April 28

COSPLAY: Build Your Own Borg

Borg cosplay

Featured recently on StarTrek.com was a guest poster, Eric Hall, who detailed the process he went through to create his elaborate Borg costume. He’s apparently won numerous costume contests with his, and thousands in prizes. You can easily see why – this costume is crazy detail-oriented.

I love that he “thought like a Borg” and used found items from thrift shops, surplus stores, and yard sales, and just keeps adding to it. For instance, the left arm includes a large tube from a leaf blower, and a toy robot claw — the claw even opens and closes. He also added a small push-button motor from a toy so he makes a motorized sound when he walks.

I can imagine the stares he draws at cons – I know I’d give him a clear berth!

What’s the most elaborate costume you’ve seen at a con?

June 17

Cake & Aging: Resistance is Futile

Star Trek Borg Cube Cake

I’ve had Trek on the brain lately, so I went searching for images of “Borg Cube” (of course!). And when I did, this little lovely showed up – a Borg Cube Cake.

I wonder…when you slice it, does it ‘bleed’ motor oil? Or does it automatically deflect the knife with shields?

I love that this project looks do-able – I’m betting I could figure out how to piece together a square cake (4 8×8 layers, perhaps?), and draw a bunch of icing lines. Sure, and that’s the kind of thinking that will end me up on CraftFail. So I’ll just settle for sharing the picture of the successful project here, and make no promises for real life attempts on my part.

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February 4

Star Trek Serenity Prayer Cross Stitch

Star Trek Serenity PrayerWe’ve all had those days. You spill your full latte all over your new shirt. You miss your bus, and you’re late for work. Or maybe a race of cyber-zombies has taken over your planet.

It’s moments like that in which we seek a little inspiration…and this pimpin’ Locutus of Borg Serenity Prayer is there to remind us that indeed, resistance is futile.

This one-of-a-kind, Star Trek-inspired cross stitch was made by Emily and Matt Fitzpatrick, the wife-and-husband team behind Steotch.

Infusing classic New England needlework with pop and hip-hop culture references, Steotch is also responsible for such beauties as Bless This House and a Star Wars inspired version of the Serenity Prayer.

For you cross-stitchers, patterns are now being offered in their Etsy store, so you can make your own snarky Steotch creation.

[Via Great White Snark]