April 28

Reader Submission: Vintage Iron Man Coasters

Iron Man CoastersI love Iron Man, and I love not having cup rings on my coffee table, so when Holly from Customcomix sent these to us, I couldn’t resist. She and her boyfriend got into decoupaging one of kind, super cool comic book items (jewelry, coffee tables, coasters, you name it!) when they got their first place and decided the only sure way to make it fit them, would be to make the decor from scratch (and old comic books) the end result is an awesome Etsy shop that I can’t wait to blow some money in!

April 27

Doctor Who Bingo

Craftster always has the coolest swaps going, and the stuff that comes out of them is amazing. ivoryh1632 made these Bingo Cards for her partner during the Doctor Who round 6 swap, and they’re so cool! There are 12 different cards to choose from, and they have squares like “The Doctor mentions he’s a genius” and “Someone gets slapped”. ivoryh1632 says “I did it up all proper and used a bingo card making website so every card has a random assortment chosen from 80 different phrases, so choose your card wisely.” You could always use jelly babies as space markers. Or if you print them out big enough,  jammy-dodgers.

April 26

Dragon Age 2 Cutout Pendant

Dragon Age 2 PendantI admit it. I’m on my second play-through of Dragon Age 2, and I still have no friggin’ idea exactly what this ubiquitous symbol means.

It still makes a cool necklace, though! This eye-catching, silver cutout pendant was made by jewelry-maker Joshua Taylor. It’s a unique and subtle way to show your love of the game.

His Etsy store, Jewelry by Josh, also offers a couple other lovely game-related cutout necklaces, as well as some shiny table-top dice earrings.

(BTW, if anyone could definitively tell me what the symbol stands for, I’d be much obliged!)

EDIT: Josh just let me know that he is offering Geek Crafts readers an exclusive 10% discount on everything in his Etsy shop! Just use coupon code GCB10. Also, if you have an eye on his Portal necklace, drop by his Facebook page to enter his giveaway. Thanks, Josh!

April 26

Tutorial Tuesday: Jesse/Team Rocket Cosplay!

I need this woman to be my wife, and I’m a heterosexual, pregnant, married woman. You boys have got no chance!

Ryoko-demon is a prolific cosplay artist. Here she is, utterly transformed into Jessie from Team Rocket. Her photos are amazing. And to top it all off she’s shared a tutorial on how she constructed that MINDBLOWING wig… She EVEN made HER OWN Meowth!! … I’m just… lost…. for words… need to find more synonyms for awesome…

Via Geekologie

April 25

Okami Needlework

I don’t play a lot of video games just because I don’t have a lot of time (or hand-eye coordination, but that’s not important). But this Okami embroidery is so pretty that I looked for the game. I haven’t played it yet, but only because I can’t rent it in my town. This is only DeathToLems’ fourth embroidery, and I think she’s doing a fantastic job! The details on the body and the way the flames look are very cool. DeathToLems said: “The image itself is about 6 inch wide and about 5 inches tall…took me about a day to do”. Love it.