October 17

Crafty Copper Cane

If you’ve watched the creation of the Lady Vadore costume with as much fascination as I have, you might be interested to know that Jen has posted a tutorial on how to make an illuminated copper cane like the one she carried. It’s pretty sweet, and it could totally work with any number of costumes. Apparently you do need a Dremel drill press, but if you’re gonna do lots of crafts, that might just be a worthwhile investment.

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October 14

Spidey’s Web – Halloween-style

Halloween Spiderweb

Here’s a fun Halloween idea from Lowe’s – make a giant spider web for your porch. The Lowe’s website has an easy how-to using friction tape (which is adhesive tape made from cloth impregnated with a rubber-based adhesive).

Then to make it geeky, I would totally add Spider-man, Doc Oct, and Green Goblin action figures all over the webs. What would you do to make the web geekier?

October 8

Everybody scream!

Nightmare Before Christmas shoes

It’s certainly showing my age to say that I remember the ads coming out during the September and October of my senior year of high school for The Nightmare Before Christmas and being so. very. excited.  I don’t recall a time before or since that I so eagerly anticipated a movie and had it live up to my exceptions so completely.

Obviously, lots of time has passed since then. Burton decided to make that horrible adaptation of Alice in Wonderland (>>shudder!<<) BUT… he’s got another movie (Frankenweenie) coming out this weekend and it is claymation and I’m going to give it a chance because it looks adorable and creepy and everything else I love about this time of year.

As an homage, I decided to post these really cute painted shoes, featuring the only lovable 2-faced politician and Jack and Sally during a moment of romance.

Check out Tracy Pierce’s page on Etsy to see more angles. Look out for Oogy Boogy!

October 1

Make your own: Weeping Angel Tree Topper

Happy October everyone!  As we head into autumn and all the fun holidays, here’s a craft idea with a potent mix of creepy and holiday cheer:  A weeping angel tree-topper. Cynthia at Creative Crossings has a step-by-step tutorial, taking a unsuspecting Barbie doll and transforming her into a terror-inducing tree-topper.  If you check out the original blog post, you’ll see some commenters linking to their own angels.