January 14

Geek Glasses Roundup

Nothing says geek love to me quite like big plastic nerd glasses do, so this week’s roundup theme is geek glasses crafts!

So here we go, in no particular order…

Geek glasses roundupDeviantArt user TheNaughtySeamstress made this emo squid. I think he looks quite well-read. His creator says: “This little squid loves Death Cab for Cutie, scarves, and argyle sweaters with tight jeans.” Well there you have it.

Geek glasses roundupFor those of us who never want to take our glasses off, even at bedtime, Etsy seller BibBon is selling this stylish glasses-covered sleep mask. Ohh the geek dreams you could have.

Geek glasses roundupAlso available for purchase on etsy, a spectacles ring made by seller lsette. She also has these tiny little glasses available as earrings!

Geek glasses roundupPerhaps not purely a craft, but certainly valuable to geeks everywhere, is this glasses-shaped USB drive sold by imm living.

Geek glasses roundupThe tiniest lil nerd you know needs this perfect onesie from HutchMe’s Etsy shop. In fact, she sells many types of onesies suitable for geek babies (and their parents), including many with a Star Wars theme.

Geek glasses roundupFor those few geeks who do not require corrective lenses, but still want to make their geekiness perfectly clear, artlife on Etsy sells these 1.5-inch badge buttons for you to wear with your pocket protectors.

Geek glasses roundupThis past Christmas, craftster member lilliesinmycereal decorated with a ton of Hello Kitties, and also included this special nerd Hello Kitty. Check out the rest of her decorations–they look really cute all grouped together!

Geek glasses roundupAny self-respecting globe-trotting geek needs a snazzy place to keep her/his passport, and Etsy seller Jenni20 has you covered. Although this photo shows it in green, black and raspberry are also available.

Geek glasses roudupClose cousin to the traditional geek glasses is the cats eye glasses. youheartus’s Etsy shop has numerous needlepoint designs for sale, but I particularly like this one with the glasses, especially with the tiny rhinestone details on the corners.

Geek glasses roundupRounding out this week’s roundup is this awesome lime green tote from Etsy seller naomicayne. If you’re more interested in a nerdy t-shirt, Naomi’s got that too.

That’s it for this week’s roundup! Everyone enjoy the weekend!

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January 13

Boba Fett Amigurumi

Amigurumi ain’t easy – at least they are more difficult if you don’t have a pattern.  I’ve personally been working on a prototype for a Boba Fett for my hubby since before his birthday in September (unsuccessfully, I might add).  Thankfully, Craftster user Angry Angel has not only created one cuter than I was even imagining, but she is also offering her pattern for him on her Etsy.  I can’t wait to create my own from this pattern so he can sit ominously in the corner of my living room while I work on making more amigurumis.  Perhaps a whole Boba Fett army, or maybe one of the other ten Star Wars characters available in LucyRavenscar’s Etsy shop!

January 12

The Socks That Should Not Be

Alligatorjuice made this Cthulhu sock monkey as a Christmas present for her friend Maria. It began as a drawing Maria made for her at work: “she does all sorts of spiffy doodles. one day, she doodled a cthuloid sock monkey, and left it on my register. when i went to cash out a customer, i saw it. i then had to explain to the customer why i simultaneously laughed, choked and turned funny colors…”. It’s amazing how this manages to be cute and a little creepy at the same time I think it’s the eyes).

Alligatorjuice expected the heels to change color after she dyed the socks green, but I’m glad they stayed red. They match the eyes, and adds to the whole evil vibe.

January 12

It’s bigger on the inside!

It's bigger on the inside!O-mazing!!!  I wish I had this block style door just so I could paint it blue <3

Flickr user normaljean has this TARDIS door in her home, and there’s even a gallery of photos showing the work in progress.   A musician and general artist, she definitely has awesome work, so check out her photostream for fun crafts and adventures! (adorable mini felted things! omg!!)

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It’s bigger on the inside!

normaljean’s website

flickr photostream

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January 11

NES Bedding

For a second, lets take a moment out of our busy lives to thank God for Instructables.

Yes, that is what you think it is, a queen sized bed with handmade NES themed bedding!

Imagine sleeping in this, dreaming about Duck Hunt, shooting your light gun… wow… I NEED IT!!.. you need it too?! you’re in luck!! (kinda) Looks like rpaxton might be looking to make another and sell it on E-bay since the one she sold in December 2010 made a whopping:


that’s £278

Wow… it kinda makes me hope that one day I might be able to make money out of this stuff too! HAH – NOW who’s dreaming!