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November 23

This is the Adirondack Chair You’ve Been Looking For

Do you need to geek up your patio or porch? Then how about adding your favorite little astromech droid?


Paul Ryan of Xtinct 3D Design in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, crafted this “Alderaandack” chair out of CNC-cut cedar wood.

Hmmm, I just realized that the originators of both of my Star Wars geek crafts today are Canadian. I wonder if the Great White North is planning any kind of attack on the rebels.

October 4

May the Force of Origami Be With You

Origami is one of those things that always seemed like magic to me when I first learned it. A few folds here and there and poof! A piece of paper had turned into a swan, or butterfly. So in true Geek Crafts fashion, I’ve found two ways to turn origami geeky! The first is the most iconic ship of the Star Wars universe – the Millennium Falcon.

Courtesy of Wired Magazine, has posted an illustrated tutorial on how to fold your own version of Han’s beloved ship.

“She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts.” 

Origami Millennium Falcon

“You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought!”


And, in case you’d like to make Luke’s ship to accompany Han, Xenobia has posted instructions to make an origami X-Wing over at Just try not to get it stuck in any swamps.

Origami X-Wing

A few pieces of paper, a bit of time, and you can make your own Rebellion fleet! And remember, “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

September 24

Super Simple Star Wars Tees

These home-made t-shirts at ilovetocreateblog look pretty great, and don’t appear to be too difficult to make.

Easy Star Wars Tees

I especially like the negative Yoda tee on the right, which looks like he might be standing in front of the lights of a spaceship. As usual, these methods could be applied to so many great and iconic geeky franchises. Just pick your favourite character/spaceship/vehicle/insignia and go nuts! Make sure you check out ilovetocreateblog to see how these tees were made.

August 10

Star Wars Fans Build 1:2 Scale Tie Fighter

Tie Fighter model

Spooky over at Oddity Central wrote, “The Star Wars universe has millions of fans throughout the world, and some of them really invest a lot of time and money into their passion for the franchise. Case in point, a group of German Star Wars enthusiasts who created an almost life-size model of the iconic Tie Fighter spacecraft out of wood, steel and plastic.

“It took an army of hobbyists two years to complete, but the 1:2 scale Tie Fighter recently unveiled in Eichenzell, Germany, is a true DIY masterpiece. 20 Star Wars fans of different professions, from financial brokers to policemen and architects, put their blood and tears into this 5.30 m wide, 4.80 m long, 4.30 m high and 1.4 tons heavy model of the Galactic Empire’s starfighter. They worked in 12-meter-wide parking garage and spent an estimated €14,000 ($18,500) on necessary materials. The steel and aluminum frame alone cost €6,000 ($8,000), the wood was mostly provided for free, and the giant plastic ball that makes up the cockpit cost €1,900 ($2,500). Luckily, they had a couple of generous sponsors who took care of the bills.”

July 21

Fabric Decoupage Star Trek Shoes

Fabric Decoupaged Star Trek shoes

I recently made myself a pair of awesome Star Trek shoes by decoupaging fabric onto some canvas sneakers. I followed a tutorial that I can’t for the life of me find again, but I’ll see what I can remember. (if you happen to know where the tutorial is, please link us up in the Comments section below!)

What I thought was clever about the tutorial was that you made a pattern for the shoes using duct tape, instead of just cutting pieces of fabric willy-nilly to fit.


  • canvas shoes
  • 1/2 yd fabric
  • duct tape
  • fabric Mod Podge
  • small soft paintbrush
  • scissors and/or X-acto knife
  1. Place a piece of duct tape along the side of the canvas shoe and trim the excess off with sharp pointy scissors or an X-acto knife until you have a master pattern piece. Repeat for other side of the shoe.
  2. Remove the duct tape from the shoe. Place on fabric and cut around the pattern piece.
  3. Brush on fabric Mod Podge to shoe and carefully apply fabric to shoe. Smooth out any wrinkles.
  4. Allow to dry 30 minutes to overnight (follow instructions on bottle)
  5. Apply a coat of Mod Podge over the fabric to seal. Let dry.

I got the fabric at Jo-Ann’s – they have several patterns of both Star Trek and Star Wars fabrics.

July 2

Handmade Star Wars Dress

We’ve featured a few great handmade dresses on Geek Crafts recently – there was the Starfleet dress, the dragon dress, the space dress and the rather bizarre bread tag dress. So here’s another wonderful user submission – a handmade Star Wars dress:

Star Wars Dress by Cation Desgns

Cindy of Cation Designs last year acquired some original Star Wars: A New Hope bed sheets, and did what any crafty science teacher would do: turn them into a dress. And while Cindy is pretty critical of it on her blog, I think we can all agree that it looks incredible.

There are a few other geeky dresses on Cation Designs as well that are worth a look. Check out the Batman Dress or Spiderman Dress, for example. It’s times like this that I wish I owned a sewing machine, knew how to operate one, and had patience in buckets. But then if we could all do this, it wouldn’t be nearly as awesome, would it?!