January 21

Kick-Ass Peg People

Kick-Ass Peg PeopleI’m a little behind on my movie watching. I finally rented Kick-Ass this past weekend, fully expecting a comedy-action popcorn flick. Imagine my surprise to find out Kick-Ass is (arguably) one of the darkest and most brutal superhero films since Watchmen.

Needless to say, I’ve fallen in love, and a trip to the comic book store is definitely in my near future. Meanwhile, I had to check out the related offerings on Etsy, and came across these little hand-painted Kick-Ass peg people by Mia, aka Giddy Girlie.

I love how they resemble those Fisher-Price Little People I used to play with as a kid. Except they’re…well, more kick-ass!

January 20

Yoshi Knits

Craftster User silentblair posted this adorable Yoshi hat on Craftster.  This hat was made for her 4-year-old daughter, but I think I might have to consider making one for a certain Yoshi Loving man in my house.  I love how she has Yoshis of different colors around the hat, it’s a perfect way to personalize the hat for anyone based on their favourite Yoshi colors.  Silentblair used the chart generously shared by fellow Craftster user teriyakimoto for her design.  Check out Teriyakimoto’s Keyhole Scarf too, it makes literal use of the keyhole, making it a very unique geek scarf that anyone would love.

January 19

Yoda Days of the Week Tea Towel: Thursday

sewclever posted this Yoda Days of the Week Tea Towel over on flickr (and her blog).

Back in the day, housewives tended to do chores in a certain order to make sure everything got done, and it was such a common scheme that day-of-the-week dishtowels emblazoned with that day’s chore were everywhere. Days of the Week tea towels usually feature images of animals or cute childrendepicting the days chores: Laundry, Baking, Cleaning, etc. sewclever asked a friend, Dagwood, to create days of the week images featuring Yoda, and Thursday’s chore is foraging.

I hope she finishes the set, because I can’t wait to see the Yoda version of the other chores!

January 19

Rotary iPhone

Rotary iPhoneWhile looking for camera cases, I stumbled upon hine’s shop on Etsy.  Not only are the camera camera cases awesomely adorable, but the rotary iPhone cases really caught my eye.  Remember old rotary phones?!  I do.  They were a pain to dial, made a whole bunch of noise, and just the handset was 10x bigger than my phone now… but this hand stitched iPhone case sure makes me slightly nostalgic for those old clunkers!   Now I anxiously await more of her Etsy postings so I can have one of my very own :)

Rotary iPhone

hine on Etsy

hine on flickr

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