March 23

My Little Pony: Dr. Whooves


Craftster user dfabbric made a cute MLP as the pony-fication (is that even a word?) of Tom Baker, the fourth actor to portray the Doctor.

“I’m really happy with how he turned out, though he looks a little angry. The pattern is by Valleyviolet. I hand knit his scarf and it’s removable.” dfabbric also has a blog, where she’s known as Diane, out of Alberta, Calgary.

Valleyviolet owns Violet’s Curious Miscellany over at Etsy, where the pony patterns range anywhere from $15-$45. And just in case a plush pony isn’t enough for you, check out the “Pony Creator” by General Zoi at Deviant Art.

March 17

Life-Sized Papercraft Zelda

zelda_life_size_papercraft_2_by_minidelirium-d5x1ptd-e1362692038410Zelda’s come along just in time to make sure your life size cardboard Iron Man doesn’t get lonely!

“Minidelerium, a Swedish papercraft hobbyist, made this kickass Zelda figure in 126 hours, which is three weeks of working 8-5, Monday through Friday. (She then gave Zelda away, which seems so sad.).” But never fear…if you need your own life size Zelda and want to take a crack at it, it looks like you can get Minidelerium’s template from Paper’s Juke.

You can see more of Minidelerium’s work over at Deviant Art. “I build papercrafts to keep myself occupied, relax and keep my fingers nimble. all my papercrafts up until Midna has been with 80g/m paper, so I’d say I’m pretty good at this by now. ^_^ however, I’ve now started to work with thicker paper and I’m loving it! it’s so sturdy and easy with the thicker paper. I wouldn’t recommend thin paper if you want good and durable results. it buckles too easy.”

March 16

The Cutest Dalek Ever


Allison Bitter has a free knit pattern over at Ravelry for your baby: a Dalek jumper! (You may need to create a user name and password in order to download the pattern.)

“You don’t have to wait for the baby in your life to grow up to put him or her in a Dalek jumper! …you can choose which two colors you’d like to make it. It uses around 215-250 yards of yarn and will probably keep you busy for a while – just long enough to figure out how to avoid extermination.”

And once your baby becomes the scourge of the universe, this little jumper would go well with the Dalek onesie, featured here on Geek Crafts a little over two years ago by Rossie.

Allison actually uploaded her pattern to Ravelry in November 2011. For more of Allison’s patterns, check out her blog, A Bitter Knitter.


February 24

All hail Jayne!

Jayne Cobb peg doll

Since February 27th is the birthday of Adam Baldwin, or “the man they call Jayne”, I thought it might be fun to do a round-up of Jayne Cobb related crafts.

Above is a little wooden peg doll I created for my work cubicle – complete with mini crocheted hat and Blue Sun shirt.

I’ve also previously shared my version of the Jayne Cobb hat and a scarf I worked up, and a version of Jayne’s grenade.

Etsy, of course, does not disappoint with Jayne-related projects. Each image is clickable to the Etsy shop of origin.

Jayne Cobb poster - Keep Calm & Carry Vera


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October 31

A Star Purse for Every Occasion

If only I had my sewing machine in my possession (I lent it to a friend) and a place to set it up, I might have given this a shot! See, deciding to work with my hair (it’s pink), I opted for a pink-hair-friendly Halloween costume and am currently sitting in my office dressed as Ramona Flowers. I went the easy route and bought a pre-made star purse, but how awesome would it have been if I’d bought this pattern and made my own bag with a star I could swap out in any color? That woulda been pretty sweet….

If I’m up to it in the future (or you want to give it a shot prior to next Halloween or any impending cons or costume parties), you can pick up the pattern from Haley’s Wonderful Distractions.

Oh, and happy Halloween!