January 1

Space Invaders Quilt and Rock Band Comforter

I found some great bedding on Craftster recently.

Space Invaders Quilt

Maddys Mum made her husband this lap-sized Space Invaders quilt for Christmas. The simple yet detailed square per pixel worked out great!

Another Christmas gift, Lovefrozenstars made this rockin’ (oh my, did I really just say “rockin'”?) comforter for her boyfriend with the Rock Band guitar icon. She includes some tips in her post, including how she did the image,

“To get the symbol, I brought a print out of it to a Kinko’s and had them blow it up as large as they could.  I cut that image out and traced it onto white fleece that I sewed onto the front.”

Of course, both gifts were very well-received!

Be on the lookout for posts from new Geek Crafter Renee – she’ll be blogging regularly here at Geek Crafts.

We hope everyone has a happy, crafty, geeky new year!

December 17

Space Invaders Cross-stitched Guitar Strap

Space Invaders Cross-stitched Guitar Strap by The Domestic Scientist

Geek Crafts reader Renee of The Domestic Scientist submitted this amazing Space Invaders cross-stitched guitar strap for her husband. She says she’ll be modding his guitar next! Click through to her blog and Flickr account – she’s got a lot of really cool crafts, geekery and geek crafts. There are even some extremely cool patterns for stuff like a NES controller cross-stitch pattern and an Army of Darkness stencil.

May 23

9 Examples of Geeky Cross Stitch

Stitch by stitch and pixel by pixel, cross stitch is a great medium for geek crafts! Get out some graph paper and markers and see what kind of designs you can come up with.

The IT Crowd Cross Stitch

The IT Crowd Cross Stitch

Flickr user a440 is a lucky guy. His wife cross stitched this based on a photo of the introduction to the UK sitcom The IT Crowd. The guy on the left is even wearing a Space Invaders t-shirt!

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