May 15

Tutorial Tuesday: Leia Headband!

The folks over at NicNacNoodle have cooked you up a scrummy Princess Leia headband tutorial.

The best bit is ,you don’t have to knit or crochet or anything like that! Infact this’d be a great rainy day project to keep the kids busy (and keep them geeky!)

Now you can dress up as Princess Leia without using 3 tins of hairspray, WINNING!

May 6

A Great Fanservice

As someone who enjoys finding small and seemingly insignificant ways to show my fangirlness, when I stumbled across the Etsy store Fanservice Nails, I may have thought I caught a glimpse of heaven.

Though my personal favorite has since been sold out, the rest of her hand-blended nail polishes do not disappoint. Taking inspiration from a few of the best tv shows, ranging from Battlestar Galatica to Torchwood to Dollhouse, Fanservice Nails is just that. A service for fans.

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