November 22

One Geek to Craft Them All

I’m going to let you guys in on a secret. I’m a crafty geek. I know you are all stunned I can see it. Can you imagine a geeky crafter? Okay, I’ll stop being silly now, but the fact is I make geeky jewelry, knitting patterns,  and stitch markers. I have had an Etsy shop for a few years, and it full of items inspired by Comics, Books, Movies, TV, Mythology, Fairy Tales, and so forth.

2013-09-17 23.03.28-2

What fandoms you may be asking?  Well the photo above, were from my Addams Family line of Stitch Markers. You will also find, Game of Thrones, Marvel Characters, DC Characters, Game of Thrones, Lord of The Rings, Sherlock, Merlin, Doctor Who, Stargate,  Harry Potter, Supernatural, to name a bunch of the places I have been inspired by to make things.  Like Spoilers  Earrings.


Earrings inspired by River Song, and her diary. Full of time travel secrets.  Doctor who not your cup of tea, what about  a pair of Loki Earrings?


And I’ve posted so much about knitting here lastly I leave you with a set of my Aquaman stitch markers.


So feel free to check out my shop. The November update goes live later today, and will be full of things in honor of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and other geeky items.  There may be pie involved.


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November 20

Geeky Snowflakes

Dare I say it? I’m beginning to get into a Christmassy mood. I’ve been thinking of gifties and peppermint mochas and decorations for the past week or so. I’ve been holding off on doing any actual decorating though. It is still November after all. Christmas crafting on the other hand…methinks I need to get started on that! These Star Trek snowflakes featured on Tried and True (pattern created by Tanner from Buzzfeed) seem like a good way to ease into the holiday season.

Geeky Snowflakes

Do you see it? It’s the Enterprise! No doubt blasting off on their five year mission; to find new life and new civilizations. Boldly meddling where no one has meddled before!

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November 16

Doctor Who Crafts and Trivia

Hopefully, you all aren’t too tired of seeing Doctor Who crafts (although, let’s be honest, you’re on Geek Crafts, so what were you expecting?), because I have some more for you! These are especially for those who don’t knit or crochet, or just those who want nerdy plushie toys and jewelry!

First up is a tutorial for sonic screwdriver earrings, posted by Julie over on Crafty Tardis.

Sonic Screwdriver earrings

“Starting with a 2 inch silver tone headpin, I used some glass seed beads (black, blue, and silver), metal tube beads, a clear glass tube bead for the extended conformation, and a few smooshed crimp beads (squashing them flat into donut shape). I finished by trimming the headpin with wire cutters and then bending a loop with pliers.”

They can be used as earrings, for a necklace, or even a charm bracelet!

The next craft is for you sewing-types out there – your own Adipose plushie! (They were definitely one of my favorite aliens – they’re just so cute!)

Adipose plushie toys

ImaginaryBF kindly gave us both the instructions and pattern for these adorable guys, also on Crafty Tardis. You’ll need white polar fleece, and black and white embroidery thread.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go prepare for Doctor Who Trivia Night! Geeks Who Drink are hosting a bunch of Doctor Who Trivia nights at several places all over the US TONIGHT! You can check out the times and places here.

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November 15

Doctor Who Knits

The 50th anniversary of  Doctor Who is fast approaching and my answer is of course to craft all the Doctor Who things.  Now not even I can knit The Scarf in a week, but there are quite a few smaller items that one can get their hands on. Hyde & Co. designs has one of best small 5th doctor knits I’ve ever seen. This free pattern is a great small knit for the next week.


Fifth doctor not your style? How about the Tardis Mitts by SpillyJane knits?  The pattern includes fingerless mitts if a full mitten is not your speed.


Or how about Bowties are Cool fingerless gloves by yours truly if you want to go the quietly nerdy route?



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