April 2

Logan For Your Halloween Haunt


Jim Jokisch had a project that became an Imgur sensation pretty much immediately: a Wolverine Adamantium skeleton prop replica.

I think this is fantastic! And I would imagine this would be fairly easy to replicate: start with a quality skeleton, prime and paint it with some good metallic paint, add a dogtag and figure out some blades. The priming and painting would take the longest. I’m not sure how I would do the blades. Maybe six matching knife blade with the handles removed, but that would make them dangerous. Maybe find someone who can cut some metal.

Either way, this is an awesome decoration!

November 23

Zany to the Max! Yakko Warner & The Wheel of Morality

I’m just coming off of a 15 day stretch of working some long days, but I am back finally! And to kick off my days of a regular schedule again, we’ve got Yakko Warner and the Wheel of Morality.


Fluffypants from Ontario, posted her and her husband’s Halloween costumes over at Craftster. This year, they decided to go back to one of their childhood favorites and do costumes from the “Animaniacs!” They couldn’t decide what pair of costumes to do, but randomly watching clips, for some reason they thought the Wheel of Morality would be hilarious. They decided on Yakko for her, and a sandwich board featuring the Wheel of Morality for her husband. He was being camera shy, so she couldn’t get him to pose for pictures.

For Yakko, Fluffypants bought the black shirt, but everything else was homemade. Her feet and gloves were reused from a costume a few years ago. She bought fleece and made a giant pair of brown pants and the belt, and made the buckle out of fun foam. The head was made from a plastic canvas frame, chair cushion foam, and fleece. She stuffed floral wire in each ear so they were poseable. It was a pretty fun costume but she had absolutely no field of vision!

The Wheel is built on top of a lazy Susan so it would spin, shown here in this video.

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October 23

Simple Crafts For Halloween


Sometimes, the best Halloween decorations are the simplest. Case in point, check out the windows in this house. The creatures you see in the windows are spray painted, flattened cardboard boxes. The boards are on the lower windows are painted polyurethane foam board that was cut into “planks” and painted.

SneakersRobinson posted his Halloween decorations recently to Imgur. He said he finally got his own place after living with roommates for a while, so he decided to do Halloween right this year by making his own Halloween decorations.

He started by making fake 2×4’s, by buying big sheets of polyurethane foam board and cutting them into planks. After cutting, he used a nail to make groves and some knots into the “wood”. From there, he got some light and dark drown spray paint and got to work. He said he also noticed that if you spray some spots excessively the paint will eat away some of the foam board which made making the knots a lot easier.


He then got the largest boxes he could find and cut them so they would lay flat. He looked online for some inspiration and started drawing an outline by freehand. After he had his outline, he cut them out with a box cutter.



After they were all cut out, he spray painted them black so they looked like shadows in the windows. When he was ready to start decorating, all SneakerRobinson had to do was place these guys in his windows.

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October 17

Go Old School With This Halloween DIY


If you’re into the classic, Victorian, and vintage style Halloween decorations, then you’re going to love this tutorial from DIY Home Sweet Home where you can make your own Halloween themed cloche using the simplest of materials. The tutorial only covers making the cloche itself, so filling it will be up to you and your imagination.  If you need ideas, then try looking at these terrariums to start! Use your homemade cloche to display Halloween scenes, vintage inspired ephemera, miniatures, and anything else you can think of.

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October 3

Make Your Very Own Bat Mobile


Unfortunately, it’s not four-wheeled Batmobile we’d all love to take a spin in, but rather a Halloween decoration from Martha Stewart.

Peek into your backyard and your art-supply drawer — odds are you have everything you need to make this bat mobile.

Trace her free bat templates onto black card stock; cut them out and fold them according to template instructions. Make a small hole in the center of each bat with a tack. Poke a piece of thread through each hole, and knot it. Tie the bats to a found branch (painting it black is optional). Then hang the branch from two pieces of thread secured to the top of the window with flat thumbtacks.

One pointer I’d like to add: start keeping your eyes open for the right branch weeks before you start your Halloween decorating. When you find the one(s) you like, bring them into a garage or some other climate controlled area, and let them dry out completely. It’s also a good time to check the branches over for bugs. And if you decide to paint your branch, here’s a great tutorial on the best way to do it.

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October 3

A Spooky Photo Tutorial For You to Try


We’ve all seen those spooktacular photos where the subject is somehow levitating. If you’ve wondered on how you can achieve the effect, then this tutorial from Jodie and Jen on Eighteen25.com will give you some great tips. You’ll need a tripod for the best results, and you’ll need to know how to use Photoshop as well (the tutorial is great, but clearly intended for folks who are familiar with the photo editing program already).  The possibilities are endless though, and the photo shoot itself would be loads of fun.  Kick your Halloween spirit into high gear with this delightful idea, and be sure to share the results with your friends here at Geek Crafts.

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