September 12

Steampunk Cthulhu

Who doesn’t love an adorable Cthulhu? SpookyPooky created this tiny (3 inch tall) Cthulhu stuffy for the One Tiny Stuffie swap over at Craftster. Her lucky partner’s survey said she liked “cryptids, sea creatures/monsters, anything a little unusual, steampunk, Neil Gaiman inspired…She also said she loves anything with a top hat and a mustache.” So Steampunk Cthulhu was born! I love that she added a mustache! You can see more pictures in the post, including his filigree-touched wings and the mini I, Cthulhu biography “written” by Neil Gaiman SpookyPooky made to go with it.

September 12

Reader Submission: Star Wars Christmas Ornaments

You know it’s only 103 days ’til Christmas?

Yup… tell me to shut up, I would! ;-)

Or even better, use your force powers to pin me up against the wall by my neck.

Natalie from Rose Colored Glass Half Full has a glorious tradition of making Star Wars themed Christmas ornaments every year. Check out the 2009 and 2010 collections here.

September 7

Dr. Spudberg

Tomorrow is the season finale of Futurama *sniff* So to get us through this dark time, I bring you Dr. Spudberg! This Mr. Potato-head mod was created by mrtruffle (Ashley Ringrose) based on Dr. Zoidberg, his favorite character. I love his claws and that he’s smiling (with teeth! He has teeth in the pilot). mrtruffle said that Bender was his other favorite character, so let’s hope he does him in Potato form next!

September 5

Reader Submission: Star Wars Manatees

FUN FACT: you can use the Submit a Geekcraft link to show us stuff you think we might be interested in. It can be something you’ve made yourself but you can also submit geeky-goodness made by another fine citizen of the interwebs… Is there a prize for being featured?… well… no. But you will get the kudos of having your name mentioned here on the blog. High Five.

This imaginative embroidery piece serves to answer the question that you didn’t know you asked. What would Princess Leia look like as a Manatee?

Robin wrote:
“This is not my work. I saw it on Craftster today and had to share it with you. The Star Wars manatees were created by another member of craftster’s website, Erica_Tattoos. Love your site!”

Thanks Robin, and well done Erica Tattoos :-)