January 24

Surlyramics; Scents n’ Science

I stayed up last night going through the Geekcraft archives. 224 pages, lots of coffee and a hugely increased level of nerd on my Pinterest later, and I am in shock (okay, there is a small chance it’s actually a caffeine overdose). There is no Surly Amy on Geekcraft.

This is a tragedy, and one I intend to rectify right now.

Surly-ramics started off with our gal Amy making necklaces for herself that proved to be so popular with her friends and colleagues that they would buy them right off her neck. She set up an Etsy store selling her jewellery, enlisted hubby Surly-Johnny for help crafting, and expanded her range to also include bangles, earrings and cuff-links.

Amy is a blogger over at the Mad Art Lab ran by Skepchic, so it’s to be expected that she finds inspiration in science and nature; you’ll find her shop packed with maths humour, scientific symbols and even the occasional Tardis for you Whovians. Her latest range is ‘Surly Scents’ – to which you can add drops of the essential oils that come with your purchase (or your own perfume if you prefer). When you wear them, your body heat warms the ceramic so that the smell dissipates around you.

Surly-Ramics donates to a number of animal charities, so if you purchase from them you get to feel beautiful on the inside as well as looking beautifully accessorised on the outside. Double whammy!

Now what are you hanging around here for? Go check out the amazingness:

January 16

Unicorn Poop Cookies

Unicorn Poop cookies

I tried to think of a clever title for this post, but really – why bother? They’re UNICORN. POOP. COOKIES. As soon as I saw them in a recent GeekChicDaily newsletter, I had to run right over here and share them. Then of course, I discovered teh Internets have already shared them just about everywhere, including i09, geekologie, GeeksAreSexy, The Mary Sue, and Laughing Squid. OK, so a scoop of geek-crafty news, this is not. A scoop of poop, however, it is. Sparkly, tasty poop.

Instructable-r KristyLynn put together a tutorial for creating your own steaming pile of unicorn poop…cookies, right in your own home.  According to her, the “poop” is made of sugar cookies, rainbow dragees, rainbow star sprinkles, white sparkle gel, and rainbow disco dust, but I think we GeekCrafters know it’s really made of rainbows, Lucky Charms, and fairy dust. Or perhaps you have a more imaginative ingredients list?

Also, while you eat your “mythically delicious” baked goods, you might want to wear this Unicorn Poop t-shirt from NeatoShop:

Unicorn Poop tshirt

Links of Interest:

January 3

Chewing Your Ear Off

Chewing Your Ear OffMaybe your boss is a real nag; maybe you like it when your other half nibbles on your earlobe, but I absolutely guarantee that neither of them have anything on these Piranha Plant earrings – they’ll really bite your ear off.

The carnivorous baddie has gotta be one of the most recognisable gamer-geek icons, having been in use since Super Mario Bros first hit the shops in 1985, so the earrings have a cool retro sort of vibe, announcing to the world your NES roots.

I’m always impressed by anyone who can sculpt, especially on such a teeny tiny scale, and these little monsters are so well made that you’d never guess they were hand crafted from polymer clay.

Creator Liz is obviously a real Nintendo gal, her Etsy shop LizGlizz is packed with Mario, Pokémon & Zelda paraphernalia and well worth checking out. Her shop is pretty low on stock at the moment, following the Christmas rush, but she’s crafting as I type, so I suggest you get bookmarking to be first in line once they’re back in store.

Youch! Piranha Plant Earrings

LizGlizz Etsy Store

December 27

Tutorial Tuesday: Dora the Explorer Backpack

so… Christmas is over for this year… know what that means?? … yup… time to start planning what you’re going to make everyone for next Christmas (I’m right though?! everyone wants a handmade present once they find out you’re an awesome crafter… sheesh!)

Why not use this opportunity to encourage a new generation of girls to be adventurous, independent and downright awesome by making the geekettes of your family this great Dora the Exporer backpack. Julie from Vibrant Designs shares the tutorial on her blog…. I’m tempted to scale it up… it’d be the best daiper/changing bag EVER, am I right?

Go to the Tutorial on Vibrant Designs

More tutorials on Geekcrafts

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