July 17

OMG This Emoji Clutch is Adorbs!

Want to make this cute Emoji clutch? Find details at GeekCrafts.com!

In honor of World Emoji Day (yes, it’s a thing), I bring you this adorable (and functional) Emoji clutch. Laura Gummerman at A Beautiful Mess has a full tutorial.

While ABM offers a downloadable heart-eyes emoji template, I would think it would be easy enough to come up with your own customization to feature your favorite internet-speak icon. Which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments!

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March 14

Make Your Own Harry Potter Kindle Cover


Thanks to the crazy Black Friday sales this past November, I got an uber cheap Kindle Fire for the holidays.  So, I’ve been on the hunt for some kind of cover or sleeve to make for my new toy, and I found this great tutorial.  It’s a DIY Harry Potter Kindle Covers tutorial by Jess at Practically Functional. The tutorial has lots of great pictures and takes you step-by-step through the entire process of making these cute Kindle Covers.  You’ll need to come up with your own pattern pieces, but everything’s made from felt which is a pretty easy medium to work with.  Plus, you can size this DIY to fit whatever e-reader (or tablet, or phone, etc . . . ) you want. What’s more, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could adapt the pattern for a character from another House too.

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June 23

May the bars be in your favor!

Check out this cell phone decorated with adorable chibi Katniss, Gale and Peeta! Everyone seems to be a bit obsessed with bars lately. Can you use your cell phone here…or here…no, maybe just outside of this door and to the left. We go through some weird antics just to be able to send a quick text, tweet or make that important phone call. At least while we wander around like a person possessed trying to find that elusive bar, we can look good.

Can you hear me now? Do I care? My cell phone looks AWESOME!

April 17

ABC (Angry Birds Coffee)

On a recent weekend jaunt to Dublin, my lovely friend Gill was served this cup of amazing in The Art of Coffee, a little coffee shop she stumbled on. Gill assures me it tasted as good as it looked, once she had worked up the nerve to drink the masterpiece!

Coffee shop owner Ruslan recently won the 2012 Irish Latte Art Championship, and so is going on to represent his country in the World Latte Art Championships (who even knew such things existed? Wow!) so I’m sure we all wish him luck.

March 28

Plants vs. Zombies vs. Santa

I wish I had a tutorial to offer you, but I don’t. Here’s the (awesome) scoop anyway: This dude, Sean, has an apparently crafty and fabulous mother. He told her that he and his girlfriend were into Plants vs. Zombies shortly before Christmas. She made them these delightful stockings. He shared the story on Reddit, and it was subsequently tweeted by PopCap’s Director of Editorial and Social Media, Jeff Green. Who thought they were socks, before being corrected by much of the twitterverse. And now I share it with you. Enjoy.

February 19

Internet Plushies

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to pretty much every social networking site out there (Twitter being my personal brand of obsession).

Another one of my addictions? Pillows. Or at least things that are snuggly.

Nerdcuddle on Etsy makes adorable internet themed pillows. Now if someone asks if you have a Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Skype account you can just hold up your pillow and show which networking site is your personal addiction.

If networking sites aren’t your cup of tea, she also has a Zelda Triforce pillow and an Android themed pillow.