February 20

Wooden Stake Earrings

Wooden Stake Earrings

Ever feel like you need more protection when leaving your house at night? Are you paranoid that a rogue vampire is going to come out of the darkness and attack?  Worry no more with these wooden stake earrings!  Made by Etsy user Uzumaki these earrings are made of coconut wood and blackened sterling silver ear wires.  Whether you fear vampires are hunt them, having some spare wooden stakes on hand is never a bad idea.

February 19

DNA Wall Art

DNA Wall ArtThe founders of DNA 11,  Adrian Salamunovic and Nazim Ahmed have a super cool and geeky art style…. making wall canvas art with your real DNA!   Upon purchase request they send you a DNA sample kit  (don’t be alarmed, it’s only a swab of the cheek!) and about a month later you receive a completely original and unique piece of art!  HOW COOL IS  THIS?!

Geeky? check!  Sciencey? check!   I WANT ONE!!!

DNA Wall Art

DNA on GeekCrafts

February 18

Knit Video Game Scarves

metroid scarfFor gamers living in colder corners of the world, DeviantART member Jenifer Chetwin (AKA Mad Mouse Media) offers some beautiful – and toasty-looking – video game scarves.

From classic Nintendo games like Metroid  to smash XBox titles like Assassin’s Creed, Jenifer has skillfully knit up a gamut of gaming icons.

She takes commissions, so get your scarf before the thaw!