April 3

Glee-Inspired Knitting

This great carousel horse chart was made by blogger, and Ravelry user, Alyssa Lynough.  This chart was inspired by the Glee episode Comeback, where Rachel pays Brittany to imitate her fashion, and instead spurs a trend of carousel sweaters.

“I mean, my carousel horse sweater should make me look like an institutionalized toddler but no – I look hot and smart. I feel like Michelle Obama,” says Santana.

This colorwork chart can be worked into almost  any simple sweater pattern, and is great for that special Gleek in your life.

April 2

Assassin’s Creed 2 Ezio Pin

Assassin's Creed 2 PinIt’s funny to think of what a beautifully rendered game like Assassin’s Creed 2 would have looked like if it had been made back in the 8-bit days.

Well, Sarah Clayton has eliminated some of the guess work by creating this nifty 8-bit Ezio pin out of Perler beads, which is available through her Etsy shop, Geeky Gamer.

I can just imagine this little pixelated assassin navigating his way across levels of blocky platforms and shanking little square Templars in the back, all in time to a tinny electonic soundtrack.

April 1

Doctor Who Scarf

Yes, that’s me, wearing my awesome Doctor Who scarf!

I’ve wanted to make a Doctor Who scarf since I first saw the series, about 3 years ago, however all the patterns I’d seen used yarn that cost more than I was willing to spend.  That all changed a few months ago when I happened across Witty Little Knitter, a site “dedicated to the knitting of the authentic Doctor Who scarf.”  Run by Tara Wheeler, she provides several patterns for knitting the scarf, including one made from an affordable acrylic yarn.

I was delighted to find this pattern, and even more delighted when a friend purchased the yarn for me as a gift.  A few months later, and I’m the proud wearer of a ridiculously long, cozy warm, and delightfully geeky scarf.

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April 1

Dragon Age 2 Cookies

Dragon Age 2 cookiesI just finished playing Dragon Age 2. Not to spoil anything, but sometimes I felt like it should have been called “Dragon Age: Sucks to Be You.” Or maybe that was just my play-through.

So, it cheered me up immensely to see all those beloved DA2 characters in gingerbread cookie form. Baked up by DeviantART user Lubyelfears, these tasty treats deliciously capture the likeness of the champion’s companions.

I can’t decide what I love more: Fenris’ frosting tattoos, the scowl on Aveline’s face, or the fact that Verric the dwarf is shorter and stouter than the rest of the cookies!