July 29

Aperture Science Space Core Cake

Aperture Science Space Core CakeYeah, you read that right.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this cake based on the personality cores from Portal 2.  I thought I had made some sort of mistake, but check out this picture of the cake being cut.  I could never be a baker, because if I made a cake this awesome and someone tried to cut into it I don’t know what I would do.  Certainly we would be in the newspaper the next day.

The cake was made by the talent over at Mike’s Amazing Cakes in Redmond, WA.  I have attempted to make a cake in the past, and failed horribly, so I can’t even imagine the kind of work that would go into something like this.

For more pictures of this beauty, check out sharkhats flickr set.

Check out more awesome cakes on Geekcrafts!

July 26

Tutorial Tuesday: EPIC Rubik’s Cake

[Via Craft:]

DAMN that’s some CAKE!!!

I like baking cake, I find it therapeutic. To the point where if The Husb0t ever comes home to find me baking, the first thing he does (after he does his *yeyy for cake* dance) is ask me what’s wrong… I’d love to think I’d have the patience to bake this bad boy. The utter joy on the faces of the party-goers, cutting open the apparently featureless white exterior, to find the colourful, 80’s, childhood glee inside must be enough to make the painstaking construction worthwhile.

Want to know another brain-meltingly AMAZING fact about this cake, when Vicky from Statsy posted the recipe online, she actually got an e-mail from THE Erno Rubik – yuh-huh – the maker of the cube! – saying that he liked the cake! wow that must’ve been a  real goosebump moment opening THAT e-mail!!

July 14

Revenge of the Nerds Cake

Nerdy cake“Come on Gilbert, let’s go to college!”

If you haven’t seen Revenge of the Nerds–shame on you! Bad geek! Stop reading and go watch it right now! Wait, scratch that. Finish reading this and then go watch it immediately after!

I was watching this comedic master-piece today, and thinking about cake, knowing I had a post due here, I turned to Google, to see if anyone had managed to combine these two wonderful and amazing things–and someone did. This is a Revenge of the Nerds Cake by Claude I stumbled across on Cake Central. I just love it.

June 15

Wonder Woman Cake

There is nothing about this Wonder Woman cake I don’t love! The fondant crown is amazing, and the lasso between the layers is perfect. Even the flavors are right up my alley: “the bottom is lemon with raspberry cream cheese frosting and the top is marble vanilla chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting”. RCKFELLA made this gorgeous cake for her friend’s mother’s birthday. And it’s completely from scratch! I think I know what I want for my birthday!

May 20

Trilobite Friday Roundup

Trilobites were once one of the most abundant types of animal on the planet (there are more than 20,000 known species). As a result, their fossils can be found on every continent. They’re instantly recognizable, and so have become a symbol for fossils in general. Combine that with their rising popularity in steampunk and you have one geeky bug!

Trilobite Cross Stitch sampler

Not only are these adorable, but they’re scientifically accurate. The species Phacops, Anomocaroidea, and Asaphida Ogygiocaris are here and “In the interest of science education and encouraging our small community of scienc-y stitchers” Adventures in Stitching posted the patterns: here, here, and here.

Clockwork Trilobite Brooch

Based on the Girl Genius comic (this is the steampunk I was talking about), Jake von Slatt posted the entire process of making this gorgeous brooch.

Trilobite Embroidered ATC’s

Donkeywolf always has the most amazing embroidery pieces, and this is no exception. She made three trilobites, each 5″ across and sewn on silk. Beautiful!

Fondant Trilobite

These are sweet and cute! Complete with instructions and printable template, so you can have your own prehistoric cake!

Trilobite Stuffie

I would have never thought to make a stuffie out of a trilobite, but this one is so cool looking! He’s made out of felt, and I love that his antennae are pipe cleaners, so they can move around.

Knitted Trilobite

He’s so tiny! I wish I could knit so I could have my own…but there’s a tutorial if I ever learn!

Trilobite Bracelet

I know this looks too heavy to be practical, but it’s actually clay! The trilobites are molded from real fossils. Etsy.

Trilobite Softie

And this is the cutest trilobite I’ve ever seen! Floresita made this for her niece using Aunt Martha’s Dinosaur Iron on transfers. I bought that transfer book because of this cutey!

Have a great weekend!

April 30

Reader Submission: Star Wars Tank Cake

Star-Wars-tank-cakeI love cake. Oh, my God, I love cake. My favorite “crafts” are ones that can be eaten, and having worked as a baker for a short time I feel like I really appreciate what goes into an awesome cake like this Star Wars Tank Cake Naomi made for her son and husband’s joint birthday. She managed to do this on a time crunch, too, so she gets extra kudos! I love seeing really personalized birthday cakes, and this Star Wars one really…erm…takes the cake.