November 24

Geeky Gingerbread Xmas Tree Decoration

Seeing as there are now only 30 days till Christmas I reckon that we need some geeky Christmas decoration inspiration.

Where better to start that with some Tree decorations?

Claire (maxxev on Craftster) has started already by making some amazing geek gingerbread men.

Made by painting up a pre-made gingerbread shape with under-glaze, she is currently waiting to get them glazed and fired.

From super heroes to Star Trek she is a true geek crafter and well worth a look.

November 20

Happy (Belated) Wookiee Life Day!

Wookie Life day family photo

I am a lifelong Star Wars fan – I have a picture of my brother and I sitting on our couch in our sweatshirts with Star Wars iron-ons on them, after seeing the first/fourth movie in the theaters (the aforementioned photo is not the same as the one pictured above, however).  Thirty-something years later, and I have just learned of the existence of Wookiee Life Day. And I just missed it – it’s celebrated every November 17th.

May the Fourth – definitely heard of it. Revenge of the Fifth – yep, know that one too. But somehow Wookie Life Day slipped by my Death Star radar.

Perhaps it had for you, too? Allow me to educate.

According to, “On November 17, 1978 The Star Wars Holiday Special aired for one time only on CBS in the United States. Featuring an odd story about Chewbacca reuniting with his family to celebrate the Wookiee holiday of Life Day, it has gone on to live in infamy among Star Wars fans. The special includes appearances and strange musical performances from the cast of the original Star Wars movie, as well as Bea Arthur, Art Carney, Harvey Korman, Diahann Carroll, and Jefferson Starship. To no one’s surprise The Star Wars Holiday Special is renowned for its overwhelmingly negative reception. Lucasfilm has never released the Holiday Special to the public after its initial broadcast, but it has lived on through video recordings and sharing among friends.”

Yes, it was that spectacularly bad. Those of you with a strong stomach can watch about 7 minutes of it courtesy of YouTube: Star Wars Holiday Special – “Happy Life Day”. Be forewarned – Princess Leia sings.

But what can you make to properly celebrate Life Day, you ask? Also according to, “All you need is a way to watch The Star Wars Holiday Special and some Crimson Snuggies,” but I’d also suggest a nice fresh batch of Wookiee-ookies. Shayne posted about the Star Wars Cookbook previously, but I was able to track down the actual cookie recipe at


Then you could serve the wookie-ookies to a whole party of WookSQUEEs and SQUEEwoks, if you can handle the cuteness factor.

WookSQUEE and SQUEEwok party

What about you? Did you do (or make) anything fun for Life Day? Had you heard of Life Day before?



November 8

Tutorial Tuesday: Edward Scissorhands Costume!

Instructables are running a halloween competition, time’s almost up to submit entries, but you should completely go there and look at the awesome work that’s already been submitted.

I love Caraslifka’s children’s Edward Scissorhands costume and tutorial… but hats off to her son for really bringing the costume to life.


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November 7

Baby in a TARDIS Suit!

If you go all wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey for babies prepare to jump to warp.

I just can’t get over this cute 6 month old girl and her dad all dressed up for halloween! I especially love this:

“The Tardis is not the most current one because we realised pretty quickly that my husband could better pull off David Tennant than Matt Smith, so we matched her to her appropriate Doctor.”

Yea, its a good job you did that sabrinalouisemiller … nobody’d be able to take a mismatched TARDIS seriously :-)

geek parenting – WINNING!


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October 31

Doctor Who Poodle Skirt

Happy Halloween! snow_whisper made this super cute skirt, and it’s a great costume, a combination of TARDIS-love and Doctor Who lore (I’m thinking of “The Idiot’s Lantern”). The rickrack is trimmed with embroidery of the words “Pull to Open”, “Police Box” and of course “Vworp”, leading to the TARDIS itself! She also made a felt fez for a friend who is dressing up as Eleven. I wish I had thought of this. Love it!