March 1

Come to the Dark (Chocolate) Side

Since yesterday’s post was a duplicate of an earlier one (oops!), I decided to atone for the mistake by posting something delightful (and not a repeat). Voilà the following awesomeness.

Damn, I would totally join the Dark Side if work parties involved cakes like this one! Talented baker Bernice Camlin (aka Smurfesque) has not just created a Death Star cake that both looks awesome and sounds like it tastes amazing, she has graciously posted a tutorial so even those of us who aren’t professional cake artistes can make our own. At some point in my life, this is going to happen. I will make it so! Wait, that’s the wrong sci-fi. See, I’m just that excited about this cake.

February 13

Little Big Planet Cake

My amazing husband’s birthday is coming up this week (Happy Birthday, mishu!) and you know what he is not going to get: a fabulous birthday cake featuring his favorite video game, because I am not as talented or patient as Metria. Metria, I hope Shawn appreciated the heck out of this cake, girl!

You can find more pictures of the cake as well as a how-to following the links below. The quick specs are: butter cream, fondant, and wooden dowels. I know! Wooden dowels! That is where I bow out and accept defeat. Check it out, his itty bitty zipper  made me all >>>squee<<<<

January 16

A geweldig Hedwig cake!

The blog Cake Wrecks took a break from their usual posting of grief-and-trauma-in-fondant-form to post some pretty amazing cakes with birds.  You’ll find several geek-themed cakes in this collection, but I had to post this adorable homage to Hedwig. I can’t imagine cutting into this masterpiece: the detail in the chocolate wand, the academic disciplines written along the book spines, Hedwig’s sweet, loving little face… all sorts of squee.

Sadly, I can’t say very much about the contents of the cake since the original submission appears to come from a Dutch website, and my Dutch is limited to the understanding that mayonnaise is superior to ketchup when it comes to the ultimate french fry condiment.  I may have seen something about marzipan in here, but that was never really a mystery. If any Dutch friends are reading this blog and can help with translation in the comments, that would be super mooi.

Language difficulties aside, I thought this taart was entirely too geweldig not to share!

December 28

Geek Love


I celebrated my 8 year wedding anniversary yesterday. Bronze is the traditional 8 year anniversary gift, which made me think about Steam Punk weddings, chemistry themed weddings, robot weddings, etc.  I still am hooked on looking at wedding ideas, and here are a few I think I would use if I were to get married again, (to the same guy, of course.)

For the robot love, check out this amazing robot cake topper, from Etsy shop buildersstudio . We have one on our mantel, and I love seeing it everyday.


Who needs a rose, when you could adorn your lapel with a Lego man. Check out these cool Lego boutineers from off beat bride.





Check out these awesome robot wedding shoes also from Off Beat Bride.







And if you’re more into games than robots or Legos, check out this board game wedding cake. (that I made for my friends Deb and Brad.)