May 1

Crafting Valhalla

Thor movie posterWith the premiere of the movie Thor this week, I thought I’d highlight some viking crafts. As my paternal grandfather was a full-blood Swede, I think it only fitting, ja?  :)

Chandra Willis created a stylish infant-toddler viking helmet (though her model does not appear to agree) – find her knitting pattern at Hot Potato Knits.

Yarn manufacturer Bernat offers a crochet version of a warrior baby helmet (Ravelry link, login required), with which I am completely in love, and which has me eying every baby head in near vicinity with crafting glee.

Traci Heiner worked up a pattern for a dishcloth featuring Thor’s Hammer – known as Mjolnir – and kindly provides a link to the Wikipedia entry to learn more about its symbolism.

Amigurumi viking doll projectNeedleNoodles offers an amigurumi viking pattern (left), as a free expansion pack pattern to her Creepy Cute Crochet book.

In the new-to-me craft category, a Viking Knitting tutorial from janraven on Etsy. Since the tutorial features 75 photo step-outs, it’s probably a good thing janraven also offers the finished Viking Knit Hoop earrings in her Etsy shop.

And finally, Cheryl Herrick (aka “crankycheryl”) shares her version of a Viking birthday party, complete with duct tape Viking helmets, a catapault, and a Viking long boat made of chocolate chip pound cake. Complete epic-ness.

Oh, and a side geek-note? Chris Hemsworth, the actor who is playing Thor in the forthcoming movie, also played George Kirk in the 2009 reboot of Star Trek, and is currently working on Joss Whedon‘s Avengers, also as Thor. Nice.

Viking crafts previously linked on GeekCrafts:

April 30

Reader Submission: Star Wars Tank Cake

Star-Wars-tank-cakeI love cake. Oh, my God, I love cake. My favorite “crafts” are ones that can be eaten, and having worked as a baker for a short time I feel like I really appreciate what goes into an awesome cake like this Star Wars Tank Cake Naomi made for her son and husband’s joint birthday. She managed to do this on a time crunch, too, so she gets extra kudos! I love seeing really personalized birthday cakes, and this Star Wars one really…erm…takes the cake.

April 29

Plants vs. Zombies Plushie Patterns

Plants vs Zombies PeashooterChainsaws are so 2006. Today, we all know the best way to kill zombies is with vegetation.

Thanks to Plants vs. Zombies, gamers can rigorously train in simulated zombie combat. But what to do when the undead really do show up on your lawn?

Plush artist Alix Banegas has you covered.  At her Etsy shop, Arixystix Creations, you’ll find detailed patterns for making your own felt army of Sunflowers, Peashooters, and WallNuts.

Even better, she offers pre-assembled kits, including wool felt, clay pot, and detailed instructions in a spiffy zombie box.

Now you have no excuse not to be prepared when the zombies come a-knockin’!

April 28

Plushie Oy from Stephen King’s The Dark Tower

Plushie Oy from Stephen King's The Dark TowerOkay, so I’ve never read any Stephen King books and have seen only a few movies. I don’t usually do scary and his work definitely qualifies as scary in my book (pun intended). But I just might have to read The Dark Tower because of this plushie Oy that Craftster user YumJello01 made for a Dark Tower swap. I love this so much! Is Oy good or evil? Do you think this will be too scary for me?

Plushie Oy from Stephen King’s The Dark Tower