May 11

Grumpy Cat Strikes Again

Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, aka everyone’s favorite internet meme, is back and inspiring more artists this time.

grumpy cat

“…The Grumpy Cat Art Project, a multimedia exhibition and auction event in honor of the Internet celebrity cat put together by more than 30 artists-in-residence at the Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment center in Huntsville, Alabama. According to one of the event organizers Dustin Timbrook, the exhibition aims to show the world that “art can elevate even the sillest subject,” taking advantage of the cat’s internet appeal to showcase the talent of resident artists at Lowe Mill. All of their artworks, which range from sculptures and paintings to stained glass art and soap carvings, are scheduled to be auctioned off online between May 27th and May 31st, culminating in a one-night exhibition at the art center on May 31st.”


 “Ceramic potter and sculptor Calvin Hubbard’s Grumpy Cat is incredibly expressive and lovable. Don’t you just want to hug him?” This artist and art combo picture really cracked me up this morning. I love how Calvin’s got the Grumpy Cat look on his face.

April 13

I Don’t Care That It’s Your Birthday

129980_05Apr13_IMG_0586Pottermouth, a Craftster user since 2008, posted this entry about her son’s recent birthday in the Cooking section.

“My son gave me free rein on decorating his birthday cake this year so I thought it was appropriate that I made Grumpy Cat. The cake is from a box (!) that I altered with The Cake Doctor white cake recipe and I’ve added the frosting recipes below.”

For those of you not in the know about Grumpy Cat, it’s a nickname given to an angry-looking snowshoe cat that rose to fame online after its pictures were posted to Reddit in late September 2012. The cat is also known as “Tard” which is short for Tardar (Tartar) Sauce. Her owner, Tabatha Bundesen, says that her permanently grumpy face is due to feline dwarfism. he Bundesens say that Grumpy Cat’s face is due to feline dwarfism and an under bite. She and her brother Pokey were born to normal parents with “a flat face, bubble eyes, and a short tail.” Grumpy Cat is undersized and has hind legs that “are a bit different.”

November 5

Cute couple, thoughtful & talented wife, no hyperbole

I’ve been meaning to post this one for a while. A wonderful crafter and lady I am proud to call a friend, Lisa Muccigrosso, cross-stitched a panel from one of her  husband’s favorite online comics. It is called Hyperbole and a Half. It makes me laugh alot ;-)

I don’t recall if this was a special occasion gift or just kind of a “yeah that’s right, you’ve got an awesome wife who cross-stitches hilarious panels from a geeky corner of the internet for ya” kind of thing. Either way, I’m bad at straight-up buying presents for my husband, never mind  custom crafting one, so I’m pretty envious of Lisa’s skills here.

April 21

LongCat Travel Neck Pillow

LongCat Travel Neck PillowI travel a lot.  It’s my job.  It could easily be said that I live on airplanes.  I always see people with neck pillows and I think they look stupid.  I have often said that I will never use a neck pillow, and that my sore neck after every flight is a badge of honor.

Well that is about to change.

This Long Cat Neck Pillow by Felicia Rose on Etsy is the height of fashion.  If I saw someone with one of these on a plane, I would marry them.  Additionally, its inability to grasp simple human grammar structure is hilarious.

Check out the Pillow!

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