June 21

Tutorial Tuesday: Polymer Clay Superman Keyring

I know we’ve HAD father’s day already (and if you’re a father, grandfather, godfather, father-to-be, stepfather or any other variation on the theme I hope you had a lovely Sunday) but if you’re not gift-giving until next week, or if you want to make next year’s fathers day gift WELL ahead of time, I’ve got a tutorial for you.

Craftster user and youtuber MeiIris made her Dad an adorable polymer clay Superman keyring/key-chain, and her video tutorial is just downright sparkly and beautiful.

June 20

Futurama Glasses

New Futurama starts Thursday! I’m a little obsessed with the show, so both of my posts this week will be Futurama stuff. Today we have Futurama etched glasses! PimpernelSmith made these for a show obsessed friend, and I love that the images used that aren’t just the characters faces. The Zoidberg glass made me laugh out loud! Hypnotoad is at the bottom of each glass, to compel the drinker to refill. All Glory to the Hypnotoad!

June 20

Reader Submission: Dr Who Plush!

Geekcrafts reader Rebecca made this plushie Tenth Doctor for a friend who, like many of us, has more than a slight attraction to David Tennant’s Doctor. Rebecca writes:

“I made this Doctor Doll for my friend, who has a major crush on Ten [who doesn't?!] Her husband tells me she sleeps with him [as in, the doll] in her clutches every night)  After posting the photos on facebook, some of her friends have since commissioned me to make them their own Tens, but nothing compares to the original)”

Its always nice to have your work appreciated Lauren, I love your little Ten. Especially his cheeky little smile and diddy sonic screwdriver! Do you want to see your work here? Let us know about it by using the submit a Geekcraft link.

June 14

Tutorial Tuesday! Rocket Knuckle Duster Ring!

I dunno, there’s something about this Rocket Knuckle Duster Ring that makes me feel all warm and childish. Maybe it’s the cartoon-outlines, the playful shade of red, or just the fact that it’s a goddam ROCKET!! … I just can’t put my finger on it, but I know I LOVE it!

Creator, blogger, and Craftster user made this sculpey creation for a co-worker, and kindly posted a step-by-step-tutorial over on his blog! Thanks Purkey, you rock!

I only ever work in fabric, but this tutorial is so clear and well explained I really think I might try this for myself… who wouldn’t want MASSIVE rocket jewellery?

June 12

Double Geekout – Legos + Star Wars

What do you get when you combine Star Wars and Legos? Well, you could get any number of things – video games, State Fair projects, birthday cakes… but today I’m going to share with you a Sandcrawler made of Legos. At over 10,000 building blocks, I call that an epic project!

Lego Sandcrawler by Marshal BananaThe beauty of it is that it’s fully functional via remote control. The creator, Marshal Banana, shared these facts, in the description in the YouTube video about the project:


  • Minifigscale: 96 cm long, 100.5 cm long (lowered main ramp)
  • Weight: approximability 20 kg
  • Part count: over 10’000
  • Powerfunctions: 4 xl motors, 5 m motors, 4 receivers, 4 batterypacks, 22 Lego LED-lights
  • Powered radio-controlled Functions: forward & reverse, steering, main ramp: up and down, crane: up and down, in and out, conveyer band: forward and reverse
  • full interior on three floors in the front half of the model and a detailed cockpit (removable roof)
  • second crane in the back of the workshop
  • lighted smelter

Building and planning time: 9 months


June 10

DeLorean Time Machine Plush Sculpture

DeLorean Time Machine PlushGreat Scott! Check out this DeLorean time machine plushie, built by the talented Lynne Dhenson.

What a great homage to the classic Back to the Future films. I love how Lynne took something so hard-angled and mechanical and made it into a soft, squeezable felt sculpture.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and click through to her LJ post to see the amazing amount of detail that went into this piece. She says that the engine alone took 16 separate pieces!

Though the DeLorean and its pattern do not seem to be for sale, Lynne does have a few other cool patterns available on her Etsy shop, including one for the Metallicar from Supernatural.