March 5

Scrabble Wedding Cake

Weddings are supposed to be all about the bride and groom, right? Well, if the bride and groom are total word-nerds then this awesome Scrabble Wedding Cake from Pink Cake Box is the most awesome cake around. Mrs. Hummingbird posted this, with a load of other Scrabulous wedding ideas at Weddingbee, and I’ll be honest, I am a bit inspired.

I love the freedom that comes with the modern wedding, a friend of mine had a little Dalek bride and groom hanging out on one of the tiers of his wedding cake, and other geek-themed weddings are popping up all over in pictures on the web.

The great thing is, even if wedding bells aren’t ringing in your near future, you can use the ideas at Weddingbee‘s Scrabble page to throw the best Scrabble themed party anyone has ever seen!

February 11

Twilight Prom Scene Pen and Ink Drawing

Twilight Prom Scene Pen and Ink Drawing

We’ve only got a few more weeks until Twilight comes out on DVD (and my mom just pre-ordered it for me – w00t!), so I was super excited to see this submission from Geekcrafter Fee Harding. She made this pen and ink drawing of her favorite scene from the movie: Prom. If you’ve seen the movie three times (or more!), like I have, you’ll notice that not only did she get the faces down great, but even tiny details like the flowers on Bella’s sweater. You can buy a print of this drawing (and some other geek-themed drawings) in Fee’s Etsy shop, burntfeather.

January 24

Twilight Resin Necklace

Twilight Resin Necklace

I wasn’t going to read the Twilight series. I don’t do scary and I figured books about vampires would be scary. But then I caved and became as obsessed as every other teenage girl. Oh, wait, I’m way past “teenage.” Anyway, the books and the movie – I love them, so I was really excited to see this Twilight Resin Necklace that Craftster user merrydeath21 made for her daughter. You can click through to her post to read about how she made it with resin, printed images and a daily pill sorter.

Anyone else have a Twilight craft?