February 4

Called by Cthulhu

Called by Cthulhu

Usually, the words used to describe H. P. Lovecraft’s creature Cthulhu end to be in the range of ‘hideous’, ‘terrifying’, ‘gargantuan’. Somehow one never things of cute or cuddly. But it appears that Rebekah Clarke-Noonan, known as passiontiger on LiveJournal, has found a way to turn him into a cute and cuddly crocheted figure. Yes, you can find the free pattern for Cthulhu here designed by Rebekah and not that difficult to make. This three dimensional amigurumi is crocheted in the round using a 3.00 mm hook and knitting worsted. You might just find yourself crocheting up a family of Great Old Ones with this pattern.

January 28

When It Just Needs to be a Little More Sonic

When It Just Needs to be a Little More SonicWhen It Just Needs to be a Little More Sonic









Or perhaps for those hard tor each places, these miniature sonic screwdrivers are perfect. They’re easy to keep track of as   you can wear them as earrings, charms on a necklace or bracelet, or even make a few to use as stitch markers. Julie, known as oboe_wan on LiveJournal, has made the Ninth and Tenth Doctors but does suggest that the Eleventh’s can be made using a bead with the appearance of a claw for the end. She has kindly provided a tutorial for those interested in making a few of their own.

January 22

A purse that is “Bigger on the Inside”

Forever ago, I ran across a picture of a Tardis Purse. I kind of fell in love with it, but couldn’t find a place that sold them.

A few weeks after finding the purse, I figured it couldn’t be THAT hard to make so I decided to make it myself. Of course I underestimated the difficulty, but it turned out fairly well, I had missed a couple of things that I really wanted to incorporate in it.

On New Year’s Weekend, I tried again. This time I tried a few different things, including a new pattern (that I had to alter so that it was a bit smaller than the original). When I came across a black cotton fabric with swirls, I knew it would work perfectly with my TARDIS blue fabric. I was very happy that this time I was able to have a thicker shoulder strap and many more pockets.

All in all I’m pretty proud of it. It measures 10″x10″x3″ and has 7 pockets, two on the inside with the black swirling fabric, three on the main outside one of which is the “Pull Here” sign on the actual TARDIS, and two pockets that are the windows on the flap. The only thing I’m missing is the “Police Public Call Box” at the top. On the inside of the flap I hand-stitched the phrase “It’s bigger on the inside”, which is exactly what every girl needs.

A purse that is bigger on the inside.

January 19

Youtube Video – Spraypaint Artists

This is something that I have been into for a while.  There are tons of these videos out there, and it is very difficult to pin down specific artists, but I thought I would share one of my favorite spray paint artist videos with you.  It was uploaded by spacepainter on youtube over 4 years ago, but I watch it every couple of months and I am still amazed.


Let me know what you think in the comments section.  This is not a new phenomenon by any means, but it is something that is pretty much always fun to watch.