January 4

Bake It So.

Awesome. Redditor Tomaka made her friend this brilliant Captain Picard “Bake it so” apron. She’s not selling them, unfortunately (despite the pleas of similarly geek-minded Redditors), as she rather understandably doesn’t want to risk being sued. However, if you’re into screenprinting, you could easily whip up a similar design for yourself. Incidentally, this is now going to be my new catchphrase next time I bake a pie. (Yeah, I might be talking to myself, but the important thing is that I keep myself entertained, right?)

January 3

Tusken Raider Star Wars Crochet Hat

Tusken Raider Star Wars Crochet HatWhile I wait patiently for my computer to finish downloading Star Wars: The Old Republic, so I can effectively shed this world and all it’s troubles for a much older world in a Galaxy far, far away, I thought I would browse through Etsy for some wonderful Star Wars related crafty goodness.

When I happened upon BeeBeeKins (A shop for the kids and the kids at heart), and found this Crochet hat, I knew those pesky Jawas wouldn’t be bothering me any longer.  If you scare easily, but then return in greater numbers, this may be the hat for you.

Check it out on Etsy!

Visit BeeBeeKins for even more awesome crafts!

More Star Wars on Geekcrafts!

January 2

Starbug Tshirt

Hi there folks!

Hope you have all had a good new year and sticking to those new year resolutions.

Today I have this amazing stenciled tshirt featuring Starbug from Red Dwarf.

This creative piece as made by EllieJay from Craftster.

She also shows a great cyclist design done the the same splatter style which is very effective. I would love to try this out myself.




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    December 31

    When Worlds Collide

    When Worlds Collide

    Years ago, a fifth grader walks into her local library and finds a new series about dragonriders on a planet named Pern.

    Some years later, another young girl half a world away discovers a series about a planet named Discworld.

    Neither knew at the time that these two worlds were on a collision course with each other and would one day meet up in the wizarding world of Harry Potter but they did. That is where I met Muggs and for the past few years have shared back and forth on our respective favorite fandoms. Recently, she began reading Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series and, in return, I began reading Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. We’re both hooked.

    Of course, being a crafter, and a geek crafter at heart, I began searching for patterns and crafts related to the new series and found some. One of my favorites is the adorable Swamp Dragon, foun which grows to a length of two feet, especially in the books Guards! Guards! and Men at Arms.

    Steph Conley has created a “lifesize” knit pattern for these dragons. I introduce you to Flynn the Swamp Dragon.

    Knit in worsted weight yarn, he doesn’t take much yarn do to as she made hers from recycled sweater yarn. A seven inch zipper is sewn into his stomach to turn this into a nice hiding place for special things.

    You can find more Discworld crafty goodness on her blog.



    December 28

    Creative Cross-Stitch, Nerdy Needlework

    While I haven’t really done any cross-stitching since about the age of eight, I can appreciate it as an arts-and-craft-form. Done properly and on an interesting subject, and it can be pretty damn impressive. (My mother once re-created this iconic La Dame aux Camelias Mucha poster with spectacular results. Just wish I had a photo to show you!) Anyway, tangent aside, I have found some awesome cross-stitch patterns on The Crafty Companion’s Etsy shop. She creates and sells patterns on an array of geek themes from Doctor Who to Game of Thrones, Firefly to Harry Potter. Very cute, not to mention reasonably priced. ($3 per pattern seems like a good deal to me!)

    December 27

    Scrap Metal Darth Vader

    Greeting folks!

    I has been abit lacking on posts due to being away for Christmas, but normal service is now being resumed.

    Hope you have all enjoyed the holidays.

    Today I have  to show you a Darth Vader made by Bellino Alain who has a shop on Behance

    This Darth Vader bust is made entirely from scrap metal pieces fixed together, the process of how is was assembled detailed on the site.

    Bellino also has other scrap items such as skulls and cockerels. The talent displayed is simply awe-inspiring.