is for a Pikachu Hoodie, she can base them on just about any Pokemon your heart desires.

Check out the Pikachu Hoodie!

Visit ErosDIY on Etsy!

More Poke-crafts on Geekcrafts!

July 7


Kitty Meme CostumeI am not the hippest kid at the LOLCat convention by any stretch, so it is fair to say there are “internet memes” I miss completely, and plenty I just do not understand. Nyan Cat is some odd mix of both. I stumbled on Nyan Cat a few days ago, only to discover that Nyan Cat was in the process of actually taking over the world, using a rainbow shooting out of it’s bum, and wearing what appears to be a pop tart.

Nyan Cat Video*

The upside to Nyan Cat, I suppose, is that it is kind of cute. Craftasaurus Rex (but seriously, how cool is that name?)  sent me this picture of her cat, in the Nyan Cat Costume she made for her. Apparently, this is only a prototype, I look forward to seeing the 2.0!


*Warning to viewer: nothing changes. It’s the same for the whole 3+ minutes.