June 14

So Be It. You Shall Be the Fellowship of the Scarf

So everyone has seen the new trailer for the Desolation of Smaug right? Of course you have. Now back to the scarf. This is an epic double knit scarf of the iconic image from Fellowship of the Ring


Fellowship Scarf


Look at this scarf.  Now look at this poster. That is some good work right there. Tumblr user, The day was new, does great double knitting work. And she designed this on the fly using the image. The Tree of Gondor chart is available for free on Raverly. I only have so many crafty hours in the day. I just need a few extra.




June 13

Harry Potter House Points Necklace


Whether you’re Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, these necklaces will help you show off your house pride as you display all the points you have acquired during the year.  Ingulit created a tutorial for making your very own house points necklace on Instructables (you can find the tutorial here).  It looks relatively easy, and the result is super nifty.   You can make yourself a single necklace or go for the whole set.  (I say, go for the whole set!)


June 12

Giant Totoro

Giant Totoro

LadyKatka from Ravelry made this incredibly huge Totoro. Seriously, he weighs 14.8 lbs. For those people without Ravelry accounts, do not despair, all the photos are on Flickr too. It’s worth clicking through for the rest of the photos – my favourite is the one where he takes up her entire backseat.

June 11

ProCRAFTinating: things to make at your desk

Another late night conference call, and another night where I’m trying to find something to do at my desk. Thankfully the internet has some great suggestions for things you can construct out of office supplies. Here’s a small round up of things I found this evening (links at the bottom). Happy procrastinating!

Office Crafts

June 8

Make your own Dwarf Beard!

dwarf beard


Lux Mirabilis on Instructables  shows us how to make this amazing dwarf beard! How many cosplays can you think of that this would be absolutely perfect for? From Lord of the Rings to How to Train your Dragon, you’ll be sure to find something to wear it for! It’s quick, cheap and easy to make, so give it a go!