December 31

Free Zero Punctuation pot holder pattern

Zero Punctuation Potholder

Zero Punctuation is one of my absolute favorite web video series. I love hearing Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw’s hilariously scathing video game reviews just as much as I enjoy watching the cheerfully warped animations that illustrate them.

So, I was over the moon when I came across Ilana‘s  free pattern for Zero Punctuation Imp pot holders. These little scamps translate really well into knitted form, and would bring a touch of fun into any geeky kitchen.  

You may recognize Ilana’s work from the  Star Trek pot holders that were featured here on Geek Crafts last month. I’m looking forward to seeing what other awesome patterns she comes up with!

December 31

12 Best of 2010

Here are my choices for the 12 best geek crafts of 2010:

January – Super Mario Vest by The Happy Seamstress
Super Mario Sweater Vest

February – Minimalist Take on Star Wars by Justin Van Gendern
Minimalist Take on Star Wars

March – Tiny Harry Potter Paintings by JennaDickes
Tiny Harry Potter Paintings

April – Periodic Table of the Elements Table by Abigailscrafts
Periodic Table of the Elements Table

May – Buffy the Vampire Slayer button by ButtonBettie
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Button

June – Tardis Schrapnel by Irishdaydreamer
Tardis Schrapnel

July – Crocheted Spock Head by Amy
Crocheted Spock Head

August (we didn’t have anything, so here’s one I like from May) – Origami Dinosaurs by essemde
Origami Dinosaurs

September (we also didn’t have anything, so here’s another one from June) – Mario Mushroom Grill by Greg.Matta
Mario Muchroom Grill

October – Darth Vader Princess Costume by mayamagination
Darth Vader Princess Costume

November – Tardis Star Quilt by Wendy
Tardis Star Quilt

December – Steampunk Cthulhu Goggles by RobinRed
Steampunk Cthulhu Goggles

December 30

Super Nintendo Cake

Let’s get one thing out of the way, right now. I love cake. Cup cakes, wedding cakes, pancakes. Cake is good. In addition to being delicious, cake is a great medium for art. Yeah, I said it, I think amazingly decorated cakes are art–and it’s not just because I like eating art. Kristen made this Super Nintendo Cake out of red velvet (0ne of my favorites!) for her husband’s birthday. If you’ll believe it, it was her first try at a sculpted cake! Very well done, and I am sure, very delicious.

December 28

Plushie Mega Drive Console

oh man! THAT is a geek craft right there!

Donna Evans shared this supremely geeky creation on the Sprite Stitch boards, a 100% plushie mega drive console (oh and a genesis controller for all you Americans out there!) with removable Sonic the Hedgehog 2 cartridge.

My favourite bits? the cord… the way it’s all cordy,  the ingenious use of velcro to secure the game cartridge, and strangely the use of iron on transfers… I don’t usually like iron on transfers, they feel like a cop out, but for this they completely work! they give a complete finished look to the piece.

I just want to squish it SO BAD!!

Also Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was my favourite game on the Mega Drive… because my older brother could play as Sonic on 1 player mode and I could just pick up the second controller and play as Tails, but in 1 player mode Tails couldn’t die. I loved this. And for a child with an urge to play computer games, but an intense fear of ‘dying’ in them it was the best of both worlds.

EDIT: this plushie console is for SALE! see Tavington’s DeviantArt for details

December 28

Poison Ivy plush is sweet venom

poisonivyplushBatman villain Poison Ivy is best known for her ability to control plant life, using it to wreak havoc on Gotham City. Now, Michele Legendre adds “criminally cute” to the super-villain’s list of powers, and not even the Dark Knight will be able to resist Ivy’s sheer adorableness.

Spotted on DeviantART, this plush Poison Ivy is handmade out of eco-friendly felt made from recycled bottles (which is quite appropriate for this “green” crusader), safety eyes, and airbrush paint.

Michele has worked her stitching magic to make sweet, softie versions of other comic book and video game icons, such as Hellboy and Scott Pilgrim‘s Kim Pine

EDIT: Her Etsy store, Deadly Sweet Plushes, is open for business again, and she’ll begin accepting custom orders mid-January 2011.

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