July 13

Cosplay at O Comic Con


Those may not be the droids you’re looking for, but O Comic Con’s inaugural show was definitely something to see, especially the cosplay. (All photos courtesy of Brent Schumacher from BPI Multimedia).

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasuring of taking The Costume Wrangler’s Closet to O Comic Con, the first pop culture convention in the Omaha, NE region.  The expected turnout was estimated to be around 3,000 people.  They had twice that over the course of three days, and attendees did not disappoint when it came to the cosplay.

SheHulkFrom She-Hulk, to Thor, to Anime characters, Steampunk Wonder Woman, kids in costume, the 501st Legion, a kick-butt dinosaur, and so much more, there were tons of great cosplayers strutting their stuff at O Con.  For more of the extraordinary cosplay that was at O Con be sure to take a look at professional photographer Brent Schumacher’s galleries here!

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May 4

Meet the Iron Brothers of Topeka


Have you heard of the Iron Brothers of Topeka? They’ve got some of the coolest cosplay I’ve ever seen, and it was especially cool to see them at Figments and Filaments in Kansas City.  The convention itself was pretty small, so we were able to get up close (and yes, that’s me) and get pictures.  By the way, that’s the Iron Brothers’ very own cosplay Stan Lee.


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April 20

Make a Steampunk Crown from a Burger King Crown


Wait a minute.  That’s a Burger King crown! Not a steampunk crown!

No worries, people.  Tyson Vick, a costume designer and photographer, has got the coolest tutorial on making that cheesy Burger King Crown into one spectacular steampunk work of wearable art.  Just take a look at the final piece!


How gorgeous is that!? And he’s got step-by-step photos to show you just how he did it!  While you’re tooling around this tutorial, be sure to check out his other posts detailing the making of his upcoming book, A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters.

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April 5

Steam(punk) up your goggles

Steampunk goggles by Susan Dennard

This past Halloween, my husband and I decided to go steampunk with our costumes, so I spent quite a few hours trolling the interwebs for ideas and props. I had great fun making a necklace, bracelet, and earrings to add to the look. I also loved the idea of steampunked-out goggles, but most of the ones I found looked pretty plastic-y and cheap, so I went goggle-less for the evening. <sad face>

I am pleased to report that I recently stumbled across a very do-able steampunk goggles tutorial by Susan Dennard, which, as one commenter put it, is “a billion shades of awesome.” I can’t wait to add a set of googles to my steampunk wardrobe! It’ll be even cooler to say I had a hand it making it myself.

What are some of your favorite steampunk pieces or tutorials? Link us up below!

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