January 23

Character Aprons

"Character Aprons"Thanks to a friend, I found Bethany Sew-&-Sew‘s blog and her amazing apron creations. collection with a range characters from superheroes to video games icons and Harry Potter. Who doesn’t want to look like one of their favorite characters while cooking a meal? Personally, I’m not big on cooking, but one of these aprons just might inspire me to practice more. Well, probably not, but I would look awfully cute turning on the microwave.

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January 22

Snape a la Potter Puppet Pals

Snape a la Potter Puppet PalsIf you’re a Harry Potter fan and you haven’t seen any Potter Puppet Pals, go watch them right now. In fact, even if you aren’t a fan, watch them. They’re hilarious. Craftster user Troublet made this felt and embroidery Snape from “The Mysterious Ticking Noise” (my favorite PPP video). Oh, Troublet, could you please make something from “Wizard Swears?”

Check out more geeky felt goodness on her blog, The Trouble with Crafting.

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January 21

Octopuses everywhere!

Octopuses Everywhere!

I’ve recently been reading Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series, a delightfully steampunk and hilarious serious of novels that feature a headstrong female protagonist.  While reading the series I’ve been struck with just how many decorative octopuses show up, especially around scientists.  In my search for an answer I stumbled upon JennyDorkJennyDork is an Etsy shop run by Jenny Lee that carries adorable amigurumis, including this fabulous little octopus.  These octopuses are so adorable that my two-year-old sister has been begging me for one since she spied it upon my computer screen and wouldn’t go to bed that night until she got to say goodnight to the octopus.

Needless to say I’ll be acquiring an octopus or two for my sister, and maybe even one for myself ,very soon.

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