April 13

Battlestar Galactica Mandala Hat

Battlestar Galactica hat

While watching Battlestar Galactica, Steph saw Starbuck’s mandala and thought it would make an awesome hat. (She was right!) She says,

The colors and design are great, and it’s the perfect fandom knit; people who watch the show will probably get it, but those who don’t will just think it’s an awesome hat.

Get the pattern and instructions on Steph’s blog.

As a side note – this was our first ever reader submission! If you want some exposure for your Geek Craft, tell us about it!

April 11

Top 10 Nintendo (NES) Controller Crafts

This weekend we’re taking a look at crafts based on old-school Nintendo controllers. (We’ll look at mod-ed controllers another week.)

1. Nintendo Controller Perler Bead Business Card Holder

Etsy seller Lost Mitten has this one-of-a-kind business card holder available in her shop. Made of fused Perler beads, this will look great on any geek’s desk.

Nintendo Controller Perler Bead Business Card Holder

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April 8

Optimus Prime Made of Cans

Optimus Prime
More than meets the eye? Robyn Lee of Required Eating posted this picture of Optimus Prime made out of cans, taken by Matt Boulton. Apparently, there’s an annual contest in Vancouver where artists make all sorts of amazing sculptures from canned food. After the event, it’s all donated to food banks. They’ve got pictures of entries from the past four years – definitely worth a look.