December 17

Christmas Tree of DOOM!!!

I’ve seen Christmas trees decorated in so many different themes, Jack Skeleton, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter but I do believe that this particular tree takes the prize for Most Unique!

Geyser of Awesome has shared a wonderful Cthulhu tree that is way beyond AWESOME! Using a Cthulhu stuffie as a tree topper and some finger tentacles (we all have those around the house, right?), they’ve created the ultimate in Christmas Tree DOOM!


Cthulhu Christmas Tree


A very Lovecraft Christmas! Faced with the….

December 17



Thanks to my friend, Juniperus, I’d like to share a rather unusual type of craft with you. But, yes, you’ll find the handmade custom nail polish assortment from Nerd Lacquer absolutely adorkable. With fun names like Exterminate, Don’t Blink, Don’t Panic and It’s Just a Flesh Wound, there is sure to be something that catches your fancy out of the twenty-eight custom made nail polishes in this Etsy Shop run by Amanda Collier.

Every shade has a sparkle quality to it and you can find shades based on your favorite geekdoms ranging from Doctor Who, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Star Wars and Star Trek, and even Monty Python among some of your choices. You can purchase single bottles or custom sets of four, five or six colors. She even has an Holiday NerdBot Eight-Pack Extravaganza as well as a mini-library and a full-size library of all 28 shades.

Amanda makes the custom nail polish shades herself and also knits, paints and creates handmade invites and business cards. So stop by and check out these lovely, glittery, geeky polishes.


December 15

Nothing Says “Happy Holidays” Like Yoda!

I was playing around the web this week and came upon a really fantastic origami Yoda. And I thought “I will share this with my Geek Crafts peeps!” But finding the pattern [PDF] was tricky. I eventually succeeded, though you’ll notice the (very few) written directions are in Spanish. The translations are pretty easy to guess, but if you want to be very sure, Google Translate is more than up to the task.

I think he’d look splendid on a Christmas tree (or on/alongside any other holiday accoutrements that might be part of your celebrations)!

This isn’t the end of my story, though. Because I do my internet browsingwork on a shockingly-crashy Mac, and I lost both of the browser windows I had open in order to remember this fun little Yoda. So I tried to retrace my digital steps in, admittedly, a rather lackadaisical way. I ended up finding a totally adorable “baby Yoda” ornament pattern from Etsy seller Woolly Boully, as well as a book about an origami Yoda (or really about life as a sixth grader). I seriously need to learn to crochet, because I need this ornament on my tree! Not want. Need.

December 12

Peg Doll Geekery

Greeting fellow geeks!

For today’s offering I have Charlene’s etsy store CreativeButterflyXOX.

She specialises in painting wooden peg dolls to be used as cake toppers and Christmas tree decorations.

In her store she has some delightfully geeky specimins, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Ghostbusters and many super heroes.

She also has some nice Christmas bits and bobs in now, such as wreaths.

I highly recommend you check out Charlene’s store and see for yourself.