July 25

Reader Submission: BIG Creeper Plush

Geekcrafts reader MelloReflections sent us her foot tall creeper plush. She says:

“I made this Creeper plushie for my friend’s birthday- we’re both big fans of the game Minecraft.

The plushie stands about a foot tall; I used a 1 pixel: 0.5 inch scale. I had fun figuring out how to construct him so that the head is fully rotatable. The feet are weighted with beans so that he can stand quite sturdily on his own.

The plush currently resides on my friend’s computer tower at work.”

Want to make your own Minecraft crafts but don’t know where to start? Mello points us towards this useful resource for printable Minecraft Papercrafts (how many times the word ‘craft’!?) which you can easily modify into sewing patterns with a little… errr… braincraft? haha.
July 20

Harry Potter Dolls Set

I love everything about this set of hand-painted Harry, Ron and Hermoine dolls by dangercatdolls on Etsy – especially the tiny hand-pained Gryffindor stripes on their ties. You can also request other characters from the books if you have another favorite… very cool!

I also liked the description:

Dolls are made of wood and stand approximately 3.5 inches tall. They are lovingly hand painted and sealed in acrylic. While they are considerably sturdy little fellows (and ladies), they are not toys and should not be given to children, regardless of how much they love 5000 page novels.

July 19

Tutorial Tuesday: Crochet Golden Snitch

Still looking for a party favour to make your Harry Potter party go with a ‘zap’? want to give a special Harry Potter loving friend a gift to commemorate the end of an era?

If you can crochet I’ve got a great pattern for you.

This Golden Snitch pattern has been uploaded to Ravelry by Heather Smith. Its super simple, super quick and SUPER CUTE!

Check out her flickr photostream for more knitting and crocheting goodness!