June 5

Strength, Power, and Courage!

Strength, Power, and Courage!

Designed by Marsha Auguste and available on Ravelry, this scarf represents some of the leading members of DC’s Justice League.

Each symbol is knit separately using double stitch, however since Auguste supplies a chart for each square it’s a simple switch to Intarsia or Fair Isle.  If using Fair Isle you’d have the advantage of making each symbol in the round, effectively making the scarf double sided.

This scarf has so many possibilities.  You could even use Auguste’s charts to make a Justice League blanket!

The pattern is available for free on Ravlery as well as on Auguste’s blog, One Geek to Stitch Them All.

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June 5

Use your noodle & make your own lightsaber

With the pools now open (here in the U.S.), you can’t walk into a discount or grocery store without seeing a display of styrofoam pool noodles. And if you’re going to be whacking friends with them, you might as well make sure they are properly accessorized with duct tape.

Make your own lightsaber with pool noodlesWhich brings us to a fabulous step-by-step tutorial from the Jedi Broad Squad for how to make your own light-saber.

So now you can slap some duct tape on your noodle and the Force can be strong with you, too.

June 4

READER SUBMISSION: Geeky Coffee Cozies

geeky-coffee-cozyCoffee is a really special thing. By special, I mean an absolutely necessary, absolutely delicious morning ritual that could never be done with out. Something so special, necessary, and delicious should also have the opportunity to look really cool on a regular basis, so when Tara from SewTara linked me to her Etsy shop full of Geeky Coffee Cozies, I immediately logged in to show them to you. Well, immediately after I finished my cup of coffee. That’s okay, though, Tara understands coffee induced procrastination.

In addition to the Geek Coffee Cozy, she is also selling this Procrastination Coffee Cozy. Being

procrastination-coffee-cozysomeone who is always putting things off “until I’ve finished my coffee”, I couldn’t resist showing this one as well. You can also flip it around so the “Do stuff” box is checked, but I figure, why lie?

Never  one to marginalize, and always one to appreciate some cool binary stuff, I couldn’t leave the tea drinkers out of this (I am, after all, British by marriage). So, don’t fret it coffee isn’t your thing. I admit, I will never understand how someone couldn’t love a nectar so sweet, but, at least Tara is looking out for the geeky tea drinkers with this awesome Binary Tea Cozy. That says, quite simply, “Tea”.

There are way more geeky-awesome hand sewn cup cozies in her Etsy shop, including Scrabble Tile inspired cozies, and even one with a little gnome. Who doesn’t love gnomes?