January 2

Hide Your Toilet Paper Under Totoro

Hide your toilet paper under Totoro

I’ve always been a bit creeped out by the idea of toilet paper covers, creepy dolls staring at you while you do your business.  However, after seeing this adorable Totoro TP cover I’m tempted to knit one myself.  Who doesn’t want a cuddly Totoro hanging out in their house protecting their toilet paper?  Blogger Acornbud shares the instructions for her Totoro toilet paper cover on her blog, Acornbud’s Yarns.  You can check out dozens of other Totoro related products and crafts on her blog as well!

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January 2

Supernatural Demon Hunter Keychain

Any fan of the TV show Supernatural knows the significance of salt. It’s used as protection from evil and can prevent demons from entering rooms. Salt is also used in various ways to get rid of ghosts.

The Ultimate Demon Hunter Keychain that AngelQ sells in her Etsy shop not only features a vial of salt, but also a couple of weapons that the Winchesters often use when hunting demons. AngelQ also makes a necklace featuring salt, as well as a few more Supernatural themed items. It might not be a bad idea to start off the new year with a little something to ward off evil and negativity, even if only symbolically.

January 1

Kirby Embroidery

Kirby EmbroideryCraftster user Troublet says,

First, I have to admit that I am so not into games nor do I really like cutesy/kawaii, but Santa decided to give me a gift that took me into both of those realms. He gave me Kirby’s Epic Yarn for Christmas.

I played through about 2 levels when my Muse didn’t just come poke me into picking up my needle, she all but drove me nuts until I finished this piece.

Geek crafts may be new to her, but she totally did Kirby justice with this adorable embroidered piece. I especially love her use of sequins. I’m going to try that out in my own work soon.

You can check out Troublet‘s other crafts on her blog, The Trouble with Crafting.

December 31

Free Zero Punctuation pot holder pattern

Zero Punctuation Potholder

Zero Punctuation is one of my absolute favorite web video series. I love hearing Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw’s hilariously scathing video game reviews just as much as I enjoy watching the cheerfully warped animations that illustrate them.

So, I was over the moon when I came across Ilana‘s  free pattern for Zero Punctuation Imp pot holders. These little scamps translate really well into knitted form, and would bring a touch of fun into any geeky kitchen.  

You may recognize Ilana’s work from the  Star Trek pot holders that were featured here on Geek Crafts last month. I’m looking forward to seeing what other awesome patterns she comes up with!

December 31

12 Best of 2010

Here are my choices for the 12 best geek crafts of 2010:

January – Super Mario Vest by The Happy Seamstress
Super Mario Sweater Vest

February – Minimalist Take on Star Wars by Justin Van Gendern
Minimalist Take on Star Wars

March – Tiny Harry Potter Paintings by JennaDickes
Tiny Harry Potter Paintings

April – Periodic Table of the Elements Table by Abigailscrafts
Periodic Table of the Elements Table

May – Buffy the Vampire Slayer button by ButtonBettie
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Button

June – Tardis Schrapnel by Irishdaydreamer
Tardis Schrapnel

July – Crocheted Spock Head by Amy
Crocheted Spock Head

August (we didn’t have anything, so here’s one I like from May) – Origami Dinosaurs by essemde
Origami Dinosaurs

September (we also didn’t have anything, so here’s another one from June) – Mario Mushroom Grill by Greg.Matta
Mario Muchroom Grill

October – Darth Vader Princess Costume by mayamagination
Darth Vader Princess Costume

November – Tardis Star Quilt by Wendy
Tardis Star Quilt

December – Steampunk Cthulhu Goggles by RobinRed
Steampunk Cthulhu Goggles