May 20

Ballad of Serenity Cross Stitch

Ballad of Serenity Cross StitchI really miss Firefly. Every time I hear the first guitar twangs of the opening credits, I still get chills up my spine.

I got the same little thrill when I saw Craftster member audio’s  Ballad of Serenity cross stitch.

A simple piece, yes, but it possesses an honest, homey loveliness. Kind of like the ballad itself.

I could see something like this maybe hanging in Captain Mal’s cabin aboard Serenity. Out of sight of the crew, though, lest they think him overly sentimental.

May 20

Trilobite Friday Roundup

Trilobites were once one of the most abundant types of animal on the planet (there are more than 20,000 known species). As a result, their fossils can be found on every continent. They’re instantly recognizable, and so have become a symbol for fossils in general. Combine that with their rising popularity in steampunk and you have one geeky bug!

Trilobite Cross Stitch sampler

Not only are these adorable, but they’re scientifically accurate. The species Phacops, Anomocaroidea, and Asaphida Ogygiocaris are here and “In the interest of science education and encouraging our small community of scienc-y stitchers” Adventures in Stitching posted the patterns: here, here, and here.

Clockwork Trilobite Brooch

Based on the Girl Genius comic (this is the steampunk I was talking about), Jake von Slatt posted the entire process of making this gorgeous brooch.

Trilobite Embroidered ATC’s

Donkeywolf always has the most amazing embroidery pieces, and this is no exception. She made three trilobites, each 5″ across and sewn on silk. Beautiful!

Fondant Trilobite

These are sweet and cute! Complete with instructions and printable template, so you can have your own prehistoric cake!

Trilobite Stuffie

I would have never thought to make a stuffie out of a trilobite, but this one is so cool looking! He’s made out of felt, and I love that his antennae are pipe cleaners, so they can move around.

Knitted Trilobite

He’s so tiny! I wish I could knit so I could have my own…but there’s a tutorial if I ever learn!

Trilobite Bracelet

I know this looks too heavy to be practical, but it’s actually clay! The trilobites are molded from real fossils. Etsy.

Trilobite Softie

And this is the cutest trilobite I’ve ever seen! Floresita made this for her niece using Aunt Martha’s Dinosaur Iron on transfers. I bought that transfer book because of this cutey!

Have a great weekend!

May 19

READER SUBMISSION: Doctor Strangelove and Doctor Who Embroidery

Doctor StrangeloveApparently we’re having a bit of an embroidery theme around Geek Crafts right now. That’s okay, in fact, it is better than okay when it means we get to see this Doctor Strangelove Embroidery that reader, Megan made to remind her boys, “we don’t stand on people; It’s not nice”. If being the mom to rambunctious boys and a lover of Doctor Stranglelove leads to this, then, heck, I am happy for her!

This fun quote from Doctor Strangelove (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb) isn’t the only geek-tastic embroidery she has on her blog, Embroidnerd, she also has one from MST3K,  a fabulous ode to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and, yes, a TARDIS. Because if  you want to pander to me, you should include a Doctor Who craft in your submission (yes, I am shameless).



Now, I know there is already a Doctor Who embroidery featured on the blog today, but I couldn’t ignore this TARDIS Embroidery! Megan used a felt applique for the TARDIS and put this on organza (doesn’t that sound luxurious? I am sure the TARDIS is happy with it). My favorite thing is the detail, notice it says “Police Box” at the top, and the little instructions on the door are there, as well! Bravo, Megan!


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May 19

Bioshock Rapture Relics Magnet Set

Bioshock magnetsA grocery list from a Rapture (Bioshock‘s undersea city) citizen would probably look something like, “bread, Hop-Up Soda, Incinerate Plasmid, cream-filled cakes.” It would also probably be stuck to an art deco-inspired refrigerator with one of these awesome Rapture Relics magnets.

Handmade by Hyderya and GirlDoom — the dynamic duo behind Strangeland Outfitter – these magnets are sure to be a conversation-starter at your next New Year’s Party. You can buy them individually, or order a set of three (which comes with a free fourth magnet, either a recorder or a plasmid).

In the spirit of full disclosure, I interviewed this talented pair for Electronic Wasteland‘s blog. If you’re interested in reading more about the awesome video game replicas Strangeland Outfitter produces, check it out!