November 13

Robot Scan Love

Robots are cute, ask anybody. I was just shopping at Forever 21 and scored an adorable Robot Heart Necklace, then open my inbox to find a submission from Rich Robotsoon. This Robot Scan Love Cross Stitch has it all, robots, clever word play, binary, and hearts. You can find it, and other cute robot cross stitch, at the Robot Soon Etsy shop.

November 8

Halloween Wrap-up

Okay, kids, let’s wrap up Halloween with a few cool finds from Craftster…

Batman and Bat Woman Capes

Nicely detailed Batman and Bat Woman capes from mmh5.

Donnie Darko Bunny Suit

Meticulously made Donnie Darko bunny suit from Tatterhood.

Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer

His and hers Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer costumes from mellifluousfondue.

Shaun of the Dead Costume

Mini Shaun of the Dead from lanikins.
November 4

Evil Dead Wearable Chainsaw

Man craftiness is sexy.  Sam O posted this gem on her blog, CottonSpool. Mr. O has planned a costume party for his 30th birthday and plans to go as Ash, from the Evil Dead trilogy. Now, we all know Ash is nothing without his boom-stick and chainsaw, so when Mr. O realized an arm mounted chainsaw was hard to come by on Craigslist, he did what any man would do, he went to his shed, day in, day out, and created an Evil Dead Wearable Chainsaw from things he had laying around. Bravo, Mr. O!

Evil Dead Wearable Chainsaw