July 5

Tutorial Tuesday: Replica of the 7th Doctor’s Umbrella!

Via Crafty Tardis.

The Livejournal Group Crafty Tardis has had some great work in it recently (that’s why I’m featuring a helluva lot of it) but this one really grabbed my attention because it’s something I’d never even CONSIDER doing myself, and it’s just such a perfect costuming prop! (and the 7th Doctor is one of the Husb0t’s favourites, he gets VERY defensive about Sylvester McCoy… I dont get it myself… we don’t talk about it)

Crafty Tardis Contributor kingpinwriter modified an umbrella to emulate that of the 7th doctor with great results. The walk-through includes spray-painting, drilling, sand papering and acrylic bending, all things which I’d be FAR too afraid to try myself, and would probably result in a call to the fire station. So well done for not causing any major injury to yourself or others KingPin :-) (perhaps I should stop measuring others by my own perceived ineptitude)

Adventurous Dr Who fans, go forth, craft yourself the most awesome rain protection device known to man…

July 5

Knitted Dalek Cushion

Via Crafty Tardis

I love the granny-chic charm of this (which I imagine to be sort of like shabby-chic only with more knitting and perhaps biscuits*!)

Crafty Tardis contributor love_shark_week made this, another Dalek and a Tardis knitted cushion in really striking colours.

She used knitpro to make the pattern. A pretty neat website where you can import any image and get it to draw you a knit, crochet or even cross stitch pattern! ooh… This would be great fun, except those are the three crafts that I don’t (yet) ‘do’ *sadface*

Anyhow, by the wonder blogging, go forth readers! go and make patterns for EVERYTHING.

*sorry ‘cookies’ pfft… I have no idea what American Grandmas do if they’re not eating rich tea biscuits, baking tea loaf and drinking tea.


July 3

Star Trek laptop cozy

Star Trek laptop cozyLest you think I’m only all about Star Wars and Firefly, I thought I would feature some Star Trek love this week. And so I bring you a Laptop Cozy adorned with the Enterprise crew.

Katie at Punk Projects whipped this together as a home for her new laptop, where I believe it will be quite happy. Please note the apt name of her laptop – Voyager.

I wonder if she also installed a theme that speaks to her in Majel Barrett’s voice, a la the ship’s computer?

July 2

Futurama Bender and Leela Cosplay

One of the highlights from a Halloween party I attended this past year was a life-size, true to Futurama canon, EtOH fueled Bender being in attendance. Over six feet tall, Bender was skillfully crafted from household items. Futurama Bender Leela Cosplay Costume


Regretfully, there are not any pictures of the interior of the EtOH cabinet that was custom crafted for this Bender unit.


I can, however, attest that all one needed to do was open the chest compartment, insert an appropriate adult beverage, connect it to the intake hose, and then Bender was able to party on with hands-free operation. Of course, Leela was around to keep an eye on Bender! ‘An eye’ ha…ha…ha…


June 29


Dr. River SongI love Doctor Who, I love classic Who, new Who, I love Number Ten, and I LOVE Eleven. But the character that has been making the last few seasons spectacular, in my humblest of opinions, is Dr. River Song. She is just hot in all the right ways and cool in all the right ways–and now that we know who she is, I can’t wait to see how things play out.

Rain submitted this awesome River Song Plushie from her MoonyCouture Etsy Shop. They can make you a plushie of ANY human character on the show (and I even spotted a Weeping Angel in there)! They are really cool, and I don’t know how anyone could stand to pick just one!

June 28

Tutorial Tuesday: Dr Who Gloves!

Via Crafty Tardis.

Yep, Fez mitts are cool.

Don’t know about everywhere else in the world, but in the UK we’re suffering from Dr Who withdrawal now that the season’s over.

The great thing about this free mitten pattern from Nyss from Pixelated Mushroom that they are flip-top, so you can still make use of them in the summer. I’m thinking about British summer here, of course. Or if you’re like me, if you start to knit now you may just finish them in time for the winter.

Gotta love that bow tie.