July 7


Kitty Meme CostumeI am not the hippest kid at the LOLCat convention by any stretch, so it is fair to say there are “internet memes” I miss completely, and plenty I just do not understand. Nyan Cat is some odd mix of both. I stumbled on Nyan Cat a few days ago, only to discover that Nyan Cat was in the process of actually taking over the world, using a rainbow shooting out of it’s bum, and wearing what appears to be a pop tart.

Nyan Cat Video*

The upside to Nyan Cat, I suppose, is that it is kind of cute. Craftasaurus Rex (but seriously, how cool is that name?)  sent me this picture of her cat, in the Nyan Cat Costume she made for her. Apparently, this is only a prototype, I look forward to seeing the 2.0!


*Warning to viewer: nothing changes. It’s the same for the whole 3+ minutes.

July 6

YouTube Video: Jolly Rampage

I’m so excited about this, you have no idea.  I live on YouTube.  I love YouTube.  YouTube is like the epicenter for everything awesome on the internet (aside from geekcrafts.com).  One of my favorite things is when I stumble on a new YouTube channel as it is starting up.  My latest find, marydoodles, was recommended to me by another YouTuber, nicepeter.  She does time-lapse videos of watercolor paintings that are just amazing.


If you like her paintings, she puts them up for auction after each video posts.  So far she has done paintings featuring Unicorns and Robots, so it’s safe to say that she is absolutely amazing.

July 5

Tutorial Tuesday: Replica of the 7th Doctor’s Umbrella!

Via Crafty Tardis.

The Livejournal Group Crafty Tardis has had some great work in it recently (that’s why I’m featuring a helluva lot of it) but this one really grabbed my attention because it’s something I’d never even CONSIDER doing myself, and it’s just such a perfect costuming prop! (and the 7th Doctor is one of the Husb0t’s favourites, he gets VERY defensive about Sylvester McCoy… I dont get it myself… we don’t talk about it)

Crafty Tardis Contributor kingpinwriter modified an umbrella to emulate that of the 7th doctor with great results. The walk-through includes spray-painting, drilling, sand papering and acrylic bending, all things which I’d be FAR too afraid to try myself, and would probably result in a call to the fire station. So well done for not causing any major injury to yourself or others KingPin :-) (perhaps I should stop measuring others by my own perceived ineptitude)

Adventurous Dr Who fans, go forth, craft yourself the most awesome rain protection device known to man…

July 5

Invincibility Star Amigurumi Plush Toy

Invincibility Star Amigurumi Plush ToyI am always impressed by anyone who can take some yarn and a crochet hook and turn it into something awesome.  In my mind it is cataloged as pure magic, right next to people who can take some flour and water and turn it into something edible.  My feeble attempts to learn this fibre alchemy have ended in disaster, and some half finished scarves.

Etsian Steph Cortes (NerdJerk) has succeeded where I have failed so many times, and has produced some delightful Amigurumi plush toys of some of my favorite video game characters.  I tossed and turned over whether to post the Goomba, the Invincibility Star, or the Bom-OmbIn the end I decided to feature the Bom-Omb because i like things that go all ‘splody.

So I posted the Bom-Omb and then Redd looked at it and was all “I already posted that Bom-Omb“.  Then I was all, “No you didn’t, I totally checked“.  Then she was all, “I’m pretty sure I did.”  Then I was all, “Nuh Uh!”  Anyway, it turns out she was right, but NerdJerk’s work is too fantastic to give up on, so I have worked some internet magic and now bring you the Invincibility Star!

Check out the Invincibility Star!

Visit NerdJerk on Etsy!

More Amigurumi on Geekcrafts!

July 5

Knitted Dalek Cushion

Via Crafty Tardis

I love the granny-chic charm of this (which I imagine to be sort of like shabby-chic only with more knitting and perhaps biscuits*!)

Crafty Tardis contributor love_shark_week made this, another Dalek and a Tardis knitted cushion in really striking colours.

She used knitpro to make the pattern. A pretty neat website where you can import any image and get it to draw you a knit, crochet or even cross stitch pattern! ooh… This would be great fun, except those are the three crafts that I don’t (yet) ‘do’ *sadface*

Anyhow, by the wonder blogging, go forth readers! go and make patterns for EVERYTHING.

*sorry ‘cookies’ pfft… I have no idea what American Grandmas do if they’re not eating rich tea biscuits, baking tea loaf and drinking tea.