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February 12

Geekify Your Valentine!

Geekify Your Friends for Valentines Day

These valentines featuring thick framed glasses would be an excellent alternative to candy this year, don’t you think?  As a clever response to the “no candy” policy that some schools implement during Valentine’s Day, Melanie Blodgett created the idea for a more visually sweet type of confectionery  over at her blog, YouAreMyFave.  In addition to the tutorial, she offers a free printable(!) which can be found here.

Valentines Day Glasses collage

What an amusing addition to any cardboard Valentine’s Day mailbox!  After swapping candy hearts, kids (or coworkers!) can pretend to be their favorite bespectacled hero.  A sugar rush AND school/office-appropriate cosplay…what’s not to love?! :)

Geekify Your Friends on Valentines Day Dr Who


April 27

Big Daddy Nerdigurumi!

big daddy ami

A few days ago, I stumbled upon this mind-blowing Amigurumi Big Daddy from Bioshock. Isn’t he amazing?! Emjay made Big Daddy, and many other amazing amigurumis, with lots of patterns (including Big Daddy) available FREE on her website, Nerdigurumi. I might just have to attempt to make a Big Daddy for my boyfriend’s birthday, although it would probably take me about 10 years to finish, looking at how fiddly the pattern is.

My other favorite patterns on Nerdigurumi are:

March 31

GeekCrafts Submission: Harry Potter Sharpie Mug

DIY Sharpie-decorated mugs

We received this as a submission, and what a cute project! I had no idea you could decorate ceramic coffee mugs with regular Sharpies! I love how bright the colors turned out and the adorable little Harry Potter face (complete with mini Gryffindor scarf collar!).

What would you draw on your coffee mug? A Star Trek insignia? The Star Wars Rebel Alliance logo? A couple of Portals?

February 27

Caitie’s Introductory Post!


Star Date: 2013

New Admin’s Log, February 27th. Caitie Davis presiding :)

Hello, all! My name is Caitie, and I’ll be comin’ atcha every Monday afternoon here on Geek Crafts! Huzzah! I can’t wait to toss a bunch of nerdy embroidery, needle felt, perler bead, cross stitch, and baked good crafts your way. Tutorials, etsy round-ups, DIY stuff. The stuff of geek craft life! I can’t wait, I really can’t.

Here’s a little bit about me…

I’m a huge card game/tabletop nerd. HUGE! I play Magic: The Gathering every Friday night at Friday Night Magic (FNM), I love Munchkin, Carcassone, Settlers of Catan, and the traditional board games (Apples to Apples, Trivial Pursuit, etc.). I also love Dungeons & Dragons- I’m always a healer!
I love video games. I have Portal tattoos behind my ears, and I absolutely adore everything that Valve has every put out. Half-Life 2 is probably my favorite game of all-time, though child me would probably be upset knowing I didn’t say “Ocarina of Time” for that one. Yikes! I love RPGs and all that jazz. First person shooters aren’t my favorite but, if I had to choose one, I would pick Battlefield. Halo vs Call of Duty? P’shaw. Not for me!
I am a writer- I’ve been in art school since 6th grade for creative writing. Right now I’m pursuing an English degree, and eventually I’ll get my CW degree. Yippee! I cannot wait to starve for the rest of my life. I mean that. Anyway, I mostly write poetry & super short stories- but, I am actually working on a book right now. It’s tiring stuff!
I love to read. Sci-fi, Fantasy, and the Classics (Steinbeck, Hemingway, Faulkner, Kerouac…) are the things I live for. Right now, I’m reading through Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. It is pretty fantastic thus far! I am always reminding myself to “focus on the void”… :) And, of course, I am a huge Harry Potter nerd. I think that if you aren’t one, I will have a hard time relating to you. Haha! Just kidding. Or am I?

Here is my Persian cat, William Taft!

As for the age old question- Star Trek vs. Star Wars? I answer like Zoidberg… why not both?? I love Star Trek, and I love Star Wars. Sorry, I won’t pick! I love them both far too much. I am currently working my way through Sherlock, and then I will take on… Dr. Who. Yeah, that’s right, I haven’t seen Dr. Who. I know. I’m sorry. But I PROMISE, I’m working on it! I work at a movie store, so I have access to basically every DVD known to man. I will get there soon. I love horror, indie, sci-fi, musicals, and black comedies as far as movies go.

I live with my boyfriend Tyler and my orange flat-faced Persian cat, Taft. We all love basically anything British  so we watch a lot of Peep Show, Jeeves & Wooster, That Mitchell and Webb Look, A Bit of Fry & Laurie, Top Gear, QI, etc. My boyfriend loves Stephen Fry more than he loves me sometimes, and I have come to accept that. When we aren’t being anti-social, we go out and drink craft beer, listen to records, and argue sociology with unsuspecting strangers. Poor blokes.

I have probably gone on too long, now. I hope you all will tune in on Monday. In the meantime you can catch me on instagram at @notcaitiedavis. I’ll list my blog and Etsy shop a little later, they are down for the moment. I’ll leave you with an awesome embroidery hoop done by Etsy user StitchCulture! It’s down below there. She is one of my favorites on Etsy for embroidered goodness. Go look around her shop and enjoy.


Catch ya on Monday! And if your name is Carl… stay in the house. Or the jail. Just… stay put.

Consider them dead!
Consider them dead!
April 28

Area and state regulations do not allow the Companion Cube to remain here, alone and companionless.

Area and state regulations do not allow the Companion Cube to remain here, alone and companionless. And the cube is not companionless once you crochet this mini weighted cube and Chell!  Chell even has her own Portal Device too.  Designed by Nerdigurumi, the pattern is free.  It uses various colors of worsted weight yarns and some wire for Chell to allow her to be posable.  Nerdigurumi warns that this pattern is a bit more than beginner as it requires some ‘cobbling and fiddling’ to assemble.