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August 27

DIY High-Voltage Thor’s Hammer – 80,000 Volt Mjölnir!

Caleb from Hackaday wanted to make his own Thor’s Hammer. But not just any Thor’s Hammer, oh no, Caleb’s version of Mjölnir contains a mini Tesla Coil that packs an 80,000 volt, lightning strike punch.

DIY High Voltage Thor's Hammer

Click the image above to see Caleb’s video that demonstrates what I’m talking about. The hammer is pretty big, but in a cool, over-sized kind of a way, and would make a great talking point at any convention. There’s also a good video where Caleb shows how he made both the hammer itself and his pretty effective version of Thor’s armour, which appears to have only taken a few hours. Check it out: DIY High Voltage Thor’s Hammer: How it was made.

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August 27

DIY: Minion Phone Cozy

DIY: Minion Phone Cozy

Want to protect your precious phone and add something cute to your pocket as well? Why not follow Katie’s tutorial and make a phone cozy shaped like a minion? For this craft, you only need some felt and a sewing machine. Super easy!

Katie’s website, punk projects, is really amazing. She regularly posts interesting how-to’s and pictures of her own crafts. In fact, punk project has been featured a few times before on Geek Crafts!

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June 4

DIY Constellation Scarf

Here’s one for all my fellow Astrogeeks! I LOVE this scarf. Love it. As an amateur astronomer anything with constellations send me giddy, and this is great because you can make your own scarf featuring your favourite constellations.

DIY Constellations Scarf

Check out the tutorial on A Beautful Mess to discover how to make your own using a scarf, some craft foam, and a bit of easy embroidery.

I’ve actually been thinking of doing something similar to this on some blinds, ever since I purchased the wonderful Dot to Dot tee from Threadless, but I reckon using this tutorial a lot more things in my life are soon going to be sporting astronomical designs pretty soon!

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May 28

Easy DIY Wands

DIY Chop Stick Wands

This is a smart tutorial from Majann on DeviantArt, in that it’s a really simple, easy, yet super effective geek craft. Great for cosplay, Wizard Parties, or just to have a selection of wands on hand… just in case.

Majann’s photo tutorial shows how to make great looking wands using wooden cheap chop sticks, hot glue, random beads and acrylic paint – Pheonix tail feathers and such not needed! Just be careful not to burn yourself on the hot glue.