March 10

WHO likes Steampunk?

Steampunk owl

Slowly but surely, I can feel myself being drawn into all things steampunk, the literature, costuming and now adorable mechowls!

This little guy reminds me of Bubo from the original Clash of the Titans. Monsterkookies has managed to create an amazing owl that looks for all the World like it’s make completely of metal bits but he’s actually polymer clay! This just blows my mind.

March 8

Miss Atomic Jewelry

The other day, after something like twenty minutes talking with a coworker, I noticed that her cameo necklace was no normal cameo. “What a cool necklace!” I exclaimed, “Is that Cthulhu?” She laughed and said, “No, it’s just a normal octopus.” (A third coworker was confused by the exchange.) It was this one, which is adorable, right?

Anyway, after browsing around, I’ve decided that Miss Atomic’s shop is just the sort of thing that I need to bring to the attention of the Geek Crafts community. I kind of like cameos, or, at least, I feel like I should. But I’m not drawn to them enough to ever buy one. Or I wasn’t, until I saw this shop. Not only does she have weird skull cameos, owls, octopodes, and skulls-and-crossbones, but she also makes some of her cameos multi-colored, like this flamingo one. So cool!

March 7

A Clockwork Earring

I have a confession: I really don’t do steampunk. I don’t know why—I think it’s visually appealing, reminds me of Jules Verne and Firefly (both good things), and I get the rationale…I guess it’s just not for me. Maybe it doesn’t quite fit in with my overall personal style, which otherwise seems to encompass a helluva lot. Even with that disclaimer, I wouldn’t mind adding one of these babies to my jewelry collection. In fact, I like quite a few of the wearable geegaws and doodads in Jynx’s Box—they clearly convey the steampunk aesthetic (steampunkery? steampunkness?) without being so over-the-top that you couldn’t wear them without looking costumey.

February 27


How cute are these glittery little Pikachu ballet flats? So cute? Tremendously cute? Catherine Gretschel will make-to-order your size, and you’ll find a variety of geeky themes available in her Etsy shop. The shoes are coated with several layers of resin to keep you from leaving a trail of glitter as you shuffle through your day.

P.S. I didn’t realize this until about two years ago when I was doing research for a video game I was designing about ecology, but pikas are actual, cute little rodents that live in the mountains. I really thought the word “pika” was an adorable Pokemon made-up-word.  Go tell everyone ^.^

February 25

Subtle, Geek Style

Let’s face it. As much as we don’t care to admit it, there are times in our lives in which we just can’t let our Geek Flag fly without some sort of repercussions. Sometimes, we have to tone it down just a notch or two. This leaves the question of “How can we geek up our wardrobe without being totally obvious?”

This purse by StellarCheri is the perfect example!

I would feel more like Real Self if I could carry this bag with me to those many meetings at the school board that I attend. It’s stylish, not over the top, cool and classy all rolled up into one purse! Check out StellarCheri‘s other wonderful creations!

Comic Character Purse by StellarCheri on Etsy.

February 25

Wibbly Wobbly, Dangley Earrings

Wibbly Wobbly, Dangley Earrings

Definitely dangling and definitely Rose Tyler’s earrings from the Season two episode named “Idiot Lantern”. Julie, aka oboe_wan on LiveJournal, is back and this time, she’s recreated the earrings that Rose Tyler wears in that episode. Not only does she offer the tutorial, for it, but she has created them in two different sizes, allowing the wearer to select the size that they’re more comfortable wearing.

A ‘Rose’ by any other name would love wearing these whether for cosplay or everyday. Thanks, Julie.