May 12

Computer Fun Cuff

Etsy seller bishopart has this amazing Girl Scout badge + rick-rack Computer Fun cuff for sale in her shop – awesome!

Best of all, Bishop says:

I will include a copy of the original Girl Scout Badges and Signs checklist so that you can see if you’ve actually earned your badge, or you can earn it again or for the first time.

This badge is for Computer Fun. One of the activities to earn this badge was: “Think up a computer or computerized robot you would like to have. What would it look like? What would you name it? What would you program it to do? Describe your computer to someone in words or pictures?” Hmmmm, do you think Steve Jobs was a Girl Scout?…

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May 7

Nerd T-Shirt

Nerd T-Shirt

What says “nerd” more than a bowtie and a pen in your shirt pocket? Get this awesome nerd t-shirt from theboldbanana on Etsy. Click through to see the rest of their line – some funny stuff. I just ordered the “I Like Naps” t-shirt for my husband because he does, in fact, like naps.

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