October 31

A Star Purse for Every Occasion

If only I had my sewing machine in my possession (I lent it to a friend) and a place to set it up, I might have given this a shot! See, deciding to work with my hair (it’s pink), I opted for a pink-hair-friendly Halloween costume and am currently sitting in my office dressed as Ramona Flowers. I went the easy route and bought a pre-made star purse, but how awesome would it have been if I’d bought this pattern and made my own bag with a star I could swap out in any color? That woulda been pretty sweet….

If I’m up to it in the future (or you want to give it a shot prior to next Halloween or any impending cons or costume parties), you can pick up the pattern from Haley’s Wonderful Distractions.

Oh, and happy Halloween!

October 28

No Lie, This Cake is a Nightmare

Perfect for Halloween this week, perhaps you’d like to whip up a Nightmare Before Christmas cake to enjoy. All it takes is some super-major cake ninja painting skills – surely you have those up your sleeve just, right?

I like how she includes all the different steps for creating and painting the fondant – I always wondered how the bakeries did that! I had no idea cake painting pens were a thing!

(P.S. Did you see what I did with the title of this post? “The Cake is a Lie” refers to what video game?)

October 24

Death Star Doggie

Welp, this is something you don’t see every day. I can’t imagine there’s really a genre of crafts dedicated to the prettification of apparati for injured pets, but blogger HoboHiatus got creative with his dog Musha’s cone. Et voilà—a cone fit for an evil emperor. Of course, I’m not sure this made the recuperation experience any more pleasant for the dog, but hey, it surely kept the owners entertained.

October 22

The Exorcist

Halloween is getting closer and closer, so I wanted to celebrate with an homage to one of my favorite horror movies…

They just don’t make them like they used to, right? 1970s horror was great at mixing creep and gore. Shove Mink has more terrifying stuff in her Etsy shop so if horror is your thing, be sure to check it out. These are art pieces, which is one reason why this is not meant for kids. Also nightmares.

Oh, Sex Pistols fans, you’ll find a pretty amazing and twisted memorial there as well.

October 21

This scrapbook is bigger on the inside…

Dr. Who digital scrapbook kit by RetroDiva

Tracy Scherrer, aka RetroDiva, created this digital homage to Dr. Who. It includes digital scrapbook papers and elements to create all sorts of groovy Who-friendly paper crafts – don’t let the “scrapbooking” angle scare you away.

Perhaps this is just the kick in the pants you needed to host a Who-a-thon, so you can use this kit to create the invites? Or maybe you could use it to decoupage-decorate some canvas sneakers? Or maybe you know a big Who fan who needs a birthday card? What would you make with this kit?

October 17

Crafty Copper Cane

If you’ve watched the creation of the Lady Vadore costume with as much fascination as I have, you might be interested to know that Jen has posted a tutorial on how to make an illuminated copper cane like the one she carried. It’s pretty sweet, and it could totally work with any number of costumes. Apparently you do need a Dremel drill press, but if you’re gonna do lots of crafts, that might just be a worthwhile investment.

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