April 10

Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey

Wibbly Wobbly, Timey WimeyThis Doctor Who inspired cowl was designed by Ravelry user Rachel Henry.  It’s made with a Knit Picks self striping yarn, in the Time Traveler colorway, which is unfortunately no longer available on the Knit Picks site.  The colors are a pastel version of the iconic Doctor Who scarf worn by the fourth Doctor.

The cowl pictured here is one I knit for myself.  I ordered the yarn right after seeing the pattern, and knit it for myself as a treat when I finished all my Christmas knitting.

April 9

Kirby Plushie

Kirby Plushie I made this adorable Kirby plushie for a friend a few months ago.  After spending several days scouring the internet for a good knitting pattern for a ball, I came across this Kirby pattern on Ravelry.  I altered it slightly, using my own design for the feet, and making the eyes and mouth with felt, that I then glued on with a hot glue gun rather than knitting them as seen in the pattern.

It only took about three days to make, and I had a lot of fun knitting Kirby.

April 8

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding

A plethora of crafts and products have been inspired by the upcoming royal wedding of Will and Kate, but none so epic as Knit Your Own Royal Wedding, a book containing knitting patterns for not just Prince William and Kate Middleton, but members of the royal family as well.  The book even comes with a fold out of Westminster Abbey for you to stage your own wooly royal wedding.

This book is so amusingly epic I might just have to pick up a copy.

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April 8

Rocky Horror Amigurumi

Rocky Horror AmigurumiThese sassy little Rocky Horror Picture Show amigurumi — made by Shove Mink (a.k.a. Croshame) – are just too cool for school.

Deceptively simple in shape, these cute yarn creations come to life in the details. Check out Frankie’s removable cigarette, Columbia’s glittery get-up, Riff Raffs red eye circles, and Magenta’s beautifully blasé expression.  

I love this combination of crafting and cult cinema. Though, I don’t know how they’re going to Time Warp without any arms or legs…

April 7

Harry Potter Trunk of Spells

Harry Potter Trunk of SpellsOh, man, do I love these One Tiny Thing swaps on Craftster. Yes, yes, I’ve posted many times how much I love tiny things, but I’m going to say it again. I LOVE tiny things. And the One Tiny Harry Potter Thing swaps seem to yield the awesome-est tiny things of all. This trunk of spells by Craftster user technogoddess is just amazing. Look at all those itty bitty bottles and viles and spellbooks and even a teeny tiny bubbling cauldron! I’m in love!