April 10

Cthulhu Mittens

Cthulhu MittensIf your Winter wasn’t quite creepy enough, or all that snow has driven you to madness, perhaps you should reflect it, with a pair of these fabulously tentacled Cthulhu mittens! This pair was knitted by knittitude as part of Nerd Wars on Ravelry and made it to the finals of the best in round two.

This free pattern was written by Diana Stafford (you may remember we shared her One Ring scarf pattern earlier this year) – truly a great, all-round, geeky knitter!


February 4

Called by Cthulhu

Called by Cthulhu

Usually, the words used to describe H. P. Lovecraft’s creature Cthulhu end to be in the range of ‘hideous’, ‘terrifying’, ‘gargantuan’. Somehow one never things of cute or cuddly. But it appears that Rebekah Clarke-Noonan, known as passiontiger on LiveJournal, has found a way to turn him into a cute and cuddly crocheted figure. Yes, you can find the free pattern for Cthulhu here designed by Rebekah and not that difficult to make. This three dimensional amigurumi is crocheted in the round using a 3.00 mm hook and knitting worsted. You might just find yourself crocheting up a family of Great Old Ones with this pattern.

December 17

Christmas Tree of DOOM!!!

I’ve seen Christmas trees decorated in so many different themes, Jack Skeleton, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter but I do believe that this particular tree takes the prize for Most Unique!

Geyser of Awesome has shared a wonderful Cthulhu tree that is way beyond AWESOME! Using a Cthulhu stuffie as a tree topper and some finger tentacles (we all have those around the house, right?), they’ve created the ultimate in Christmas Tree DOOM!


Cthulhu Christmas Tree


A very Lovecraft Christmas! Faced with the….

September 12

Steampunk Cthulhu

Who doesn’t love an adorable Cthulhu? SpookyPooky created this tiny (3 inch tall) Cthulhu stuffy for the One Tiny Stuffie swap over at Craftster. Her lucky partner’s survey said she liked “cryptids, sea creatures/monsters, anything a little unusual, steampunk, Neil Gaiman inspired…She also said she loves anything with a top hat and a mustache.” So Steampunk Cthulhu was born! I love that she added a mustache! You can see more pictures in the post, including his filigree-touched wings and the mini I, Cthulhu biography “written” by Neil Gaiman SpookyPooky made to go with it.

September 8

Cute Mini Cthulhu Earrings

Cute Mini Cthulhu EarringsPh’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.”

“In his house at Ryleh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”

Now, thanks to these cute Cthulhu earrings, you don’t have to be a dead elder god to show your love of Cthulhu.  Etsian DelightfulMagic makes all kinds of cute jewelry out of polymer clay, but these earrings drew me in right away.  Rarely have I seen Cthulhu looking so cute.

Check out the Earrings!

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