May 1

Chainmaille Dragon

Chainmaille dragon

I was aimlessly wandering around Facebook, as one does, and in my journeys I came across a small page called simply Chain Mail, and on it was the gorgeous dragon above! It was made by the admin Rain who has her own blog with lots of other crafty and day to day goodness.

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February 1

Fan-tab-stic Chain Mail

I own a purse made from soda pop tops (or pull tabs or whatever you want to call them). It’s somewhere between this Socorro design (it’s a shoulder bag) and the Masha design (not a messenger bag, but it has a flap closure). I did not, however, pay upwards of $100—I lucked out and bought it at Goodwill for a mere $8. Best. Purchase. Ever.

So I’ve been thinking about other things one might make out of soda tabs, and it appears I’m not alone. There are projects galore (complete with handy tutorials) geared toward both fashion plates and Ren Faire nerds. Thought it’d be worth posting a roundup of some of the more interesting projects and different techniques I’ve come across thus far. Oh, and they all seem quite manageable, as long as you have patience and access to a vast quantity of pop tops. Here are a few of my favorites:

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