February 16

Shut up, Wesley!

Wil Wheaton was my first crush. I guess that’s not really accurate: Wesley Crusher was my first crush; I had no idea who played him. I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation with my dad from the very beginning. Then suddenly there was this kid who was brilliant and pretty cute, and I got to see him every week. *Sigh* I was young and didn’t know how much everyone hated him. Fast forward 20 years and just about everyone knows who Wil Wheaton is, thanks to The Big Bang Theory, but only the TNG fans know “Shut up, Wesley!”

Cassey made this awesome cross stitch for her husband and posted it on her flickr. It’s her third time doing cross stitch and it looks way better than my third cross stitch did. Captain Picard really looks angry!

February 16

LCD Cards from Yellow Owl Workshop

I love these debossed LCD cards from Christine at Yellow Owl Workshop – genius! They come with an alphanumeric reference card, perfect for spelling out a special message to your pen pal or swap partner.

PS: Christine has a new book out too, Print Workshop, full of lo-fi print techniques and awesome projects. I got to go to one of her book events last weekend and it was amazing.

February 15

Star Wars Embroidery and FREE Pattern!!

shameless self promoter!?… guilty!

My husband and I are HUGE Star Wars Geeks so I wanted to make something for our home, that I could give him for valentines day….  thus this framed embroidery piece was born!! A Geeky Sweetheart original.

If you don’t recognise the quote, educate yourself.

There are plenty of work-in progress pictures on my facebook page, and I’ve made my pattern available for free download on my blog. All the usual rules apply, don’t rip my work off and sell it on etsy, but do make one for your own home! and please let me know if you use it! I wanna see! The only thing I don’t give you is the bumble-bee, sorry, I drew that freehand.

February 15

Star Wars Stormtrooper Mug

stormtrooper mugBe an undercover office geek with this sleek, striking mug featuring Star Wars’ iconic Stormtrooper mask.

Handmade by Etsy’s LennyMud, this mug shows your geek stripes without completely compromising your “professional” alter-ego. (Because you know your boss will ask you to fix the computers if she suspects that you may be remotely nerdy.)

For those of you working in more fun-loving places, LennyMud also has numerous colorful beverage-toting options, from a cheery Wonder Woman to his-and-hers Frankenstein’s monster and bride mugs.

February 15

Mario Mushroom Cushion

There are lots of Mario Mushroom pillows out there. Fleece plush ones, quilted ones, and of course, my favourite, Tunisian crochet ones. DeviantArt user AKRY has shared their knitted Mario Mushroom fan art cushion. This little pillow makes me think of all the little pillows I could make and place around my house strategically. Okay, I just want to be able to throw a green one at my hubby and then tell him “1UP!” I just won’t make any purple ones to get thrown back at me. If you lack the time or skills (or pattern) to make your own fan art pillows stop by knittedlove’s Etsy and buy the perfect cushion for your Beaded Mushroom Pin!

February 14

Cryptid Valentines!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

SpookyPooky at Craftster has given us all a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift: printable Cryptid Valentines! She’s letting everyone use the designs for free too: “It is hard to find unique Valentine cards that nobody else is giving out already!” These are the greatest Valentine’s card ever! You have four choices: the Yeti, Bigfoot, Nessie (my fav), or Cthulhu.

These are SpookyPooky‘s designs, which she has shown off before. She has a yeti contest going on at her blog, which also has a bigger, easier to print version of the valentines.