September 27

I Wear A Bow Tie Now. Bow Ties Are Cool.

While many of the Doctor’s fashion choices have been rather questionable (“Hey, I’m the Doctor! I can save the universe with a kettle and some string and look at me! I’m wearing a vegetable!”), the bow tie is coming back! And the perfect accessory for any Whovian is this beautiful bow tie necklace.

Doctor Who Bow Tie Necklace

Unique Geek (also known as Cecelia)  from 3 Chic Geeks has posted a wonderful tutorial on making a quick, easy, and inexpensive bow tie necklace, hair clip, or just a regular clip on bow tie. All you need is some fabric (she used felt), matching thread, a needle, and some chain, jump rings, and a clasp. A few minutes of your time, and you’ll be ready to save the universe – just be sure to remember that fezzes are cool too. Happy crafting!

September 24

Super Simple Star Wars Tees

These home-made t-shirts at ilovetocreateblog look pretty great, and don’t appear to be too difficult to make.

Easy Star Wars Tees

I especially like the negative Yoda tee on the right, which looks like he might be standing in front of the lights of a spaceship. As usual, these methods could be applied to so many great and iconic geeky franchises. Just pick your favourite character/spaceship/vehicle/insignia and go nuts! Make sure you check out ilovetocreateblog to see how these tees were made.

September 14

Jedi Master Qin

Here I go again posting about cosplay and Star Wars, but this is a costume that you have to see to believe!

Qin, a Togorian (alien feline race) and Jedi master with a dark past. She is blind and her ears have been bifurcated, but she manages to see and hear anyway, as created by Qarrezel, over at Deviant Art. I love how beautiful this headpiece is, and I know if I ever ran into Qin somewhere, I’d need to touch her! There’s even an awesome video that I wish I could add here, but since I can’t, check it out here.


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September 14

Oh Captain, my Captain

Semel posted a quilt she made, over at Crafster. “Made for a couple of very special trekkies for their wedding. It is queen sized, made with about 4500 2″ squares. I started it in April and just finished it Friday – in time for the wedding rehearsal!”

316519_18Aug13_1185435_10151655810412881_429974414_n front

Patrick Stewart’s portrait graces the front of this quilt while the Star Fleet insignia is on the back, making this a reversible quilt.

316519_18Aug13_1174529_10151655811162881_58382760_n back

Fun fact…Semel also made the Big Bang Theory/Sheldon quilt.