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April 26

Dragon Age 2 Cutout Pendant

Dragon Age 2 PendantI admit it. I’m on my second play-through of Dragon Age 2, and I still have no friggin’ idea exactly what this ubiquitous symbol means.

It still makes a cool necklace, though! This eye-catching, silver cutout pendant was made by jewelry-maker Joshua Taylor. It’s a unique and subtle way to show your love of the game.

His Etsy store, Jewelry by Josh, also offers a couple other lovely game-related cutout necklaces, as well as some shiny table-top dice earrings.

(BTW, if anyone could definitively tell me what the symbol stands for, I’d be much obliged!)

EDIT: Josh just let me know that he is offering Geek Crafts readers an exclusive 10% discount on everything in his Etsy shop! Just use coupon code GCB10. Also, if you have an eye on his Portal necklace, drop by his Facebook page to enter his giveaway. Thanks, Josh!

January 20

Rubik’s Companion Cube

Rubik’s Companion CubeStephen loves his Companion Cube and it loves him. He wrote a very good tutorial on how to convert a Rubik’s Cube into a Companion Cube (from Valve’s Portal). He suggests buying a brand new Rubik’s Cube, but if I were doing this craft, I would try to get a cheap used one at a yard sale or thrift store or something instead of paying $10 for a new one – but I’m a cheapskate.