March 24

Is there a Doctor in the Tardis?

Is there a Doctor in the Tardis?Yes, there is and not just one but eleven Doctors.

Pixelated Mushroom, who describes herself as a “Librarian based in Australia who likes to knit, crochet, juggle and firetwirl (but not all at once)”, has completed crochet patterns for mini versions of all eleven regenerations of Doctor Who as well the Tardis.  She’s compiled them into a wonderful PDF Collection that you can download here.


March 17

All We Need are the Jelly Babies!

All We Need are the Jelly Babies!All We Need are the Jelly Babies!Because we have the most amazing versions of the Fourth Doctor‘s scarves I’ve ever seen. She has created both These beautiful bead work creations are by Espana Sheriff as she’s known on LiveJournal and in the Crafty_Tardis Community where she posted these lovely works of Doctor Who bead craft.

Her first one is a reproduction of the more famed one we see the Fourth Doctor wear in his adventures. The second, is the red and purple variation Tom Baker wore in his last year as the Doctor.

To quote later incarnations of the Doctor, these pieces are just fantastic and brilliant!


March 3

A Hoopla of Robots!

Over on Craftster, there has been a great big HOOPLA! Actually, this Hoopla has been going on for a couple of years now and has not lost momentum like so many other crafty trends. The term applies to any sort of needle work framed in an embroidery hoop regardless of size.

I have to say this particular set of Hoopla is some of my all time favorites. It combines R2D2 and C3PO, needlework and felt. How awesome is that??! Loveandasandwich stitched up these wonderfully detailed pieces bringing our favorite ‘bots to life. She even gives us a bit of insight as to her creative process towards the end of her original post.

Fantastic work loveandasandwich! The Force is with you!