February 2

Pixel Book Covers

Pixel Book CoversThis book cover idea is so simple, yet so awesome, I’m slightly upset I didn’t think of it first!  Way to go Icoeye for beating me to it…  now I wish I had more books of the same size to properly pull this effect off!  (Think of the design potential… Space Invaders, Mario, anything 8bit = crazy pixel fun!)

There is also a PDF link included to make your own bookshelf designs (yay!)

Pixel Book Covers

PDF: book covers

[via Slippery Brick]

February 1

Chewbacca of the Dead

katiekutthroat is known on Craftster for stitching up the most provocative, funny and downright naughty needlework.

I really love her “don’t make me poison your food” and her ever-growing collection of NSFW cross-stitch

This is just downright cute! It’s based on the artwork of Jose Pulido, but of course it’s Katie’s colouring and tiny, tidy stitching that really makes the piece.

February 1

Amigurumi Angry Birds

In December GeekCrafts brought your attention to Angry Birds Plushie by Obsessively Stitching and today we bring you Amigurumi Angry Birds Pig Pattern by The Itsy Bitsy Spider amigurumi-Crochet. But it doesn’t stop there!  She has also made the Angry Birds goldfinch to go along with the pig, and she has an amigurumi pattern for the cardinal available in ravelry. I’m personally tempted to make a bunch, fill them with beans, and set up elaborate constructions with the pigs to knock down with the birds. Sounds like a great party game to me!

February 1

Inception Arthur and Eames Block Print

Inception Block PrintContinuing my trend of catching up on last year’s must-see films, I finally sat down to watch Inception. Holy moly, did it blow my mind! Visuals, characters, story, it had it all, not to mention an ending that will have you mulling for days.

Amber Whitney, a Juneau, Alaska-based illustrator, captured two of my favorite Inception characters – Eames and Arthur – in this eye-catching block print. I can’t decide what I like the best, the shadows of their faces, the details of their clothes, or the maze-like style of the ampersands.

Drop by her Etsy store, Unicorn Empire Prints, and see her other block print offerings, including some truly beautiful Sherlock Holmes pieces and some fun homages to Star Trek.

January 31

Shaun of the Dead Cross Stitch

Awesome stitcher stitchFIGHT made this Shaun of the Dead cross stitch for the Embroidery Hoopla 2 swap over at Craftster. Her partner Javede is one lucky lady.

It’s absolutely perfect. The hands look amazing! It’s done on painted 18-count white aida, which is a fantastic idea. I may try that the next time I want to do a cross stitch on black (so I can see what I’m doing).

January 31

Two ways to make Tom Servo

Lately I’ve been getting really into watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (MST3K, of course). While my favorite robot on the show is Crow, I feel like Tom Servo is the most easily identifiable robot, even for non-fans of the show. With that in mind, I was curious about what kind of work might go into making a realistic Tom Servo robot.

Luckily, there’s a MST3K fansite that has instructions on how to construct Tom Servo! It looks like attempts were started on Crow and Gypsy, but the website hasn’t been updated since 2006 so I wouldn’t hold my breath on those. Tom looks great though! The anonymous builder admits that this is his first attempt at building one of the bots, but I wasn’t really able to tell.

If you want to give bot building a shot, but fiber arts are more your thing, Craftster member MageAkyla has instructions about how to crochet a chibi Tom Servo.In this version, he’s just a few inches tall and so cute!

I love the creativity and enthusiasm of MST3K fans! If you have any of your own related crafts, please let us know about them!