June 24


The phrase “It all started with Linux” and a picture of Charles Bronson occur with in the first few paragraphs of Simon Jansen‘s thorough, rambling, and completely freaking awesome how-to post about his TARDIS MAME Console.  It’s one thing to build your own TARDIS, it’s a wholly different thing to build your own TARDIS, then construct a custom made MAME console to fit inside (the picture on the left is the TARDIS, closed. On the right, we see it open, with the console on). This might be the geekiest thing I’ve ever posted, a real trifecta of geekgasm worthy art.

June 24

DEVO Shirt Contest

For a very brief interruption to Renee’s awesome Doctor Who week, I wanted to mention that Woot is hosting a pretty rad DEVO band shirt contest right now! I’m partial to this Methane, Benzene, 1-Butane, Cyclohexane, DEVO design by dirtdirt, but there are dozens of cool entries to check out.

And the prizes are impressive, to say the least…

Our winning design will be hand-picked by DEVO themselves, with second place being chosen by our usual Derby voting and third place being selected by the editorial staff here at Shirt.Woot.

In addition to the usual Shirt.Woot payout, DEVO is upping the ante with fabulous prizes:

1st Place (as chosen by DEVO themselves)

- 2 tickets to a DEVO show of your choice in the upcoming Fall tour and a meet & greet with the band
– $1,000 spendin’ money (on top of the usual winning payout) courtesy of Shirt.Woot to help get you there and
– Signed DEVO merch
– Limited Edition 7-inch record
– Full DEVO discography on your choice of CD or vinyl
– One Jumpsuit, Energy Dome, and Glasses ensemble

Shirt entries have been closed but there’s still plenty of time to vote for your favorite, who will be the lucky second-place winner!