January 19

Rotary iPhone

Rotary iPhoneWhile looking for camera cases, I stumbled upon hine’s shop on Etsy.  Not only are the camera camera cases awesomely adorable, but the rotary iPhone cases really caught my eye.  Remember old rotary phones?!  I do.  They were a pain to dial, made a whole bunch of noise, and just the handset was 10x bigger than my phone now… but this hand stitched iPhone case sure makes me slightly nostalgic for those old clunkers!   Now I anxiously await more of her Etsy postings so I can have one of my very own :)

Rotary iPhone

hine on Etsy

hine on flickr

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January 18

A Link to the Past Clock

Check it out!

The fact that Velvetrope cross stitched these sprites from The legend of Zelda: a link to the past is immense, the fact that they created a clock out of the finished project, nothing short of PURE GENIOUS. This was Velvetrope’s first project and first ever post on the sprite stitch boards, and I’ll certainly be keeping my eyes open for future creations.

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January 18

Book Bracelets

All good book worms should show off their favorite novels.  This Harry Potter Book Bracelet is just one of the many items that Etsy user pandatreats has available in their shop.  They also take custom requests so you can get all your favorite books or manga, and they ship them off as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, keychains, charms, and more.  The only question now is, which of your favorite books do you choose?

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January 18

Han Solo Cross Stitch Pattern

Han Solo Cross Stitch Pattern

A little over two years ago, I created my first cross stitch pattern for a Craftster challenge. Naturally, it was a geeky cross stitch, immortalizing one of my favorite Star Wars quotes in floss and Aida cloth. I designed it by hand using pencil and graph paper, which took foreeeever.

Now, thanks to a free pattern-making program a fellow Craftster pointed me towards, I was able to chart my Han Solo sampler! It’s available both as a simple JPEG and as a PDF with color chart.

I have to say, the free KG-Chart software I used was pretty awesome. It was incredibly user-friendly, and included pre-programmed palettes for both DMC and Danish Flower Thread. You can export your final pattern as a jpeg, or print it out with a color chart and comments. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to make their own geeky cross stitch patterns.

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January 17

Crocheted Sheldon

The Big Bang Theory is one of my absolute favorite shows, so I was incredibly excited to see this Crocheted Sheldon Cooper on the Craftster frontpage yesterday. Anne11 made him as a Christmas gift for a friend. He now hangs out at her friend’s office (I wonder if he plays computer games when people aren’t looking?). Anne11 combined two patterns to make the perfect Sheldon. I love the tee-shirt she picked for him. I want my own Sheldon!

Her timing for posting this couldn’t be better, since Jim Parsons (who plays Sheldon) won a Golden Globe last night for Best Actor in a Comedy Series.

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