January 8

Stained Glass Test Pattern

Stained Glass Test Pattern

Hello everyone!  Kim here :)  Since I’m one of the GC newbies, allow me to introduce myself…  by day I am a professional photographer and graphic artist living and working in the (now) thriving arts district of central Ohio.  When not doing photography related work, I spend my time off the computer– crafting and designing things usually relating to Doctor Who, Harry Potter, science, or the newest meme.  I’d likely shrivel up and creatively die if I wasn’t always working on *something*, and I think it’s important to enjoy the process, and also to leave things better than I found them.

I’m very honored and excited to be a part of this blog, and can’t wait to find all you geeks out there more supercool things to look at!!  Oh, and make sure to follow all my newest shenanigans at http://blkpixel.tumblr.com.

On to the good stuff!  This is one killer TV test pattern done in stained glass… It apparently belongs to TV/Video production guru Peter Roof of the Washington, DC area.  I think it’s the perfect combination of subtle geekery and bold clean lines of color, and also easy to recreate if you’re handy with a soldering iron!  I found this bad boy on Make: a DIY/Project site.

StainedGlass Test Pattern

[via Make:]

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January 7

One Scarf to Rule Them All

one scarf to rule them all

This Lord of the Rings inspired scarf was created by Ravelry user Tina Yeung (aka Tiny Tuna).  The Elvish writing that circles around each end of the scarf translates to “One Ring to Rule them All, One Ring to find them, One Ring to Bring them All and in the Darkness bind them” from Tolkien’s famous novels.  What better way to stay warm and profess your nerd hood?

January 7

Angel Investigations Necklace

Angel Investigations Necklace

Is it a lobster?

Of course not! It’s the logo for Angel Investigations, the vampire-led detective agency from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off, Angel.

Though the program’s been off the air for some years, you can still show your love for the L.A. crew who “helped the hopeless” with this striking copper necklace by Etsy seller Hollywood Jane

January 7

Doctor Who Roundup

Happy Friday Everyone!

It’s  the very first roundup of 2011 and I’m here to show off the many awesome Doctor Who crafts around the web.


10. A TARDIS Ring

Not only is this a TARDIS you can wear on your finger, it sparkles! This appeals to both my nerd side and my need for bling. Maybe if you’re lucky, your special someone will give this to you for Valentine’s Day. I know my fingers are crossed!


9.  Doctor Who Charm

Was David Tennant your favourite Doctor? Then show off your love for him with this fabulous polymer clay charm. He even comes equipped with his signature sonic screwdriver and black rimmed glasses.


8. Make Your Own K-9

Know what your house is missing? Your own personal K-9 unit.  It would go fabulously with your TARDIS.

They even give you directions  for LED eyes. He is absolutely adorable and I will be making my very own soon!


7. K-9 Cross Stitch

While we’re on the topic of K-9, why does he look so disco? If you’re not commited enough to make your own 3d K-9, you can always make him into a darling cross-stitch to hang on your wall.


6. Crocheted Sonic Screwdriver

No matter his form, Doctor Who never leaves his TARDIS without his sonic screwdriver and you shouldn’t either! It’s soft and bendy so you can easily cram it into a pocket. You never know when it might come in handy.


5. TARDIS Phone Case

What better way to keep your phone looking shiny and new than a TARDIS case? It’s made of soft felt so it’s functional and fun.


4. Doctor Who Regenerations Peg People

Can’t pick a favourite Doctor? There’s no need with this awesome collection! They are only a little under 3″ tall so you can have one pretty much anywhere in your house. Everywhere you look can be a different Doctor!


3. Colourful Dalek Pins

They come in many different colours, so you can buy one to match every outfit! Any time someone questions you about it, you can yell “EXTERMINATE!” and see what happens!


2. The Fourth Doctor Mini Watercolour

I don’t know about you, but my favourite Doctor hands down is Tom Baker. This artist has done a great job of capturing all of the fourth Doctor’s awesomeness on a tiny medium. It would look great framed on your wall!


1. Doctor Who Crochet Scarf

The true sign of a Doctor Who Geek is the  scarf.

This one isn’t quite as long as most of them out there, so you will be *less* likely to trip over it.

Be the envy of your Doctor friends with this fabulous scarf, I know I’d be jealous!

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January 6

Mr. Spock Altered Antique Plate

Mr Spock Altered Art PlateI first spotted Angela Rossi’s “altered antique plates” in the pages of BUST magazine, when her “Dear Ol’ Chunk” plate made their 2010 must-have gift guide.

The Los Angeles-based artist takes flea market finds and thrift store treasures and transforms them into unique pieces of pop art. These plates infuse the classic charm of china with an edge of media-age irony, and range from the merely kitschy to the deeply creepy.

Plenty of geek icons have graced her plates, from Frankenstein’s Monster to E.T. Not to mention, plenty of zombies.

One of my favorites is this one of Star Trek‘s Mr. Spock, which has, alas, sold. But there are many other weird and wacky plates available on the Beat Up Creations Etsy shop, so check it out.