February 8

I Love Lamp

ohiodiygirl, from oddly enough, Columbus, OH, posted a lamp she recently made, over at Craftster.


She came across this lamp at a thrift store a few years ago and decided what it needed to be: the Mayor from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The lamp shade is painted one both sides so you can change his face. The hat is built out of cardboard and covered in fabric.

This could be a super quick project with almost any of the characters from TNBC. I’m thinking a Jack Skellington lamp might be a great housewarming gift for a friend that’s getting ready to move.

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February 7

Knit a Pair of Johnlock Mittens

Series 3 of BBC’s Sherlock has just wrapped and these mittens are  a great project to work on during your next re watch.  You know you want to. This pattern actually came out in December so a good wintery pattern.  You have Sherlock and John on the back of you hands deducing their way through the wintery weather.


Pick two colors, possibly one for Sherlock and one for John and get crafting.




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February 2

Medieval Joker Armor

This medieval leather Joker armor was made by Prince Armory of Dublin, TX, who specializes in making custom sets of leather armor in all sorts of amazing designs.

joker armor

It’s made of functional hardened leather full body armor, and includes a jester’s helmet with jokerM mask, breastplate, drama face pauldrons, jester’s war skirt, knees, and articulated jester shoe sabatons.

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February 2

Set Cookies to Stunning for Valentine’s Day

Star Trek Valentine Cookie platter

Looking for a way to your Trekkie’s heart for Valentine’s Day? How about some fabulous Star Trek: The Next Generation cookies? Mike at SemiSweetDesigns has cooked up a lovely little tutorial for you, walking you through making some uniform-inspired cookies. He also showcased a few other designs with fun sayings like, “Be My Number One” and “Beam Me Up Hottie.”

Do you have any fun sweet treats in mind for Valentine’s Day? Share your plans in the comment section below!

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January 31

Totoro Crochet Backpack Pattern

So when this pattern by user hellohappylisa over on Tumblr caught my eye it was clear I would have to share it with you all. Who wouldn’t want to crochet this happy pattern? She has made it available in her Etsy shop. And I should warn you before you head over there you may need to gird yourself against the cute. There is a lot of it in the shop.




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