August 18

Crochet Wakko Amigurumi

Wakko amigurumi doll

Back in the day we used to be big fans of the TV cartoon show “The Animaniacs.” They were just so wacky and the dialogue was so clever, we were always giggling, if not outright guffawing, even as adults.

So imagine my joy at finding a Wakko amigurumi doll on Craftster by BunnieBard, complete with pattern. I think my husband would love to have one of these for his office.

What about you? Did you watch Animaniacs when it was on (back in 1993-1998)? Which character was your favorite?

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June 6

Avengers Amigurumi


Last week, I decided to crochet my way through the Avengers.  By combining two different Cthulhu patterns and nixing the tentacles, I managed to get the look I wanted.  I made Black Widow, The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and Hawkeye.  Hawkeye was the most difficult to recreate since, in the film, he wears mostly black which makes him a bit more difficult to place than, say, Captain America.  Still, I added a little bow to give a heavy hint as to his identity.  The Hulk’s my personal favorite.  I just love his angry eyebrows.


May 23

Yeti Amigurumi Pattern


Hot, summer days are nearly upon us, but that doesn’t mean we have to solely embrace swimsuits and suntan lotion.  We can hold onto that last little bit of winter. . .by making a cuddly, cute yeti friend.

I wrote this pattern because I saw plenty of adorable yeti patterns online and yet not a single one of them represented what I like most in my amigurumi: little, bitty bodies and very large heads.  Here’s a yeti pattern that embraces both of those things, and I think it’s pretty cute for such a ferocious beastie.

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May 16

Firefly Amigurumi: Kaylee Frye Doll

Firefly Amigurumi: Kaylee Doll

KitLaurie’s Kaylee (found here) is just too cute in her fancy gown and crooked smile.   She looks all ready to head out to a swanky shindig in her outfit–that comes complete with gloves and a yummy strawberry.  Kaylee was made using a pattern found here.  Or if you’re not a crocheter, don’t despair.  KitLaurie takes commissions over on Tumblr.