January 26

I’m Old Gregggggg

I'm Old GregggggI’ve got all things that are good… including this Old Gregg doll!!  Well, I don’t have it, but Craftster user warheart does!  Look at the seaweed hair!!  And the mini bottle of Baileys!  The back of the jacket even reads “I’m Old Gregg!”  He’s a scaly manfish, he’s got the funk in a box, what’s not to love?!

If you’re not familiar with the hilarity that is The Mighty Boosh (BBC) here is a youtube video of the very best episode The Legend of Old Gregg

I’m Old Gregggggg

Old Gregg on Youtube

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January 26

Newspaper Box Robot

I was in downtown Hillsboro, Oregon last week and saw this mini-spectacle on Main St., right in front of a sandwich shop. Someone used dryer vents, cardboard, tin foil, duct tape, and a little crafty ingenuity to robotify this plain old Hillsboro Argus newspaper box! I was totally charmed, and my two-year-old LOVED it.

January 25

Embroidered Tentacle comin’ to get you!!!!

I HAVE to feature this because jemimah was recently ROBBED (robbed I tell ya!!) of a place in Craftster’s featured projects for January.

For those of you who don’t know (I didn’t, and I embroider!) this type of 3 dimensional embroidery is called stumpwork, and it’s formed by using wire to help support your embroidered piece. This little baby has (to date) amassed 6 pages of comments since the 16th January. It’s really blown our minds over on the needlework board, I’d never seen stumpwork before, and to see it used in such a contemporary way is truly stunning. this hoop is only 3 (or 4?) inches wide, this is a tiny tiny bundle of AWESOME!!

Cinnamoon has by far the best suggestion: “That’s amazing. It would be really cool to have a whole row of them at different heights so that it would look like a sea monster was coming through the wall.”, you’re not wrong Cinnamoon!!

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January 24

Stargate Fair Isle Beanie

I want this hat. I NEED this hat. But I can’t knit, and I don’t know anyone who can do fair isle. I have tried to learn to knit, just so I can make this hat (I’m hopeless). Carol Schoenfelder posted this Stargate beanie over at Ravelry, and I truly think it’s the greatest hat ever.  She used the gate symbols as well as traditional fair isle patterns, making this subtly geeky and incredible cool.

There’s a free tutorial on her Ravelry page, which means someone can make this for me, right? Pretty please?

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