July 22

A quick break

We have to take a quick break here at Geek Crafts, but we’ll be back soon with all sorts of awesome, geeky crafts. Keep submitting your own geek crafts and you just might see them posted here.

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July 1

Trek in the Park RETURNS!

I posted awhile back about getting to see Atomic Arts’ fantastic Trek in the Park play here in Portland, and I’m so excited that the next installment, Space Seed, is coming right up!

From the Facebook page:

Trek in the Park RETURNS! This summer, we present an episode with one of the most classic and enduring villains to ever cross paths with Kirk and crew in the final frontier, KHAN.

A perfectly preserved, genetically enhanced warrior from the 20th century, Khan, is revived by the crew of the USS Enterprise upon discovering his adrift ship. They deduce Khan was the kind of 20th century leader who could have conquered the Earth in his time. However, not everyone is suspicious of Khan’s intentions, one such person is Lt. Marla McGivers, the ship’s historian. She is so moved by Khan’s glorious ambition, she assists him in hijacking the Enterprise to finish the conquest Khan Noonian Singh started 200 years ago. Will this be the last generation for the crew of the USS Enterprise?

Portland actors accompanied with live music and effects bring this classic piece of television to life!

Shows are at 5:00pm Saturdays and Sundays July 10-August 1 (4 weekends!) . 8 shows total! Be sure to get there early for a good viewing spot!


Spend a day in the park, bring a picnic and BOLDLY GO!!

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