February 2

Set Cookies to Stunning for Valentine’s Day

Star Trek Valentine Cookie platter

Looking for a way to your Trekkie’s heart for Valentine’s Day? How about some fabulous Star Trek: The Next Generation cookies? Mike at SemiSweetDesigns has cooked up a lovely little tutorial for you, walking you through making some uniform-inspired cookies. He also showcased a few other designs with fun sayings like, “Be My Number One” and “Beam Me Up Hottie.”

Do you have any fun sweet treats in mind for Valentine’s Day? Share your plans in the comment section below!

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January 31

Totoro Crochet Backpack Pattern

So when this pattern by user hellohappylisa over on Tumblr caught my eye it was clear I would have to share it with you all. Who wouldn’t want to crochet this happy pattern? She has made it available in her Etsy shop. And I should warn you before you head over there you may need to gird yourself against the cute. There is a lot of it in the shop.




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January 26

Birthday Party Theme: Blanket Fort

Blanket Fort Birthday Party

In the coolest-mom-ever category, I present to you Marita of Stuff with Thing. For her daughter’s 9th birthday, she threw a Blanket Fort Birthday Party. In addition to party activity stations, party-goers got to assist in the creation of a massive blanket fort, complete with disco ball! It sounds like they rented out a hall for the party, allowing plenty of room for fort expansion, plus an impromptu track for cardboard box race cars!

How’s this for low-cost birthday party planning – provide tables, chairs, cardboard boxes and blankets that you probably already have and let the kids go at it. Kudos to Marita for encouraging kids to pool their brain power in a creative way that also acted as an activity for the party.

Additional hat tip to the Minecraft references at the beverage table and birthday girl attire.

What was your favorite birthday party theme or activity as a kid?

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January 25

Are You Feeling Sherlocked?

Knickertwist over at Craftster posted two awesome BBC version Sherlock crafts that demand to be shared.

First up, her 221B Baker Street Altoid Tin.


You really need to go to her original post, linked above, to see the amazing job Knickertwist did on creating the tiny interior of 221B Baker Street! Let’s just say that it inlcudes furnishings SMALLER than a penny, all of them handmade! But she wasn’t done just yet.

She started getting requests to BUY her tiny little handmade apartment. And she just couldn’t part with it. So, she created a tutorial on how to create your very own (even smaller) 221B Baker Street from a matchbox!

And if you need more of a Knickertwist fix, check out her Pixie Hill blog.

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